Sunshine in My Soul

There is Sunshine in My Soul #9

There is sunshine in my soulThis week football officially ended for our family for the season! Colby’s team went undefeated for the year as well! We are so proud of the way he played all year. After the season officially ended we took a little jaunt up to Bricktown, Oklahoma to get a few things done that needed to be done STAT. šŸ˜‰ It was supposed to be a relaxing day and a half, but let’s just say sleep was not on our side as Talie thought it was time to play until 11 or 12 every night… The joys of motherhood in a hotel room!

We had some fun in the hotel room though! If you are on Instagram or Twitter you probably saw our. fun time had by all in the hotel room… If you didn’t here it is!

Talie was a little mischievous as well standing in the window and apparently hitting the emergency button on the phone… Yep, security came up to our room and told us that the cops were probably going to check on us as well… I swear we waited until it was time to go to dinner we couldn’t miss our reservation at the Melting Pot!


Yes, we took all the kids! Yes, it was delicious! Yes, it took 2.5 hours! Yes, the kids were good! Yes, we would take them again, they had a blast…

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So that brings us to what have I been grateful for this week!

  • I am so grateful for a little time away as a family… Much needed time with kiddos.
  • I am SOOOOO grateful the kids were good at the longest dinner they have ever sat at!
  • I am grateful for my comfy new car that we got to ride to OKC (Oklahoma City) in.
  • I am grateful for friends and family.
  • I am grateful for safe travels this week!

~What are you grateful for this week?


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