Acts of Service Love Language + 50 Examples!

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Want to know more about the acts of service love language? Here’s everything you need to know here AND 50 acts of service love language examples to try out with your loved ones!

Acts of Service Love Language 

Do actions really speak louder than words? For people with an acts of service love language they sure do!

The 5 love languages are all so important! I am such a big believer that a lot of the hurt in our relationships can come from misunderstanding the ways that we prefer to give and receive love!

I definitely lean more towards the acts of service love language. Like when my husband volunteers to watch the kids for an hour it absolutely makes my day! It makes me think that he really noticed that I needed a break and wants to help give that to me. 

My heart could gush just thinking about it!

If done right, an act of service can show that you really listen to someone and that you are in tune with the things that they need. So if you have someone in your life who feels extra loved through being served, this post is for you!

The 5 Love Languages

Before diving into acts of service, here’s a quick rundown about what the 5 love languages are all about. 

The love languages are the 5 different ways that people can give or receive love, and within that list, we each prefer one way to the others.

The love languages are quality time, physical touch, gifts, and words of affirmation, and of course, acts of service.

Everyone has a love language and understanding them can really help strengthen your relationships! Knowing how someone wants to be loved can open doors to so many positive loving experiences!

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What are Acts of Service

So if your love language is acts of service, what does that really mean? 

Acts of service are things that we do for another person. You could be doing something to make their life easier, taking something off their plate, or just going out of your way to do something nice for them!

Sometimes acts of service help with physical things, like taking out the trash or ironing their clothing. But acts of service can also be emotional, like being a listening ear or stepping in when you see someone feeling overwhelmed!

Acts of service help people feel love by showing them that you are willing to sacrifice your own time or energy to fill a need for them! 

How to Show Love Through Acts of Service

If after reading this you’re thinking of someone you love, here’s a way that you can show them that you love them! 

The key is to pay attention. These acts of service should be all about them! For no other reason than to make their life better, do something you think will help. 

It could be something they explicitly say, something you notice, or something you think of on your own. 

When in doubt, don’t be afraid to just ask! A thoughtful “how can I help you today” might be all you need to get started. 

Acts of Service Love Language Examples

Sometimes thinking of an idea of how to serve someone is the hardest part! So I’ve come up with some acts of service love language examples that you can use with your kids or your partner. 

Try out one of these simple examples at home and see what a difference it can make. Whether it’s big or small, an act of service is a great way to show someone that you care.

Acts of Service Love Language Examples For Kids

  1. Draw a picture for them
  2. Make their bed
  3. Throw them a party
  4. Help pick up the toys
  5. Help with school work
  6. Help them learn a new skill
  7. Redecorate their room
  8. Put a note in their lunchbox
  9. Engage in their hobbies
  10. Pack their bag for school
  11. Plan a mom date
  12. Start a journal of letters from you to them
  13. Give them a backrub
  14. Let them help make dinner
  15. Prep a tray of fun snack for them
  16. Let them choose a family activity
  17. Send them a sweet text
  18. Put together a photo book of pictures together
  19. Volunteer to help with their sports team or club
  20. Fix a toy they broke
  21. Surprise them with a new toy they’ve been eyeing
  22. Read a book together
  23. Wash their favorite toys
  24. “Heart attack” their bedroom door
  25. Plan a playdate for them

Acts of Service Love Language Examples For Your Spouse

  1. Iron their clothing
  2. Make their favorite dinner
  3. Help them sleep in 
  4. Run their errands for the day
  5. Volunteer to watch the kids
  6. Bring them their favorite drink (hot chocolate is always a great choice in my house!)
  7. Hold the door open for them
  8. Clear their dishes
  9. Plan a night away for them
  10. Make a phone call they have been putting off
  11. Give them a massage
  12. Volunteer to pick up groceries 
  13. Send a funny meme on a hard day
  14. Get the car serviced
  15. Put a note in their bag or somewhere they’ll see it
  16. Make breakfast in bed
  17. Get a towel warm for when they get out of the shower
  18. Bake their favorite treat (maybe some Chocolate Trifles?)
  19. Pay the bills
  20. Deep clean the house while they’re away
  21. Help them get the kids ready for an outing
  22. Let them pick the show you watch
  23. Send them a love text to let them know you’re thinking about them
  24. Clean their shoes
  25. Make an effort to learn about one of their hobbies

What other acts of service can you think of? Share in the comments!

To learn more about the 5 love languages, make sure you check out these other posts!

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  1. Michele my kids will love being treated to some of these services. These will make them feel so special especially when they are not expecting it.


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