30 Crucial Things To Tell Your Son

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As your sons grow older there are things you hope they learn while they are at home. These are 30 crucial things to tell your son now!


Things to tell your son

As the boys birthdays draw near, again I am starting to realize that the years are flying by all too quickly. I remember bringing them home from the hospital for the very first time and the joy they have brought into my life. 

Over the years, my hopes and dreams have not gone away, but have changed a bit. Throughout the years I have realized things that I want to teach the boys as well as tell them. 

So for that reason I have created a list of 30 things to tell your son. 

30 Things To Tell Your Son

30 Crucial Things to tell your son

1. Be Kind.

Be kind to your friends, and your peers, especially those who are different than you. You can help the ones that are different feel like the most important people in the world or make them feel even worse. Choose wisely how you treat them.

2. Never forget who you are and where you came from.

You are special. Never forget that. 

3. Forgive others.

Forgiving others and forgiving them quickly is the key to a successful and happy life. Life is too short to hold grudges.

4. Swearing is gross.

Swearing is gross. I know that it makes you cool in the locker room, but it really isn’t cool. Don’t do it, it just makes you look uneducated.

5. Choose the right even when no one is looking.

I know it is so easy to make the wrong choice. Everyday we are faced with decisions we have to make. Be sure you make the right choice even when no one is looking. 

6. Love and Serve others, especially your family.

Love others and serve them. You never know when God puts someone else in your path for you to help. Mourn with those that mourn and comfort those that stand in need of comfort. Serve always even when you don’t feel like it. 

7. Play Fair.

Never take advantage of someone just because you are bigger, faster, stronger, or smarter than they are.

8. You are never told old to sing and dance.

Singing and dancing relieves stress and keeps you young and healthy. So dance ans keep singing. 

9. Have a sense of humor, but not at the expense of others.

Keep laughing and making people laugh. Do it by telling good jokes, or by funny things you say, but never at the expense of others. These fun lunch box jokes always make kids laugh!

10. If at first you don’t succeed, always try again.

If Walt Disney and Dr. Seuss would have given up we wouldn’t be able to read the most loved kid’s books or visit the happiest place on earth.

11. Go away to college.

One of the most crucial things to tell your son is to go away to college. Regardless of where you go or what you major in, it doesn’t matter. Start saving for college now so you can go away and experience life.

Expand your knowledge. Study hard.  Meet new people. Learn to live on your own and find something you love to do for the rest of your life.

12. Be old-fashioned, Never text a girl to ask her out.

I know it is old-fashioned, but I am telling you every girl is sitting waiting for her crush to call her or walk up to her and ask her on a date. 

Make her day and ask her in person. 

13. Be a gentleman and always show respect to women. 

I hope you learned a thing or two as you watched how Ty taught me. I hope you learned how to respect women, but in case you forgot:

Always Seat them first, order last, open doors even when she is fully capable, and always compliment her. Never let her wonder what you think about her, tell her.

14. Don’t marry simply based on looks, marry her for what’s on the inside.

 Choose someone to marry based on her personality and how she makes you feel, not on looks because after 30 years no one looks like a Victoria’s Secret model, but hearts never change. Find beauty on the inside it will carry you through all the hard days.

15. Learn to work hard.

Things to tell your son #14, learn to work and learn to work hard. We did not just give you age-appropriate chores to torture you we gave them to you so you learn how to work and figure things out.

This will help you to get a good job, make money, and provide for a family.

16. Bullying is not ok, not ever. 

I hope you know this by now and I did a good job of teaching it to you, but bullying is not okay, not ever. 

Always stand up for those being bullied, you never know when you might need them later.  

17. Play a sport.

Playing a sport will teach you to be active, play hard, follow rules, and get along with others that may be different than you. So when you play on a team work as a team. Sports also keep you out of trouble. 

18. Pick good friends.

I know it might be hard to understand now, but you will eventually that it is better to have a few good friends than hundreds that don’t conform to your standards.

Choose your friends wisely. 

19. Be humble.

20. Your siblings look up to you, give them something proud to look up to.

The thing about being the oldest is everyone looks up to you, be sure you are giving them something good to look up to. 

21. Be confident, but not overconfident.

22. Learn to cook.

First of all, Cooking will save you money in college.

Second, you will get all the ladies with a home-cooked meal,  but most importantly, your wife will appreciate the help in the kitchen.

23. The grass is not always greener.

I know the grass looks greener, but it really isn’t. Stay and water your own grass and make it as green as you want it.

24. Don’t lose your southern charm.

Yes ma’am and Yes sir will never go out of style.

25. Lead, never follow.

26. Control your temper, no one likes a hothead.

27. Be dependable.

Be the person everyone can always count on no matter what. 

28. Be respectful.

Respect your parents, your teachers, and adults.

29. Dream big!

You can do great things, so set your sights high and you can achieve them! 

30. Never forget that your family loves you!

The final thing I want to remind you of is that no matter what your family loves you. We are always here for you to cheer you on and pick you up! Never forget that!

There you have it! 30 crucial things to tell your sons that you don’t want them to ever forget! What would you add to the list?

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As your sons grow older there are things you hope they learn while they are at home. These are 30 crucial things to tell your son now!

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  1. Learn to Cook + Be Old Fashioned. Two things that I love that my husband did (still does) for me! Chivalry is never dead. I have no idea how to raise a little boy and am scared stiff to do so! (good thing our first is a girl…) Thanks for the tips!


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