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There is Sunshine in My Soul #7

There is sunshine in my soul

football gear

So last week Chase played in the playoff game for their football league…

They won and Super Bowl Bound are headed to the Super Bowl today!

They are 8-0 and have had a fantastic season. It is so fun to watch him excel at something he enjoys. He now says he loves football and tackling is the best part! I ask him if he is going to play in middle school and he says, “No, there is too much running!” Um… last I checked he liked running :). Time will tell.


It is crazy to think that Halloween is next week! What are your kids going to be? IMG_0303We have a pea pod, a Princess who refuses to wear her dress, and two undetermined boys :). Colby has a football game on Halloween so it doesn’t leave much time for trick or treating. What are your kids going to be? Do you have any rules about trick or treating? One of mine is you can’t trick or treat after 12 unless it is with a younger sibling… But don’t worry I still buy them a bag of candy 🙂

Soon we move onto the wonderful month of November! That means we will be headed home in a few weeks and I am so excited to go and see everyone! I love my family so much… I swear I am like a little kid in a candy store about it! This season has flown by…


So that brings us to what have I been grateful for this week!

  • I am so grateful for friendships… friendsEspecially the ones when you both want tohangout, but you are both incredibly busy so you spend the morning working together, but on your own projects! I loved hearing Michelle talk to herself all morning 🙂
  • I am grateful for answers to prayers… even if they aren’t the answers you are expecting…
  • I am grateful it is almost November!
  • I am especially grateful for Diet Coke… Yes! I feel like I sometimes live on Diet Coke and a Prayer.
  • I am grateful for the opportunities Chase has had with football this year and the lessons we have learned.
  • I am grateful for good kids… Sometimes it’s a struggle and sometimes I wonder if I am failing, but then they are these little beacon of lights in my life.

~What are you grateful for this week?


1 thought on “There is Sunshine in My Soul #7”

  1. I am grateful for family! Getting to go see a son and his family next week.
    Another daughter coming home for Thanksgiving
    A wonderful Sunday School class that bring us so much joy
    The Dodgers in the World Series
    My fantastic husband
    My 10 grandchildren
    Grateful I am not rude like the woman I talked to on the phone from social security

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