Adventures Ahead With Adventure Force Dino Shark Garage

Last Updated on March 14, 2022 by Michele Tripple

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My kids love cars. I feel like Tony sometimes would be a car if he could. As we drive down the street he insists on his window being down so he can look at all the big cars going by around us. As we drive by them he points them out to me and then makes the sounds of the car as they race by.

The other day all the kids were in school, except Tony. I feel like these are really rare days and we happened to stop by our local Walmart. While there we were wandering in the toy section looking for ideas for Santa. 

As we walked through the isles Tony all of a sudden stopped dead in his tracks, his eyes lit up, his smile got bigger and he said, “Mom look at that race track!” At that moment I knew that we were not going to be able to wait for Christmas, but I told him how cool it was and we moved on. 

The next day he went to preschool and I grabbed the very last one at the store. I brought it home and waited to pick him up. As he walked into the playroom, his expression said it all! He had the race track of his dreams sitting right there! 

The Adventure Force Dino Shark Garage combines dinosaurs, sharks, cars, and several different race tracks into a car lover’s dream set up! 

Since setting this up even my teenagers will come play with Tony for hours with this race track. With so many features and functions, your child is guaranteed hours of fun each day with this Adventure Garage. I have to say the motorized elevator to get from floor to floor is super impressive and really cool! 

Is this easy to put together?

Normally I let my husband build all our toys, but I decided to test my building skills on this one. And I have to say the directions are really well laid out making it easy to build. It does not require any extra tools and the pieces snap together. Even with the 5 different levels, this set comes together easily. My one piece of advice is to put the stickers on as you go rather than waiting for the end because some of them do go on each floor that might be more difficult to do at the end. 

What we love about the Adventure Force Dino Shark Garage

  • Comes with 5 cars, no need to buy more
  • Has a working 360-degree crane with a “wrecking ball” as well as a net for shark bait. 
  • 5 parking levels and can park up to 55 vehicles for lots of play and adventure! 
  • Love that Adventure Force Dino Garage has a special motorized elevator. 
  • This toy brings out the creative side in your kids with so many things to do with this toy. 
  • Super affordable value available at Walmart making to super convenient to pick up next time you are picking up your online or in the store! 

Be sure to grab your Adventure Force Dino Shark Garage today. 

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