How to Set 101 Goals in 1001 Days + Examples!

Goals always seem to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind at the beginning of a new year. I love to set goals in life. Setting goals help me feel accomplished!  Recently I decided to embark on a new way to set goals by attempting to set 101 goals in 1001 days


How to Set 101 Goals in 1001 Days

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With the new year coming I feel like everyone is frantically searching for the perfect New Years Resolutions or goals to be set. I personally love setting goals because it allows me to grow and when I achieve them it gives me a great sense of accomplishment.

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I have always been a goal setter. Daily I make to-do lists to cross off what I get done. It doesn’t stop there though, my obsession grows to weekly lists, monthly lists, cleaning checklists, etc.

Pretty much if I can track it there is probably a notebook or calendar laying around this house with some sort of a list in it that documents some sort of progress on a goal that I have in mind.

I’ve even gone back at the end of my day and made a list of things I accomplished and checked them off.  

Several years ago I ran across the idea of 101 goals in 1001 days. This idea of setting goals is to set goals in a variety of categories to really help you grow. Some of these 101 goals might be big goals that are difficult to accomplish, like saving enough money to take the family to Disneyland, but then some might be easy that you just haven’t made the time for, like meal planning each week to save money.

The goal is to accomplish 101 goals in 1001 days.

With 1001 days (over 2 ½ years)  to accomplish these goals, it allows you the opportunity to be really creative while planning out what you want to accomplish. Setting goals this way allows you time to try, try, and try again when you hit a stumbling block while accomplishing your goals.

Another great thing about setting 101 goals in 1001 days is you can start at any point throughout the year! So if you are finding this in June, don’t wait until January 1st; the best time to start setting goals is right now!

I started my 1001 days on December 20, 2017, so my 1001 days will be up on September 16, 2020. (Crazy to think at that point I will have an almost 16-year-old, an almost 14-year-old, a 13-year-old, a 5-year-old, and a 3-year-old!)  

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Setting Goals

So when setting goals you want to keep the timeline in perspective that you can go on a cruise with your spouse and leave your baby at home, because they won’t be a baby when the 1001 days are up!

To calculate 1001 days from any date, click here. There are so many bloggers out there who have blogged about this great idea, so if you are finding it hard to set 101 goals do a google search or look on Pinterest for great ideas!

Of course, feel free to steal any of mine as well! I have categorized my ideas in the following categories, you can use these same ones or create your own! Family, Personal/ Self Improvement, Home Life, Spiritual, Health and Fitness, Financial, Create/ Sew, Travel, Organization, and Misc. goals.

Now that I talked your ear off about another way of setting goals and achieve them here are my 101 Goals in 1001 Days!

(I will update my progress throughout my journey! Be sure to keep me posted on your journey as well!)

101 Goals in 1001 Days

Family Goals

  1. Teach Colby to drive (I can’t believe I am writing this!)
  2. Have a planned family activity once a week for 6 months
  3. Take a trip with my Mom on a girls weekend
  4. Teach Chase to tie a tie
  5. Go to the Farmer’s Market in Dallas
  6. Teach Talie to read
  7. Teach Talie to write her name
  8. Have preschool time with Talie 3 times a week for 6 months
  9. Have 10 minutes of intentional time with each child one on one for 1 month
  10. Create a family Motto/ theme for the year
  11. Teach Colby and Chase to iron
  12. Adopt a family for Christmas
  13. Mail Taya a just because box twice
  14. Send a note to Grandma K. every month for a year
  15. Go through everyone’s clothes get rid of what they never wear. Don’t replace it.

Personal/ Self Improvement Goals

  1. Learn to play the Piano
  2. Write a Book to help Blended Families be more successful  Can you believe I finished it! Check it out
  3. Learn to take pictures and edit them
  4. Shave my legs once a week for 6 months (Hey! I have kids and no time)
  5. Don’t complain for one month
  6. Keep a journal for 5 months
  7. Have a wifi free weekend/ no games on phone either
  8. Make a list of birthdays send out birthday cards to everyone for an entire year (started 12/27/17)
  9. Write 5 posts for another blog or a magazine/ newspaper

Home Life Goals

  1. Built in cabinets in Playroom for toys
  2. Acquire 4-month food Supply (started 12/20/17)
  3. Make 72-hour kits for each member of the family
  4. Decorate for each holiday for one year
  5. Plant a garden each season for a year
  6. Plant and maintain 6 fruit trees
  7. Declutter, clean out, donate, throw away what we don’t need
  8. Meal Plan for 6 months (started 12/20/17)
  9. Acquire an 8 month supply of food (started 12/20/17)
  10. Try a new recipe Twice a month
  11. Make Homemade baby food for 1 month
  12. Make homemade bread that my family will eat
  13. Change photos to new ones around the house. Have some with the littles in it
  14. Redecorate bedroom, find the perfect mirror for above the bed
  15. Have family jobs and stick to them for 4 months (started 12/20/17)

Spiritual Goals

  1. Read all the General Conference talks for a year (started 12/20/17)
  2. Memorize the Living Christ
  3. Study the Book of Mormon for 30 minutes a day for 6 months with the Book of Mormon Study Guide
  4. Pray daily morning and night. (started 12/20/17)
  5. Memorize 10 scriptures or quotes
  6. Have meaningful FHE lessons for 6 months
  7. Increase my spiritual knowledge/ keep a scripture journal
  8. Read the Book of Mormon as a Family
  9. Memorize the Proclamation to the World
  10. Index 1000 names

Health and Fitness Goals

  1. Take 10k steps a day for 1 month
  2. Drink half my body weight in water for 1 month
  3. No soda for a month (no lemonade)
  4. Exercise for 30 minutes 5x a week for 4 months
  5. Do a Pinterest Ab challenge
  6. Cut out junk food except once a week for 4 months
  7. Get back to Prepregnancy weight (started 12/20/17, but let’s be honest this has been ongoing for a while now)
  8. No eating out for one month (no takeout delivery etc.) except on Date night for 1 month 
  9. Floss Daily for 1 month ( I know, I know… with 5 kids this will be a challenge, trust me!)
  10. Buy a piece of exercise equipment for in the house (Bike, treadmill) (accomplished 12/25/17)

Financial Goals

  1. Save $500 in Household Budget to spend in Hawaii
  2. Plan a budget and stick to it for 3 months

Create/ Sew Goals

  1. Redo Mom and Dad’s Wedding Album
  2. Scrapbook the kids’ lives
  3. Sew a blanket for mom
  4. Make a quilt for each one of my kids for Christmas
  5. Create a work environment for blogging
  6. Create Daily Marriage Tips
  7. A homemade Christmas to all Extended Family Members that we buy for
  8. Make church books for the littles
  9. Create a preschool lesson plan with printables
  10. Sew an Apron
  11. Learn to bind a quilt
  12. Sew matching PJ’s for all the boys for Christmas
  13. Create a family photo album
  14. Sew matching PJ’s for all the girls for Christmas
  15. Make/ fix Recipe Book (one with all the recipes and a smaller one with the ones we cook all the time)
  16. Print out recipes I always look up on the internet for a hard copy
  17. Coffee Table for the living room
  18. Matching end Table for the living room
  19. Learn to Calligraphy/ Hand Letter
  20. Teach Taya to sew
  21. Make all the birthday cards and thank you cards I send out this year (started 12/26/17)

Travel Goals

  1. Take the kids to Maui
  2. Go to Vail, CO in the summertime
  3. Visit both of Ty’s and my Family in 2018
  4. Go on a cruise with just Ty and me
  5. Take the kids to Disney World
  6. Travel someplace outside the USA
  7. Take a road trip with the kids. Stop along the way and see cool stuff

Organization Goals

  1. Gather and make emergency preparedness notebook
  2. Create a cleaning schedule and stick to it for 6 months
  3. Organize closets and cupboards. Keep them organized for 6 months
  4. Organize bathroom cupboards. Keep track of what we have so we don’t run out
  5. Send out Christmas Cards
  6. Organize all financial paperwork. Keep it organized for 3 months
  7. Organize kids’ clothes and get rid of what they don’t need or want

Miscellaneous Goals

  1. Get 1000 Likes on FB (blog related)
  2. Get 4000 Followers on Instagram and Twitter (blog related)
  3. Make an income blogging (blog related)
  4. Follow a blog Schedule for 6 months (M, T, W (Wandering Wed), Th, Fri (only reviews)
  5. Compile a new 101 list when this is done

Updated: May 18th 2020! Looks like progress is going good on my 101 goals in 1001 days! The deadline is drawing near and I better get my bum in gear if I am going to get it all done!

What goals would you set? Share in the comments!


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