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At Confessions of Parenting, we are real. We share real things that happen in our lives. We believe in giving you the honest truth, not the sugarcoated Instagram Filter version. We are parents just like you that have struggles too! Don’t believe us? Well, you can read about them here!

At Confessions of Parenting, we share real things here! Real things that happen in our lives, real things we have researched and tried that WORK when it comes to raising kids or staying sane as a mom.

We know life can be challenging! Trust me, we are raising kids to going through the same things you are!

We Know It’s Hard to Save Money and Provide for your Family!

For the first 5 years I was married I scraped and saved everything I had just to put food on the table for our family! I can teach you how you can save money, budget, provide for your family, and still look cute!

We Know it is hard to Keep a House Clean and Organized!

I currently have two tornados that come through the house daily! One is named Talie (who’s 3) and Tony (who’s 1). We teach you the skills you want to know on how to clean out, get rid of, declutter, and organize so you don’t constantly feel like a tornado ran through your house right after you cleaned!

We know that Parenting is HARD!!!!

I have been a mom for 15 years so far! I get that parenting is the hardest job we will ever have! I have made A LOT of mistakes! But guess what? I have tried to learn from each one so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did! We teach you parenting skills that can make parenting easier. These skills will help you connect with your stubborn teenagers,  that will help take your toddler’s pacifiers away, and much more!

We also Know that Sometimes You Need a Little Encouragement when it comes to your marriage!

We invite you to come learn with us on how to be a better wife, how to bring the spark back in your marriage, or fall back in love again with your spouse! These are all things we have struggled with too and have learned to overcome!

We also provide tips to find a good babysitter so you and your husband can date more even with little kids!

Sometimes Struggles Happen in Your Marriage and you find yourself Divorced

I have been there with you! I know it is hard. I went through a divorce 6+ years ago. I needed support! I needed a team to get me through it! Here we offer you shelter from the storm. We talk about hard things like co-parenting and establishing boundaries with your ex. We try and help you overcome the hurt and move on to find love again!

We know that Blending a Family is Hard! And Lucky Us, there is really no advice on how to do this!

But guess what! I have been blending my family for 5+ years and I have learned a thing or two (or a bajillion things) about what works and what doesn’t! I know the struggles that come with being a stepmom. I teach you how I learned to bond with my stepdaughter. I know that at times this can strain your marriage so I try to teach you what I wish I knew before blending a family so that you can be successful long before I was successful!

And Lastly, We Know that motherhood is no joke! It is Hard and Lonely and at times a Thankless job!

I worry about my kids! I think moms were meant to worry... We worry about our kids like a lot! I think this is a normal part of motherhood. Do you worry about your kids?Sister let me tell you we are right there too! There are times where I wish I could sneak into my closet and eat an entire container of ice cream and have a few minutes of peace! Or I wish I had a friend that I could call at a moments notice and they would be right there! We know that motherhood is thankless at times, I do have teenagers :). But we teach you to find the joy in the moments of motherhood. We share with you our real-life mom moments good and bad!

So, here at Confessions of Parenting, we welcome you to our family! Pull up a chair, grab a Diet Coke (or whatever your go-to drink is) sit back and relax and enjoy the laughs, the cries, and the stories we tell about our adventures in parenting, marriage, and motherhood. And hopefully, somewhere along the way, you will read something that you needed to hear to continue being the best mom, wife, and person that you can be!

It’s time to enjoy the ride! Don’t be a stranger! Be sure to see what we are up to every day on Instagram, join our Facebook page, and see what ideas we are pinning today on Pinterest!

~And by the way if there is something you are struggling with or want to read email me and let me know!

Here’s a Little Bit About the Confessions of Parenting Team!

First, let me start by saying I love our team! Not only do we bring real-world experience to the table, but every single person that works for us has their degree in marriage and family studies which means we are all Family Life Educators! So you can rest assured we are providing researched advice for you!

MicheleMy name is Michele, and I am a Diet Coke Aholic

(I hear admitting it is the first step!)

I got married at age 20 and became an instant stepmom. After 9 years + 2 more kids, sadly my marriage ended in divorce. I had nothing to fall back on, no college education and no job because I had always been a stay at home mom.

So, at that point, I went back to college and met the man of my dreams. For the past 5 years, I have learned how to blend a family successfully (yes, it is not for the faint of heart) and graduated from college with my degree in marriage and family studies. Since then we have become a his mine and ours family with a total of 5 kids!  We truly feel like the saying, “We might not have it all together, but together we have it all” fits our family perfectly!”

Confessions of Parenting was created to help moms learn to enjoy life through all the chaos and all life’s events that are not foreseen, but happen anyways! We try to be real and authentic because all moms need to know they are not alone in their struggles!

I am so glad you are here!

Meet Shiree

Shiree Confessions of ParentingHi, I’m Shiree. I tend to think I am boring and an introvert, but when it comes to blogging I become an extrovert and I love to share my experiences and knowledge. I live in Kansas City with my husband and 4 kids! I’m a stay at home mom and love to spend time with my family. I was married young and started a family right away. There really isn’t anything that could have prepared me for motherhood other than the experience of being a mom! 

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