Sunshine in My Soul

There is Sunshine in My Soul #8

There is sunshine in my soulWow! So much has happened since last week! Let’s start with last Saturday… Chase played in his Super Bowl game! It was cold out there. His team fought hard, but they lost. I love Chase and his optimism… Lots of kids were sad after the game, but Chase’s comment to me was, “I’m just glad we made it to the Super Bowl!” I wish we could all be a little bit more like Chase… It would certainly be a more pleasant world.

After the game we headed to the car dealership… We ended up buying a Honda Odyssey. I am officially a Minivan driver again… It’s been many years, but honestly it just made the most since. It was more economical than a new SUV and it met all of our wishes and desires… Now I am on a learning curve trying to figure out how to drive it… I mean when did cars get so high tech? I literally hit a button to put the car in drive or reverse…

Colby had his second to last football game on Halloween. It was another great game. I love watching him because he is having so much fun this year. They won their game and are still undefeated with one tie… The last game of the season is this week, and this mama is ready for a vacation!

After the football game we ran home for about 30 minutes of trick or treating… So the pics are not the best because Colby was dirty and stinky 🙂 I am not one to spend money on Halloween, so I make my kids be inventive, therefore we had a football player, a couch potato, a princess, and a pea pod!

Since Halloween Talie has learned the word bucket of candy and if she does not get her “bucket of candy” in a timely manner she might freak out just a little bit 🙂

Have you been participating in the Grateful Photo challenge? My kids are loving thepictures they are taking. They love sharing them at the table. Each morning they are asking what they take pictures of that day and now come to the table prepared eager to share. Colby (13) is even editing some pics really having fun with it! I love seeing them finding gratitude in all things! Here are some of my kids gratitude pics!

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So that brings us to what have I been grateful for this week!

  • I am so grateful for November and the opportunity it brings for us all to find Thanks in all things!
  • I am grateful that I got a new car. This one is so safe and brings peace of mind to drive with the kids in the car.
  • I am grateful for snuggles of my kiddos.
  • I am grateful for date night this week! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It’s just nice to spend time with your spouse!
  • I am grateful for the people who look for opportunities to help others.
  • I am grateful for my loved ones and my friends!

~What are you grateful for this week?


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