13 Christmas Activities for Kids to Inspire a Magical Holiday

Make Christmas magical for your kids this year by trying some of these fun-filled Christmas activities for kids! Here are 13 of the best Christmas activities for kids that your whole family will fall in love with this season!


13 Christmas Activities for Kids to Inspire a Magical Holiday

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With the snow, lights, anticipation of gifts, decorated Christmas trees, and all the warm & fuzzy feelings floating around in the air- Christmas is definitely the most magical time of year! But, how can we make it more magical for our children? Let’s make this Christmas their best yet!



Here are 13 low-cost Christmas activities for kids that will make Christmas magical for your entire family:



Bake & Decorate Christmas Cookies

When I think about my childhood, I remember the gorgeous sugar cookies my grandmother used to make. Now that she is older, she is losing her memory and her ability to bake. One of my biggest regrets is not having her teach me how to make those sugar cookies when she could. To the mothers in the world: please don’t make that same mistake!

Let your children help with every step of the process, they can put the ingredients in the bowl, help stir, roll out the dough, and of course, help decorate them! The real fun in baking cookies comes from the conversation with your kids throughout the process.

If you want to teach your children to give during the holiday season, Christmas cookies are the perfect neighbor gift. Have your kids dress up as Santa and his helpers, and spread holiday cheer by delivering those cookies! Or, do a holiday cookie exchange with some neighbors!



Make Homemade Decorations

You know what little kids love? Using a pair of scissors and unleashing their little creative minds. Of course, monitor the scissor usage so that this family Christmas tradition doesn’t end with a trip to the ER!

Paper snowflakes are very simple to make, and your kids can be as creative and abstract as they’d like. Here is a great tutorial to look at when making paper snowflakes. You can also make homemade ornaments, paper Christmas trees, and even paper wreaths! How creative can you and your kids be?

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Make Christmas magical for your kids this year by trying some of these fun-filled Christmas activities for kids! Here are 13 of the best Christmas activities for kids that your whole family will fall in love with this season!


Decorate Your Home Together

Once you have made all of your homemade decorations, now is the time to decorate! The key is to do it together. Mom, take a deep breath. You are going to have to let go of control. If you want to create happy memories with your kids, telling them where they can or can’t put the ornaments on the tree probably isn’t your best move.

Let your children help you decorate the tree, put up lights inside, and put up their homemade ornaments throughout the house!


13 Christmas Activities for Kids to Make Christmas Magica.jpg


Gingerbread House Competition

Nothing brings a family closer together more than a friendly competition! Gingerbread house kits are very convenient, but it is cheaper to make your own. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that everyone gets a chance to show their artistic abilities. Pair up the younger kids with an adult, or let them at it alone.

Once everyone has decorated their gingerbread house, start the “silent judging”. Give each person a raffle ticket (or a simple piece of paper or candy) to place in front of their favorite gingerbread house. The house with the most votes wins!



Christmas Countdown Chain

I’m pretty sure countdown chains are one of the best things about childhood. I remember making them all of the time to countdown the last few months of school. Gather brightly colored paper, a couple of pairs of scissors, and either some tape or a stapler and get to work. Make 25 individual chains to countdown each day of December until Christmas!

For added fun, let your kids color and draw on the chains before you connect them together.

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Slumber Party Under the Tree

I know you’ve heard about having a slumber party under the stars, but have you ever thought about having a slumber party under the Christmas tree? I can’t wait to do this with my kids this year. Get out pillows, blankets, sleeping bags, treats, popcorn, and all of your favorite holiday movies!

You might not want to do this on Christmas Eve, but you can choose whatever day of December you want! I am positive your children will remember this tradition well into adulthood.



Special Christmas Brunch

Bring on the cinnamon rolls, hot chocolate, and pancakes! Food is a staple for family activities! I used to go to my Grandparents house every Christmas to have brunch with all of my cousins. To this day, it is one of my fondest memories (mostly because my Grandpa made the most delicious pancakes!). Plan a menu that will excite your kids, and make sure to get their input.

If possible, invite close friends and family to share this special Christmas brunch with your family (then you’ll have more people to help with the dishes!).



Write Letters to Santa

There is something so magical about writing things down. Letters to Santa serve many purposes! The children get into the holiday spirit, and the parents know what their children want. If you are good at scrapbooking, then letters to Santa can last a lifetime.

Save your children’s letters if you can. When your children are grown, they will have a good laugh looking back at the letters they wrote to Santa, and they will remember how good of a parent you were. 🙂

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Make Christmas magical for your kids this year by trying some of these fun-filled Christmas activities for kids! Here are 13 of the best Christmas activities for kids that your whole family will fall in love with this season!


Matching Pajamas on Dec. 1st

I think there is a cardinal rule that all children must receive matching pajamas on Christmas! This year, rather than making your kids wait until Christmas Eve, give them their pajamas on Dec. 1st. They will be able to wear their jammies several times before Christmas and it will make the anticipation for Christmas Day even more fun!



Make Reindeer Food

We have all made cookies for Santa, but have you made reindeer food for his tired reindeer? There are so many fun recipes online for “reindeer food” that your kids will have a blast making. It can be something as simple as oats that you spread on the lawn, or it can be something tasty that you and your kids will enjoy eating, too.



Go & See the Lights

There are very ambitious people in this world. These people spend hours and hours setting up Christmas lights and Christmas decorations in their yard. If you are one of these people, I thank you! I also look forward to driving past your house this holiday season. 😉

Load your kids in the car and go for a drive around the neighborhood. Make sure that Christmas music is blasting in your car to make it even more magical! Turn it into a Christmas karaoke night if you want. Whatever you do, don’t forget to end the evening with a big mug of hot chocolate!



Read Christmas Books Each Night

Make a Christmas book advent calendar this year, and instead of giving your kids chocolate or toys, give them a book! Each night of December, open up one of the books and read it together as a family. There are many so many Christmas books to choose from. To save money, check out books from the library rather than buy them (just make sure to remember to return them!).  



Act Out The Night Before Christmas Book

One of my favorite family Christmas activities was acting out the book, The Night Before Christmas. My mom would bring out a chest full of dress-up clothes, and my dad would assign parts. Of course, the older kids always wanted to be ma and pa or Santa, while the younger kids wanted to be sugar plum fairies, the mouse stirring, or one of Santa’s reindeer.


Choose someone with a loud voice to be the narrator, and begin the play. The actors simply have to follow along with the book and have lots of fun. Do yourself a favor and record the play each year. It is so fun to look back on how the kids have changed over the years. This family Christmas tradition will have your whole family laughing out loud!


There are so many fun Christmas activities for kids, I could go on forever! Elf on the Shelf, 12-Days of Christmas Giving (to a family in need), building snowmen & having a snowball fight, holiday volunteering, and a Christmas movie marathon are just a few of the many Christmas activities for kids you can start this year!



Which Christmas activities for kids do you plan on doing this year?



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Did you find some good Christmas activities for kids that you want to do with your family this year?

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