7 Family Christmas Traditions with Kids

Family Christmas Traditions are the perfect way to make memories with your kids! We have some fun ideas for you to start your own this year!

7 Family Christmas Traditions with Kids

7 Family Christmas Traditions with Kids

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My family has many favorite traditions every season. Over Thanksgiving break, we usually start our tradition to-do list for our family Christmas Traditions. We make a list of all the activities that we do each year for Christmas. This is the easiest way for us to make sure that we can fit everything in. If I don’t write things down they usually get overlooked with our busy schedule. Then we take a look at our calendar and schedule the activities that haven’t already been set up.


Family Tradition Ideas


Picking out the Christmas Tree

Each year we all go to a tree farm and we pick out the perfect tree over Thanksgiving break. This tradition started for us because we moved into a house with tall ceilings and our store-bought tree looked really funky. Instead of buying a bigger artificial tree, we thought this would be a great time to go buy a real tree. Our kids love going out to the farm and looking for a tree and getting hot chocolate and cookies.



Elf on the Shelf


christmas traditions

Yes, we are one of those families that got pulled into this tradition. Every night we put the elf in a new place. The kids get so excited to wake up and look for their elf! Sometimes the elf is doing something funny, and sometimes he is doing something naughty. We start this tradition on December 1st.  The elf comes back with a new pair of Christmas pajamas for the kids and we watch the Polar Express.



Visiting Santa


This one is a given. Every year we go to Omaha Union Station where they have this massive Christmas tree and the kids get their picture taken with Santa. This location costs to get in, but there are so many places that are free of cost. Bass Pro Shop commonly does Christmas photos for free and have fun little activities to do as well.



Look at Christmas Lights


Who doesn’t like looking at Christmas lights? It is so much fun driving around looking at lights and listening to the kids in the back seat as they get excited over each house. We have found some houses that have a radio station posted, so you can tune your radio in and listen to the music from inside your car during their light show. You can add to the fun and pack some snacks and fill some cups with hot chocolate to enjoy while you are driving around.



Making Christmas Cookies


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This is by far my favorite tradition we have. I do not cook but I love to bake, and baking cookies is one of my secret talents. I make a list of cookies and usually add one new one to the list each year. The kids and I will bake the sugar cookies and make the frosting first. This way after they get bored of baking they can go and decorate the sugar cookies while I finish up baking the rest. I like to give the cookies away because I always make way too many for us to eat. You could even add to the tradition and donate the cookies to nursing homes or give them to your child’s teachers as gifts.



Santa Sacks


This is a new tradition that we started last year. I make each of the kids a Santa sack. On Christmas Eve they spend the day picking out toys that they want Santa to take and give to kids in need. Once we get back from their grandparents they put the toys that they picked out inside their Santa sack and put it under the tree. Overnight, “Santa” will take out the old toys and put in the new toys. We use our Santa sacks when we go to Christmas at the grandparents’ so that we can carry their gift home easily.



Christmas Eve Christmas Pajamas


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Every Christmas Eve we go to my husband’s grandparents to celebrate. Since we don’t get home till late I have started a tradition of putting my kids in their new Christmas pajamas and a Santa hat. This way when we get home they are all ready for bed.



Making Memories with Family Christmas Traditions


My husband and I look forward to our traditions each year just as much as the kids do. Our life is so busy that being able to step away if only for a moment, helps us to remember to enjoy the little things in life. To this day I remember all the traditions that we had growing up and I think it is important to be able to give those memories to my kids, even if they aren’t the same traditions they are still making memories.

Remember you can start new traditions at any time. It doesn’t matter how old your kids are. Grown kids enjoy family traditions too.


Let’s hear some of your family Christmas Traditions you do with your kids!


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Family Christmas Traditions are the perfect way to make memories with your kids! We have some fun ideas for you to start your own this year!

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