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There is Sunshine in My Soul #1

There is sunshine in my soulSo often we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we forget to stop and think about what we are truly grateful for. There is sunshine in all of our souls and we just have to look for it!

What have I been grateful for this week?

  • I am grateful I got to see #1 play the sport he loves, baseball. I also got to see him rock it in his football game!
  • I am grateful for #2 and how hard he works at everything he does!
  • I am grateful #3 is excelling in Math! She really loves it!
  • I am grateful #4 has slept on the floor in my room this week and not in my bed pushing me off the edge.
  • I am grateful for #5 and his smiles. It cheers up any bad day you are having!
  • I am grateful for the long hours my husband puts in at work so I can stay home and pursue my dreams here!
  • My patient family who has put up with me spending hours and hours trying to get this website off and running!
  • I am grateful for new subscribers, followers on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, Thank you!
  • I am grateful for my supportive Friends jumping on the chance to offer great giveaways to all of you!
  • I am especially grateful for all of you! Thanks enjoying the ride with me and reading my blog; it means the world to me!

~What are you grateful for this week?


3 thoughts on “There is Sunshine in My Soul #1”

  1. Thank you! I needed this message today! Not one of my brighter days. Love my family most of all, so grateful for my husband children their spouses and our grandchildren and their unconditional love

  2. It really is the little things to be the most grateful for. You sound like you have an amazing family! This week I am grateful that my daughter has managed to do her homework without throwing tantrums about it. šŸ˜‰

    1. Thank. you I do have an amazing family and amazing kids. I am so blessed! I often forget to look at the little things to be grateful for! Homework with no tantrums is a definite blessing!

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