Amazon Favorites: Back to School

Back to school season is upon us! Getting everything on your child’s list should be a breeze with our Amazon Favorites Back to School list!


Back to School Amazon Favorites!

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It’s time for Back to School so that means shopping and getting kids pumped for new schools, teachers, and classes! 

I love this time of year because my kids really enjoy getting some new things. And the buzz of excitement in the air is so fun. 

Along with back to school shopping, moms are also managing the normal day-to-day stuff, so we decided to help relieve some of the stress with running errands and help you out with giving you some of our Amazon Favorite Finds! 

It’s broken down by age level. Here it goes!



Backpack: Kids always need a cute backpack so they can bring home all their amazing art projects!

Lunch Box: Your child may or may not be having lunch at school, but they will be having snack time! So be sure to sure to send a lunch box they love!

Water Bottle: Every kid needs a water bottle that is easily refillable for snack time and to just stay hydrated.

Nap Mat: If your child is going to preschool, then nap time is definitely something they will use every day!

Crayons: You know a lot of coloring will be happening during the school year!



Backpack: My kids’ favorite thing to pick out every year is a new stylish backpack.

Lunchbox: Every kid needs a new lunchbox! With so many options they are for sure to find one they love! 

Pencils: You can never have enough pencils and these are by far a teacher’s favorite! 

Composition Notebooks: There is always a journal or some kind of assignment kids need composition books to keep all of their work together.

Pencil Box: We can attempt to keep all of those pencils, markers, and crayons organized, right?

Colored Pencils: It’s fun to see your kids start coloring more in the lines, but so annoying when they ask to sharpen every 5 seconds! We love these because there is no sharpening involved. 

Crayons: My kids seem to always want to have every color under the rainbow to color with, so this is the perfect compact amount of crayons for any kid.

Glue Sticks: Trust me. Clear glue sticks are the way to go with kids! Avoid the crazy liquid glue mess. 

Binder: Help keep all those papers and assignments organized! Dividers are a good idea too.


Middle School

Backpack: Middle schoolers start wanting to be trendy and us as parents want something durable. This backpack is the perfect compromise!

Mechanical Pencils: Since kids are starting to change classes in middle school, it’s best to have pencils they can count on that they won’t have to sharpen all the time!

Flash Drive: With kids working on computers, they need a place to store all of their work! These flash drives are perfect and colorful, therefore easy to spot and not lose (hopefully). 

Ear Buds: Whether kids are listening to music on their iPod or phone, or trying to do homework, earbuds are needed! Keeping a few sets around has definitely helped our sanity in the past. 

Lanyard: Most middle schools and highschools are starting to make the kids wear their ID cards. These lanyards help them be able to find it around the house with the bright colors these come in! 

Planner: Help your kids start the school year off right and get organized! This planner is perfect for middle schoolers.


High School

Backpack: Again, trendy is a must, but durability is also a must. This backpack is perfect!

Binder:  Every teen needs a binder to keep assignments and loose-leaf paper for notes. Throw some dividers in there with pockets to keep organized.

Loose Leaf Paper: Notes for class (or passing ;)), assignments, and so much more with this perfect paper that you won’t run out of all year long.

Spiral Notebooks: Keep different classes organized with these spiral notebooks.

Ear Buds: Whether kids are listening to music on their iPod or phone, or trying to do homework, earbuds are needed! Keeping a few sets around has definitely helped our sanity in the past. 

Index Cards: There is always a need for index cards for studying!

Book Covers:  Keep those expensive textbooks protected with book covers. You don’t want to pay for unexpected fines because of ruined covers, trust me!

And there you have it! The basics of our favorites for back to school this year all in one place so you can simply click and have it delivered to your door instead of having to run another errand!

Are you excited for your kids to go back to school? What would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments!


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