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Gift Giving Ideas for our Neighbors

Welcome to BLogmas 2017! We are so excited to bring you more neighbor gift ideas by our guest blogger Xue today! 

I love intentional gift giving and believe anyone can curate beautiful, Instagram worth gifts for anyone or any occasion. So here are three super easy, simple but festive DIY holiday gifts you can give to your neighbors. Because we are focusing on our neighbors, you may or may not be super close with them but still want to gift something festive, thoughtful, intentional and useful. Well, these three gifts are just that. And best of all I made them with items from stores such as Michael’s, Homegoods or TJ Maxx. So you can make the same or similar gifts as well.

The first gift is an overlooked yet beautiful and super simple luxury soap bar. At first glance and though you might say seem “why would I ever give my neighbor a soap bar?” But honestly with the busy and hectic season getting extra hand soap from the store can be the last thing on their minds. So having this handy is always a plus for them. You can find so many amazing, beautiful and festive scented luxury soap bars at TJ Maxx or Homegoods for about $5. They are always packaged beautifully making them wonderful gifts. Simply add them to a nice wooden box with crinkle fill, some ribbon and a gift tag and you’re done. Just look at how beautiful this one came out!

The second simple gift I’ve got for you is this candle and match jar set. It is a useful and fun to make neighbor holiday gift box. It includes a mini candle and a match jar with a latch lid and strike on bottom feature (and a bonus is I make these at home!) I got the candle from TJ Maxx, the jar from Michael’s and you can get matches from Walmart or target. All you have to do to put this gift set together is add first make the match jar with Strike on bottom feature by getting some striking paper, cut it to size (I purchased them from Etsy but you can definitely use a large 1″ hole punch), add some matches from a larger match box and you’re done! I then paired the match jar with any small sized holiday scented candle. You can definitely do this pairing with larger candles or whatever size you’d like, but I typically get small but sturdy paper boxes to place the items into so I like to make the holiday gift box cohesive by having the candle and match jar be about the same size. You add some crinkle fill to the box then simply place these two items into a small paper box or wooden gift box, add some nice ribbon and you’re next neighbor holiday gift is done!


The last DIY holiday gift box inspiration I have for you to gift to your neighbor is a host or hostess inspired rustic holiday gift box. This is a larger gift box but it is great for any neighbor whether you know them well or not. It includes a hand soap and lotion bath set, again going back to the idea that this is t something everyone remember to keep handy during the holiday season. And the packing on this bath set is beautiful and festive that it easy becomes a home decor item. The next item is a Turkish tea towel in Holiday red. I love that this can be used in the kitchen because of its durability, and festive color but also in the bathroom as a hand towel and decor item too. I also included two Bijou Candles in Mulled wine and winter pine to go with the match jar. They can be used as last minute decor items or to just add to any room guests may be going into. Of course there is the match jar with strike on bottom feature and a gold painted wrought iron “key” bottle opener because you never know when you won’t be able to find that bottle opener. And lastly I added something the recipient can enjoy right away as I always love to do, and this time it was a box of Italian truffles. All these items come together to create an intentional DIY holiday gift box that the recipient can either enjoy right away, use later on or use to help them host this holiday season. Because we are focusing on gifts for neighbors we often don’t know everything they love or like to do, so curating a host inspired gift box is amazing because if they are hosting anything this season this holiday gift box will be the ultimate tool to help them stress less. And even if they are not hosting themselves this season they can relax with these items by adding simple decor from the gift box to their home.


I hope you enjoyed these three simple and beautiful intentional holiday gift boxes for your neighbor this season. Join my email list or follow along to see more holiday and other gift box inspiration ideas.



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