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No Abnormalities

It was an exciting day in February; it was ultrasound day! The boys had convinced us that they should go with us to see if we were having a boy or a girl. After much convincing, we finally agreed reluctantly after remembering how Colby reacted (whaling and gnashing of teeth stating that she will NEVER go to any of his sports games) when we told him we were having a girl two years ago!

Prepping For the UltraSound

As we arrived at our ultrasound we headed into the small room. I climbed onto the table and got ready. The boys and Ty were excited. The ultrasound tech was typing notes on the screen, one which stated no abnormalities, which we could see on the TV on the wall.
As the ultrasound began we all actively searched for little boy parts. I thought I had spotted something, but didn’t want to say anything. After a few minutes, we got the news that we were all there for!

Are you serious?

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