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5 Simple Homemade Gifts PLUS Free Christmas Printables!

Welcome to Blogmas 2017! Today we have Elva Fisher joining us today with 5 simple homemade gifts with the most amazing Printables! Be sure to check out her blog at  Pursuing Delights 


Every year around the Christmas season my “mommy brain” seems to kick it into high gear and I forget to have gifts ready for friends and neighbors. But not this year! This year I’m going to kick my “mommy brain” to the curb and be on top of things! And I’m going to share it all with you as well!

I don’t know about you but I’m not able to buy any private islands for myself so I have to watch my penny’s during the holiday season. Yet I have so many wonderful friends and neighbors that I love and want to express my love and appreciation for all they have done for me.

So I love to make small and thoughtful homemade gifts to show them that I care.

So without further a due here are:

5 simple homemade gifts that your friends and neighbors will love! Plus I have some free printable gift tags to go with each gift!


First, a fan favorite,


A Delish Hot Peppermint Chocolate Mix In A Jar!hot chocolate

This is so quick and easy to make up and is always a big hit! I mean who wouldn’t love a hot mug full yummy coco!

Here is what you will need;

A 16 oz Glass Jar

¼ cup of Powered Milk

½ cup of unsweetened Coco Power

½ cup of sugar

½ cup of Chocolate Chips

½ cup of crushed Candy Canes

Marshmallows to fill the jar


How to put it together

Mix the powdered milk, unsweetened cocoa powered and sugar together then pour it into the bottom of the jar.

Next put in the layer of chocolate chips, try and level it as much you can.

Then add the layer of peppermint candy and again try and level it as much possible.

Then the fun part, fill the rest of the space up with marshmallows! The more the merrier I say!

Next print of the gift card with the instructions Hot Chocolate Gift Tags here, cut them out and then use a paper hole punch to create a hole.

Then using some nice looking string or yarn tie the gift card on and you are done!


The next gift is and a slightly healthier gift.

A Christmas Orange Wreath!


Over at omiyage blogs, they have a great post on how to make this beautiful tasty wreath. Go here to find it.

And then go Wreath Gift Tags here to find your adorable gift tag.

Print it, tie it on and watch your friend’s face light up with such a sweet gift!


Next, up is a great simple homemade gift for your friend who needs some pampering in their life.

A Simple Body Salt Scrub!

salt scrub

Let’s be honest this one might be my favorite! I love a good body scrub! My skin always feels so silky and smooth afterwards! It is heavenly! And the great thing is this gift is so quick to make, you will be able to make a jar or two for yourself!

Things you will need:

A cute looking jar, I love those mason jars!

Epson Salt

Oil (you can use a few different types either coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil)

An essential oil of your choose (I choose orange and grapefruit)


I find when making a salt scrub, it is so flexible and easy to tweak to meet your needs.

But I like to start with;

1 cup of Epson salt

1/2 cup of oil

5 to 10 drops of essential oil.

Step One

Mix the salt and oil together in a bowl. Now, this is where you can tweak the recipe to your liking. If you think it is a little too oily just add more salt or vice a versa simple add more oil if you feel it needs to be more moisturizing. So simple!

Step Two

Mix in an essential oil. So depending on what essential oil you are using, you may need more or less drops. It is always better to start with less and slowly add in more if you think you need it. Once you have added it to mix the salt scrub together thoroughly.

Step Three

Pour salt scrub into your pretty jar! Screw the lid back on. Download and print your super cute gift label here. And tie it on!

Step Four

Give it to your friend! Now I know it will be tempting to keep it for yourself but you really need to remember to show your friend some love this holiday season!

You can attach these great gift tags to the scrub! Download the Merry Christmas with Love Gift Tags here


Another simple gift to give is a

Household potted plant

with some stylish twist!


Things you will need;

A plant of your choice

A plant pot of your choice

Sharpie Marks, colors of your choice

You may also need some dirt depending on how big your pot is compared to your plant.

Here is what you do, before you place the plant in the pot.

Decorate your pot with the color sharpie marks! Get creative! Draw lines! Perhaps draw simple faces! Draw a bunch of dots! Write a few words! You can do no wrong!

I went with a simple face because I love seeing the plants as the little pots hair! hehe!

And then don’t forget to print your amazing gift card Holly Jolly Gift Tags here!

Tie it on and you are done!


The last simple homemade gift is just to fun and easy to make!

Reindeer beer bottles or soda bottles

reindeer bottle

You might have seen this super cute idea around before it is pretty popular. And it is popular for a reason! It’s a great gift to customize to whoever you are giving it to. You can do this by simplify picking whatever drink your friend likes best!

Go here for a great little video about how to make the reindeer.

In the video, she does go over what you will need but I’ll list it here as well.

First, you’ll need Pipe cleaners, using brown is popular but I have seen people use other colors as well.

Pompoms for the noses again use whatever color you like best!

A pack of googly eyes

Glue gun

And don’t forget the bottles!


Once you have them all put together, print off your Holiday Cheer Gift Tags here tie it on and you are done!


So there you have it! 5 simple and yet wonderful homemade gifts that your friends will love!


Merry Christmas Everyone!


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Elva lives with her husband, 3 young children and 2 dogs in the Canadian Wild West, where summer is short and winter never seems to end. She is a blogger who loves to write about her family, personal growth and her many different hobbies. You can find her at her webpage




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