3 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Connect with your Child

We all have a desire to connect with our kids. These three simple tips, you will be able to better connect with your child.


3 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Connect with your Child

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We all have a desire to be close to each one of our children. This connection is important for their growth and happiness.

Kids that are more connected with their parents are more likely to want to do good and make their parents happy.

We all want to be close to our children. But, let’s be honest, many times life gets in the way. our schedules are all busy, and it is hard to get that connection time that we both need.

And then on top of that, we spend much of the time shaping and correcting them so they turn out to be AMAZING RESPONSIBLE ADULTS, which at times comes across as nagging, yelling or criticizing them for what they are or aren’t doing.

Did you know research suggests for every negative interaction (yelling, criticizing, nagging) we need to have 5 Positive interactions to make up for it?

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You might be thinking to yourself about now, how on Earth can I do it all so that my child feels loved and I can connect with them every day and make up for all the negative interactions?

I will let you in on a little secret I learned….

Ready for it?

The more time you spend connecting with your kids each day and spending quality time, the stronger your bond will become, and in time you will start to see less and less negative interactions!

Don’t believe me?

With these Surprisingly Simple Steps, you will Start Connecting with your child on a whole new level and your connection will GROW!

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3 Ways to Connect with Your Child


Kids need tangible, physical contact with a parent every day. In fact, they need at least 8 touches a day. When your kids are small and cuddly it seems like an easier task, but as they get older this can become more difficult.

Think outside the box.

The power of touch is real!  Newborns who are touched, held, and stroked have better emotional and motor skill development. 

Children who have more positive physical interactions tend to be less violent and aggressive. The power of touch is real! So those small hugs, high fives, pats on the back, secret handshakes, a touch on the arm, or moving hair out of their eyes does matter.  It might be harder with your older kids, but don’t disregard the power of touch. 

Talk & Reflective Listening

When we classify talk, it’s not just any “small talk”. You need to engage your child in at least one worthwhile conversation every day. This talk needs to have eye to eye interaction! This is essential for all KIDS! So stop what you are doing, slow down, and look them in the eyes as you communicate. 

Don’t forget one important part of talking…the listening.  Listening to understand also helps connect with our kids. Don’t worry about what you will say next and how you will respond to what your child says.  When we listen to understand we are fully present.

After you have listened, practice reflective listening. Reflective listening is when we repeat back to our kids what they have said so that you both know you have understood what they said. Being able to use reflective listening is vital to you and your child knowing that they are being heard and getting their point across correctly. It not only connects you, but reflective listening will help them with their future social interactions.

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You want to spend 9 Meaningful Minutes A Day!

The first 3 minutes of the day, right after they wake up.

The 3 minutes after they walk in the door after school.

The last 3 minutes of the day, right before bed.

These 9 minutes of the day can have a powerful and significant influence on your child. But they can also be the most challenging minutes of the day. Start by shutting down electronics, getting off of the phone, and actively engaging your child for 3 minutes. Set the tone for your child by being positive, encouraging, and patient.

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There it is. Nothing too crazy. Simply intentional and meaningful parenting.


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We all have a desire to connect with our kids. These three simple tips, you will be able to better connect with your child.



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  2. Love these simple steps. My kids have left home but even so, touch, time and communication are still key to keeping connected.

  3. These are really good tips. I love talking to Ben even if he responds with jibberish. I’m also a lover of touching whether it be hand holding, stroking his neck when he puts his head on my knee. It really does help create a closer bond! #fortheloveofBLOG

  4. You’ve nailed that last “T.” Kids spell LOVE T-I-M-E, and even as mine get older (little men, really) they still want my eyes on them when they’re sharing a story.

  5. You are so right, Michele. Talking and interacting with our children sure makes a difference. My daughter will become a teenager this year, and it’s getting harder by the day to really connect. I have noticed that being more intentional about what I say and how much we engage has made a positive difference in her attitude. Thanks for sharing. ~Jillian

  6. Great post again. My kids are still babies, but I’m sad for the day when I can no longer pick them up and snuggle them.
    Katelynn, hampersandhiccups.com


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