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Growing a Little Bigger these Days

Growing a Little Bigger these days
             We knew when we decided to have Talia that we would always have one more. We weren’t really sure when, but we knew we would want her to have a playmate when everyone went off to college in 9 years…. This summer Talie turned one and we decided it was the perfect time to start trying to have a baby. A few months went by without much success… I guess I should say that I am not a very patient person when it comes to things like this, I mean can’t it just happen??? During these months I had kind of came to the place of contentment, I was happy with my family, loving having Talie as a toddler, I was in my last semester of college after many years of not going, and I was ready to apply some of my time to working helping others with their marriages and families. Everything changed November 12th.

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Reach Out, Be a Friend


Sadly abuse is all around us, we just might not recognize it. It is our job to help those who suffer. Thank you to my sweet courageous friend for letting me share her story.

As I sat there I listened to my friend sob as she confided in me with her challenges. She told me of her husband questioning her every move. There were times that she was cornered in her bedroom as her husband demeaned her, criticized and talked down to her. She felt like a slave in her own home, taking care of the kids, and having to provide all the sexual requests that were demanded. At the time she said she didn’t realize what was happening, she just assumed this was the way marriage was. Many time she felt worthless and at times she was told that as well.

To the world outside the walls of their home, they were the perfect suburbia family. Inside their home told a different story. My friend was suffering from a form of abuse that is not talked about. It is seldom recognized to the outside world. “Abuse consists of actions or attitudes that are intended to hurt or control. It can include many different types of behaviors, from subtle verbal criticisms to the severest forms of physical or sexual abuse” (Bradford & Whiting).

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