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You’ve Been Boo’ed FREE PRINTABLE!

Growing up in the country you sometimes miss out on experiences that you normally find in neighborhoods, such as getting “Boo’ed” each Halloween; so I was so excited when we moved to Texas 2 years ago and we got boo’ed our first halloween! A goody bag full of treats greeted us as we opened the door one night after hearing the doorbell. Attached was a “We’ve got Boo’ed note” as well as how to “continue booing others!”

To carry on the tradition that was started a few years back, my kids happily went IMG_0141shopping for our “boo” supplies at Target. We love the $1.00 section! We loaded up on pencils, stickers, tattoos, toys, color books, and more… Pretty much anything that said Halloween! We picked up some cheap Halloween pails to put the goodies in and we were set!

We came home and as we drove in the neighborhood they selected the two houses that we would boo that night! We prepped our “boo” baskets, waited for it to get dark and then we dropped them off with a ding of the doorbell! (I mean really, two tween boys love any reason to IMG_0142doorbell ditch someone).

Now the fun is to watch to see just how far the “boo” goes throughout the neighborhood! The boys are hoping this year it actually makes it to every house, even the empty nesters, we shall see!

Wanna start the “Boo Tradition in your Neighborhood?

Print the free printable below by clicking on the link and start the tradition! And see just how far the boo goes this year!

*When you are the first one of the neighborhood we recommend doing at least two houses just in case someone isn’t as excited as the rest of us about being booed! 

You've Been Booed!

Click here to print the You’ve Been Booed! sign

You’ve Been BOOed! Instructions-2Print the You’ve Been BOOed! Instructions here!

Happy “Booing!”

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9 thoughts on “You’ve Been Boo’ed FREE PRINTABLE!”

  1. Fun! We are country folk, so I’ve never been “booed”…at least not like this. 😉 What a sweet (no pun intended) tradition! Pinning and tweeting this!

  2. Such a fun idea! I grew up 7 miles outside of town so we never had anything like this. Now we live in the city with my 2 kids and I’ve still never seen this but it sounds like a fun tradition to start. 🙂

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