Artkive: Changing The Way We Store Kid’s Art

Last Updated on August 10, 2021 by Michele Tripple

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Artkive is the best way to store our child’s artwork forever. See why I love Artkive with this honest Artkive Box Review.

Artkive Box

If you have kids you know just how quickly you can acquire art masterpieces around the house. They make them at school, they make them as soon as they wake up, and even make them when they go to birthday parties! Needless to say that in one year you can acquire thousands of art projects that your child just cannot bear to part with. At times you might even feel like your walls are an art gallery to go along with the stacks and stacks of other art projects lying around. That is why I am so very excited to introduce you to my new best friend, Artkive!
Artkive is the BEST way to help us capture, organize, and celebrate our children and their creativity. They help us reduce the clutter of art around the house by creating a beautiful keepsake book of our child’s art. Artkive turns our children’s artwork into their first published masterpiece so that we can preserve and celebrate our child’s art for years to come in a very organized way! 
I love using Artkive for each of my kids for their school year. At the beginning of the school year, I have a special spot that I collect all their special projects in. At the end of the year, I request a prepaid Artkive Box to be mailed to me where I fill it with their art. Once it arrives back at Artkive each piece of art is professionally photographed and then turned into an incredible hardbound book or custom-framed mosaic print that we as parents (and grandparents) can treasure forever. It is a great way to see just how much our child grows from one year to the next.  

What is Artkive?

Artkive provides a prepaid box that you fill up with your child’s artwork and send to their professional photographers. These photographers capture all your child’s art and send it back to you in a hardcover keepsake book that you can store forever!  (*You can also opt into getting your child’s artwork returned afterwards, too!)

How Much Does Artkive Cost?

Artkive varies in cost depending on how many pieces of art you send them for your child’s book. The actual cost of an Artkive book starts at $75.00 which includes: 

  • A hardcover book (available in 2 sizes) 
  • Professional photography and edits on each piece of art 
  • Design, and digital proofs to review 
  • Free shipping back to you! 

It is well worth the cost, when you want to preserve your child’s memories in one classy timeless book!

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Artkive Book Review

I absolutely love Artkive! I love the ability to send my child’s artwork to them for a simple storage solution that allows me to always remember the projects that they make! 
I love that I get to send them a lot of art (the Artkive box holds up to 400 pieces of flat art!) that is then photographed and uploaded online to a digital proof book. I can then go in and caption each piece of art, move pieces around and give the final okay for the book to be sent to print. It is then mailed to me to enjoy forever! 
Try Artkive Box today and let me know how you like it! I can’t wait to see your child’s memories captured in a beautiful keepsake made by Artkive!

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