3 Tips for Creating a Long Lasting Relationship

Creating a long lasting relationship takes hard work! We have 3 tips to help you make your relationship strong and last forever.

How to Make a Relationship Last

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It may be an age-old question couples have been asking since the beginning of time. How can I create a strong long-lasting relationship with another person?

At times it may feel that monogamy is unattainable, but it isn’t! It may take a lot of consistent hard work, but it’s worth all the efforts and energy. It’s important to remember that, so I’ll repeat it. Building and keeping a strong relationship may be challenging at times, but it is so worth all of the efforts you put into it to form a long term relationship!

When you love another person, just being their sidekick isn’t enough. Be willing to stand by them and up for them when necessary!

Respect is another important aspect of a relationship. It’s important to take value in your significant other’s opinions and have an open mind.

Make continuous efforts to work on your relationship. Never give up on the romantic side of your relationship when you are married! It’s a wonderful thing to have kids and want to focus on your family, but the bond with your significant other NEVER stops being important. 

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Constant Communication

It’s something that people always say and may sound cliche, but there’s a lot of truth to this statement. Continuous communication is essential to a successful relationship. So many problems can be resolved simply by talking, whether it’s a romantic relationship or otherwise.

Many of us want to avoid conflict. That’s definitely understandable because arguing with a loved one is very unpleasant. However, discussing issues is necessary to resolve them.

Ignoring a problem will only allow it to fester and resurface in the future. Sit down with your partner and talk. Communicate what may be bothering you and encourage them to do the same! Unresolved issues only lead to resentment.

There is no shame in seeing a professional to discuss your conflicts with your spouse if you can’t seem to compromise. Sometimes having a mediator in the room is necessary to really get the ball rolling with the hard conversations.

Counselors are trained professionals that can help start and stimulate the conversations needed to help resolve your problems. They’ll know which topics need to be approached and suggest healthier ways to talk to each other in the future.

That being said, you and your partner might decide that the healthiest thing to do for your family is to end the romantic side of your relationship. We just have to make sure we have exhausted every resource we have in order to repair the relationship first! Perhaps you could look for ways to get the spark back in your marriage or go on more dates to reconnect.

Unfortunately, after we have exhausted all our resources we might need to find a lawyer that specializes in divorce, such as Shelly Ingram Law. But, before we do this we must ask ourselves if we have done everything we could to save this relationship.


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Everything doesn’t have to be 50/50 all the time! It’s really unhealthy to keep score. The best relationships involve compromise. There definitely needs to be some give and take. Don’t let your relationship become onesided. Perhaps you’re the one who cooks meals and your spouse is the one who cleans the house.

Sometimes compromise involves a little bit of sacrifice. Missing the occasional night out with friends to stay in because one person doesn’t really want to go out isn’t the worst thing in the world.

There are many ways you and your partner might compromise to make the other happy. Compromise really is essential to maintaining an equal and loving relationship.


Make Time for Each Other

The final piece of advice to help you maintain a lasting relationship is to ensure that you and your partner make time for each other. This is SO important!

Even couples that deeply love one another can end up becoming disconnected because they simply fail to spend time together. This can often happen after having kids because you gain so many new responsibilities and time becomes scarce.

Set aside at least one night a week for you and your partner to enjoy one another’s company. No kids, pets, TV, or any other distractions. Go out for a meal, go bowling, or go dancing. Bonding is crucial to a lasting relationship.

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What are some things you do to keep your relationship with your spouse long-lasting?

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  1. The power of communication can never be overemphasised in any relationship. Say it out!!!! It has helped us stay stronger a whole lot. Great article


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