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There is Sunshine in My Soul #2

There is sunshine in my soulThis week has been especially fun here with #2 getting pretty sick. It could be very easy for me to overlook all this week’s blessings and focus on the fact that I got zero things accomplished on my to do list, but this is about looking for the sunshine, so

What have I been grateful for this week?

  • I am grateful I get to be a stay at home mom on week’s like this when kids are home sick from school.
  • I am SOOOOO grateful for an amazing Pediatrician who goes way out of his way to help! My kids love him and I feel so comfortable entrusting my kids to him, which I don’t do very easily!
  • I am so grateful for modern medicine to heal us quick!
  • I am grateful that #1 has been able to go to church the last two weeks even with his baseball tournaments. You have no idea how much of an internal battle I have with myself over this, or maybe you do if you have read Why Do We Have to Decide
  • Although I didn’t consider this a blessing at first while trying to get things done, I am grateful #2 wanted to spend time with me playing games while he was home sick. He could have very easily disappeared for hours playing video games, but he didn’t because Battleship with mom was much more fun!
  • I am grateful that my husband has a job that provides for our family!
  • I am grateful that #4 has a desire to learn! She is turn and is learning to count to 10! I posted a video for everyone’s enjoyment of the counting journey! (I probably am the only one who thinks it’s cute because I’m mom šŸ™‚ )
  • I am grateful for new subscribers, followers on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, Thank you!
  • I am especially grateful for all of you! Thanks enjoying the ride with me and reading my blog; it means the world to me!

~What are you grateful for this week?


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