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Confessions of Parenting takes on the critics who think blended families can’t be successful and stay at home moms are a thing of the past, we talk about hard things like raising crazy kids and strengthening our marriages. We do this by providing support to people in these situations joining together to figure out how to make our families and marriages more successful while taking care of ourselves and making our lives more simplistic.

 I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with those whose products and services can benefit our audience.

I am a mom, a step mom, a wife, an ex wife, and a Family Life Educator with my bachelors degree in Marriage and Family Studies trying to keep it all together. When I was 20 I became a step mom. Since then I have gone through a divorce, a remarriage and blended a new family. I have learned the ins and outs of how to successfully step parent as well as how to blend families while strengthening my own marriage. With 5 kids total I have had life experience raising kids and having kids! While I have gone through life I also have researched the most successful ways to make families successful.

I’m passionate about helping families enjoy this adventure called life.

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I would love to discuss collaboration opportunities with you. These opportunities could include:

  • Sponsored posts on the Confessions of Parenting website, along with social media promotion
  • Guest posts on your company’s website
  • Social media campaigns
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Would be open to other ideas as well, just contact me.

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At times we are compensated to share information and product information on Confessions of Parenting. We always disclose this to our readers and pride ourselves on giving honest reviews regardless of being compensated for our opinions. We commit ourselves on sharing valuable content that informs and inspires our readers. Our commitment is to be totally transparent with our readers and give them valuable tips, advice, and laughs through our website.