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25 Things About Me!

Every week, you, my loyal readers, come and visit my blog, which I am so grateful for! It was time to get to know me, the person behind the blog! So without further ado, here are 25 Things About Me!

25 things about me

  1. I love Diet Coke… If I could live on only drinking it, I would.
  2. I have a hidden desire to live a semi-crunchy life… You know the cloth diapers, make my own baby food, make loaves and loaves of bread every week, grow everything in our garden, have a huge orchard with all kinds of fruit trees, oh and to have chickens! What stops me? Swirrling poop in toilets! As for the homestead aspect… Well, if I made my own bread I would weigh about 50 pounds more because I love homemade bread, and as far as eating only what we grow… we live in Texas and the ground here stinks making it a very tedious.
  3. I love running, but I tend to find any excuse to not run. When I lived in California I had the best running buddies and I just loved to run, but here in Texas I haven’t found the “perfect buddy” yet and it gets cold… Once I am doing it I love it, but I will find any excuse to not do it at all…
  4. I hate clutter, even during the holidays. Yes, I hate stuff everywhere. Things need a place. When Christmas comes around I don’t mind putting a tree up and a few other decorations, but I am so ready for them all to come down on the 26th!
  5. My husband and my mom are my best friends who I tell everything to.
  6. I am a Reality TV Junkie. Yep, every Monday night is Date night with my hubby watching the Bachelor.
  7. I love to cook and bake, but I hate cleaning it up! (That’s why I love doing it when around my mom, because she loves to clean up, I swear she does!)
  8. I wish there were more hours in the day.
  9. it only took me 15 years to graduate from college. I began taking some college classes right after High School, but then I got married when I was 20 and started having kids. Nine years later I got a divorce with nothing to fall back on. This led me to go back to school and Graduated in 2016 with my degree in Marriage and Family Studies.
  10. I want my kids to put their education first, before they settle down.
  11. I wish we only have spring and fall… Capris and cardigans with sandals are my go-to favorite outfit that I could wear every day.
  12. We have 0 pets and if my husband has anything to do with it we never will.
  13. I am far from a hoarder. I am more like, oh you haven’t used that in a week, we must not need it anymore and will want to get rid of it. 
  14. My husband and i never went on a honeymoon. We got married and escaped from all the kids the night of our wedding, but hit the ground running the next day blending our family.
  15. I live by to do lists. If it’s not written down it’s not getting done.
  16. I love grocery pick up. It’s awesome not having to haul the kids into the store to shop for groceries. Taking a toddler and a baby leave no room for groceries!
  17. I love ice cream. I have been known to sneak into the freezer in the laundry room on many occasions just to snag a bite before bed.
  18. The first convert I went to was Dr. Dre 2001 concertYou couldn’t pay me enough money now to go see Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, or Eminem…
  19. Call me Grandma, but I love to sew. My Grandma taught me when I was 8 and I feel like this hobby connects us together every time I sit down.
  20. I live in my pajamas. If I have no plans to go anywhere that day, you will find me in very comfy clothes. My kids pray I never have to get out at their school when picking them up or dropping them off.
  21. Ever since I was little when catalogs come I love to circle everything I want. If I am really bored I will even add up how much all of it would cost and dream about being rich enough to buy it all.
  22. We have a big his, mine, and ours family! We have a total of 3 boys and 2 girls. If we were younger, we probably would think about having more, but we are not young anymore. 
  23. I love Mexican food. Hands down I would eat it every day and never get tired of it!
  24. My dream would be to have an interior designer come in and decorate my entire house exactly how I want it.
  25. One day I hope to make a small difference in the lives of couples and their families. 

Done! Now you know just a little bit more about me! What are 25 things about you?

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7 thoughts on “25 Things About Me!”

  1. Uhhh…25 things about me? Can each one of my children count as one, because I don’t even think I can come up with that many interesting things about myself! 😂

    1. Shiree! I am sure that you can! Put it on your to do list and jot it down you will be surprised at how quickly you can find 25 things!

  2. We have some things in common. I like to cook and bake but dislike cleaning up as well. When my sister comes (who doesn’t like to cook or bake) she cleans up while I keep cooking and baking, it works great. On the other hand I have had to work hard not to branch out into hoarder tendencies.

    1. My husband loves to keep things! I love to slip them into the trash on Thursdays while he is at work 😉 shh!!!! Don’t tell!

  3. 1. Nerd Alert, but I love the New Year just so I can start writing in my New monthly/weekly Planner.
    2.My 2nd daughter has my maiden name in her name.
    3.I just discovered that I really love hot water with lemon and honey.
    4.I have a cat who will be 16 this year and a dog who will be 3, but could not have them if I didn’t go get allergy shots every 3 weeks.
    5.I lived in Western WI my entire life, except the last 9 years, because I moved to Eastern WI.
    6.I have not been working outside the home for the last 5.5 years because I decided to be a SAHM but I have a degree in Human Development & Family studies/psychology.
    7.I also love reality tv.
    8.I meal plan two weeks out and try to add new recipes in my rotation each week. This week we tried Chicken and broccoli stuffed shells and it was a hit.
    9.I always wanted to have at least 5 children, but we ended up struggling with secondary infertility so I’d love to have just one more baby and then my family will feel complete.
    10.I love to thrift shop.
    11.I do not enjoy winter, but love the rest of the seasons.
    12.I have never had a passport.
    13.I tend to be an introvert.
    14.I have to sleep on the right side of the bed and typically always sleep on my right side.
    15.I discovered last summer that I enjoy painting and refurbishing furniture. I tackled a couple end tables that were my husband’s grandmas and also did my daughters head and foot boards for her bed.
    16.I hate swimming.
    17.I love coffee & coffee shops, especially in the company of my sister or a friend.
    18.I have a shoe and clothing obsession and like most women my closet is too small to support this love of mine.
    19.Baking is one of my favorite things to do with my oldest daughter. It’s kind of our thing to do together!
    20.I hate wearing socks.
    21.I thrive off of routine. Spontainious things are not my cup of tea.
    22.I get anxiety when I have to go to the dentist, even for just a cleaning.
    23.We bought a camper last summer, so we are now a camping family. It’s not my most favorite activity but I am learning to enjoy some aspects of it.
    24.I love listening to podcasts.
    25.I’d love to one day work with at-risk teens and possibly get my masters in social work.

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