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1My name is Michele, and I am a Diet Coke Aholic

(I hear admitting it is the first step!)

I am a mom, a stepmom, a wife, a blogger, a runner, and a Family Life Educator. I live in Dallas, Texas with our His, Mine and Ours Family! I have the most awesome husband who always 100% supports all my crazy ambitions like this website! We have 5 kids ranging from 13 all the way down to 1!

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At age 21, I thought I knew everything about being a mom… That was until I actually had a baby! Then I realized there was so much I didn’t know! A LOT! I constantly found myself asking people for help and advice on raising kids (I mean it was in the stone ages of you’ve got mail!)

Over the years, I have turned to friends, other moms, and now to Google to ask them about all my parenting needs!

I then realized there needs to be more information on parenting tips, marriage advice, blended families, and strengthening families and that is how Confessions of Parenting was born!

My hope for Confessions of Parenting is to help you, everyday moms. To give moms a place where they can come to and find answers to their questions and their struggles. A place where you know you can trust what you are reading. My hope is you will always feel welcome and that the questions you are looking for can be found!

After starting my blog I realized I couldn’t do it alone! And that’s when I met my partner in crime, Shiree,  who decided to jump on the blog train with me!


Meet Shiree

2Shiree is my other half. She calls herself boring, but she is far from it! She lives in Kansas City with her husband and her 4 kids ages 7, 5, 2, and 1! She really is super mom as she spends hours working on the blog and finding a way to still take care of her kids effortlessly! Shiree was married young and started a family right away. She jokes all the time that nothing could have prepared her for motherhood other than motherhood!

After becoming a mom she decided to get as much knowledge as she could about raising kids and strengthening families so she decided to go to college. She obtained her degree in Marriage and Family studies and is now a Family Life Educator. She has a desire to pay it forward and help other parents raise kids and strengthen their families.


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