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Choosing Between God and Sports?

God vs Sports

It seems as though we have gotten to a point where kids are having to choose between God and Sports. More and more sports are being played on Sunday, but what about God for those kids who choose to believe?
My son is courageous. He has always been a fighter. He fights for what he thinks is right, fights for others, and fights to overcome hard things. Every day he fights a little harder to stand up for what is right and what he believes God wants him to do. When my son was 3 he would head outside in his underwear and shoes and hit balls off the tee. His determination was amazing. He joined his first baseball team when he was 4 and has never put the bat down since; he is now 12. His determination, teamwork, and leadership skills on and off the field are incredible to watch. His coaches always comment on how hard he works on and off the field.
While we lived in California he played Little League for many years, two years ago we moved to Texas. Where we live Little League does not exist; it is rec ball for beginners or select ball. After much consideration of the Pros and Cons, we felt the only way he could continue to grow in the sport of baseball was to allow him to play select ball. Never did we realize this consisted of many tournaments throughout the season, which took up Saturdays and Sundays.  Our son’s dreams are important to us so it is hard to decided between attending our religious services on Sunday or playing baseball.

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