The Best Morning Routine for Moms that Will Change Your Life!

If you are looking for the most simple morning routine for moms to jump start your day you have come to the right place! These simple steps to take in the morning will get your day off to a great start!


The Most Simple Morning Routine for Moms

There was a time in my life where I felt like the best morning routine for moms was running around the house as fast I could in the morning trying to accomplish as much as I could before the kids woke up. 

To be honest this left me stressed out and exhausted before the day even started! 

Quickly I realized I needed to create a better, more simple morning routine for moms to help get us ready for the day rather than starting our day going crazy. 

Creating a Morning Routine for Moms


Wake up before the kids

The most important thing for me in creating a morning routine for moms is to wake up before the kids. This allows me to have a few minutes to focus on me practice some daily self care for mom things as well as just have a few minutes of peace. 

Drink water

Your body cannot run without fuel, so start the day off right by drinking water! I try to keep a water bottle near me at all time to help remind me to drink water throughout the day as well. 

I find when I start drinking water in my morning routine for moms that I continue the habit throughout the whole day. If you struggle drinking water throughout the day definitely check out these 5 tips to drinking more water!


Try to dedicate 20-30 minutes of exercising in your morning routine. I know you might not feel like doing it, I don’t most days when I start, but I promise you will never look back on your exercise and say, “I wish I didn’t do that today.” So get moving in the morning!

Get ready

I used to wait to shower and get ready until later in the day before I created the perfect stay at home mom routine. I usually just focused on everyone else and put me as the last priority. Why do we do this as moms?
On most days I would feel blah and not motivated at all, but then I started showering in the morning, getting dressed, and putting on my makeup. Not only did I feel better about myself, but I also was more motivated and felt like I could conquer the day! 
Point being, don’t skip this part of your morning routine for moms. 

Create your to-do list for the day

A major part of a perfect morning routine is creating your to-do list for the day. This is not a crazy long list filled with 5000 things on it that you will never be able to accomplish. This is where you write down your Must-Do items followed by a would like to get down and then come I would love it if I accomplished it today!

Setting a reasonable to-do list keeps you on track to a productive day. 

Accomplish a few easy tasks

As part of my morning routine for moms, I like to accomplish a few easy tasks that don’t take long at all. It includes making my bed, starting a load of laundry, and emptying the dishwasher. 
By getting these tasks done early they are not hanging over your head all day long. 

Meditate / Read / Prayer

Finish off your morning routine for moms with some meditating, scripture study and prayer. By doing this you are absolutely ready to CRUSH your day!

There you have it! 7 simple things you can do for your morning routine for moms to help start off your day great!


What does your morning routine look like? Share in the comments!

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The Best Morning Routine for Moms that Will Change Your Life!

21 thoughts on “The Best Morning Routine for Moms that Will Change Your Life!”

  1. If only I could wake up at 6 am!. I am glad I don’t have kids yet. I am hoping that once I start my new internship, and hopefully it turns into a job, that I am able to get more done around the house. As of right now I work 2nd shifts, and usually get home between 1 – 3 am. There is no way I could wake up at 6!. I will keep this in mind though for when I eventually am able to do so.

    • You sound busy! With second shift I couldn’t get up then either! That is what time I get up because that is what works now for me, you can always adjust the times to your schedule, but still adapt the same steps. Good luck!

  2. After reading this I feel like I waste my whole morning. Very inspiring, need to get with a better program and 6 am is not an impossible wake up time.

  3. You would think that a guy couldn’t relate to these steps (being a night-owl moreover), but this is definitely motivating me to get more things done early in the morning and ultimately get more done through the day!

  4. Great tips! I need to start getting more done in the morning before work. I’m hoping to get better about a routine now that it’s back to school!


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