50 At Home Date Ideas

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Date nights are important for every couple. But sometimes it isn’t possible to go out for a date – especially when you have younger kids. Check out these 50 at home date ideas to entertain you and keep your relationship alive!

50 Simple at Home Date Ideas 

Dating is an important part of marriage, even if you have been married for years. It’s not always easy to do though. If you’re like me, life and children and busy schedules can get in the way of making time to go out on dates with your spouse. 

Have you ever considered that you don’t have to GO OUT for every date?

I love these at home dare ideas because many of them are so simple and inexpensive. Not only will have fun but you can reconnect in your comfy clothes (which of course are my favorite things to wear these days!)

As you look through this list of fun date at home ideas find one that you love and try it! Let me know how it goes and how your spouse likes it! If you are on Instagram tag me in your stories @micheletripple and hashtag it #confessionsofparenting so I can see what dates you like the best! While you are there go ahead and follow me so you can always see our newest date ideas and other marriage tips and chats that we have throughout the week! Can’t wait to see you there!

Now on to the ideas!

50 Simple At Home Date Ideas

Have an indoor picnic 

Have an indoor picnic on date night. Lay a blanket in the living room and pack a picnic basket full of finger foods and lemonade. It’s as good as a real picnic, but the weather doesn’t need to cooperate. 

Have a karaoke night 

Whether you’re rocking out to ACDC or a ballad from Phantom of the Opera, music lovers of all types will love this couple’s karaoke night. You don’t need a karaoke machine, but check out this bluetooth karaoke microphone to really get into the spirit! 

Here are some great duets for couples to sing Karaoke:

  • Shallow – Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper
  • Rewrite the Stars – from “The Greatest Showman”
  • Don’t Go Breaking My Heart – Elton John & Kiki Dee
  • Summer Nights – from the hit musical “Grease”
  • All I Ask of You – from “Phantom of the Opera”
  • The Time of my Life – from “Dirty Dancing”
  • A Whole New World – from Disney’s Aladdin 
  • Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
  • I Got You Babe – Sonny & Cher
  • You’re the One that I Want – from “Grease”

Play “Would You Rather?” 

“Would You Rather?” is a great way to get to know your partner. You might just find you are surprised by their answers! Be sure to check out our Would You Rather Questions for Couples for lots of would you rather questions to really connect!

Have a Nerf gun war 

Have a Nerf war and if you’re feeling really wild change that to a marshmallow gun war. Put on your camo and try not to get hit! Play with a point system or do a single-shot elimination round. Check out these great deals on Nerf guns and marshmallow guns.

Campout in the living room 

Set up the tent and tell Alexa to play some camping sounds. You won’t even realize that you’re in your living room and not the great outdoors!

Have a movie marathon 

Have a movie marathon. Take turns choosing movies to watch and stay up all night watching them (or at least until you fall asleep on the couch). It might turn out to be just the relaxing night you’ve been needing. No idea what to watch? No problem. Check out the best rainy day movies for some inspiration.

Have a smoothie competition

See who can make the most delicious smoothie using items you already have on hand and have a smoothie making competition. Don’t be scared to get creative – sometimes the oddest combinations can be the tastiest! If you need some inspiration try this strawberry smoothie or this tropical smoothie which are both fantastic choices.

Complete personality tests and compare your results 

Check out this free personality test online. It’s quick to complete and gives you results that may surprise you (and describe you perfectly). It also gives you a list of historical and fictional characters that share the same personality type as you!

Have a game night

There are so many games that you can play with just two players. Check out these card games for two players for some awesome ideas.

Play “Survivor – At Home Edition” 

Play Survivor at home! Pretend there is no electricity and find creative ways to entertain each other! This is a great chance to unplug and enjoy the simpler things with someone you love.

Have a tasting party 

Have a tasting party on your at home date with your spouse! Whether it’s trying different kinds of ice cream or comparing name-brand and generic cookies, a tasting party is sure to be a unique at-home date night experience.

Create an at-home spa 

Don’t forget about having an at home spa. Dress up in your comfiest robes and slippers and give each other massages and facials. You could even treat yourself to a bath for 2 with a bath bomb

Have a paint night 

Even if you’re not artistic, find something that you want to learn to paint and learn it together! You don’t need to spend a fortune for art supplies either. Check out these great deals on paints and canvas boards.

Plan your dream vacation together 

No budget necessary for this at home date idea! Plan every detail of the dream vacation you would love to take one day, no matter how ridiculous it may seem and then set a goal to obtain it.

Have a video game marathon 

Put your gaming skills to the test with this video game marathon! Whether you’re playing Super Mario Brothers or busting some moves with Just Dance, playing video games together is sure to be an exciting date night.

Visit an online museum 

There are so many museums that you can visit online for free. Whether you’re interested in world history, art, or science there are options out there for everyone to enjoy!

Do an at-home scavenger hunt 

Make a list of random things for the other person to find (the more random, the better!). Start the timer and see who can make it back to the living room first. Or to spice things up a little, set up our easy and fun romantic scavenger hunt ahead of time.  

Make a fancy dinner and eat while wearing blindfolds 

It may seem silly (and it is) but when is the last time you did something so crazy like eat blindfolded? Other options include eating with only your hands, or feeding each other from across the table. 

Set up an indoor minigolf course using household items 

Play indoor minigolf. Set up mugs for the holes and set up barriers using chairs or other pieces of furniture. No golf balls? No problem! Wad some paper into balls and use those instead. No golf clubs? Use a baseball bat or even a kitchen spatula as a replacement.

Do a puzzle together 

Puzzles are a great thing to do on an at home date. You choose the difficulty! Even children’s puzzles can be fun to put together and it provides the perfect opportunity for you to relax and just talk with your partner. Need to get the conversation started? Try these spouse conversation starters

Make s’mores in the oven 

Tell scary stories over candlelight while you enjoy your sticky treats and have a s’mores night! If you have a fireplace, even better! Or, if you’re feeling really fancy, try this instant pot s’mores cheesecake. The deliciousness of s’mores and cheesecake all in one dessert? Yes, please!

Create a bucket list 

What do you want to accomplish in your life together as a couple? What places do you want to visit? What amazing things do you want to experience? Even during the winter months, it may be fun to create a bucket list for summer (and don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some great ideas to get you thinking!).

Spend the evening reminiscing 

Talk about how you met and fell in love. Dig out some pictures from when you were dating and talk about what you loved most about that time. Consider asking your spouse some questions to get to know them better (no matter how long you’ve been married). 

Some possible questions you might ask:

  • What about me were you first attracted to?
  • When did you know you wanted to be with me?
  • What do you remember most about our wedding day?
  • What have you enjoyed most about being married to me?
  • What is your favorite memory from when we were dating?
  • What are your deepest hopes for our future?
  • What are your greatest fears?
  • How do you feel we have grown through our marriage?

Have a white elephant gift exchange 

It’s never the wrong time of year for a gift exchange! And there are so many amazing white elephant gifts to choose from! See who can find the most ridiculous item and then trade them on your date night.

Dance in the living room

Dress up in your fanciest clothes, dim the lights, and dance the night away.

Watch a ridiculous movie

Find the most ridiculous movie you can and watch it. Comment on it the whole time and enjoy the laughter!

Make a giant ice-cream sundae 

Use a popcorn bowl and create a giant ice cream sundae and don’t forget the hot fudge!


Find some of your old clothes and turn them into a new colorful statement piece. See who’s tie-dye creation turns out the best! 

Bake a cake blindfolded 

Bake a cake blindfolded. One person is blindfolded and the other person tells the blindfolded person how to make the cake. It might make a mess, but that’s half the fun!

Do yoga together 

What is more relaxing than a nice session of yoga? A session of yoga in your own home with someone you love, of course! Work on your flexibility and set yourself up for a restful night with this great date idea.

Complete some home improvement projects

It may not seem like the most romantic of dates, but working together is good for building relationships. And who doesn’t love to finish a good home improvement project?

Go on a walk or bike ride 

Go for a walk or a bike ride. Even if you need to venture outside of your house, this activity can keep you close to home. It gives you a great opportunity to talk as a couple. Plus, it can help you get to those 10,000 steps!

Make a dream board 

Create a board with pictures and text of things you want someday. Maybe there is that boat you’ve been dreaming about. Or perhaps you are hoping to pay off those student loans soon. Whatever your dream, put in on a board and hang the board somewhere that you will see it regularly.

Give each other pedicures 

Give each other pedicures. Yes, husband’s included! He may not want his nails painted, but he may appreciate a foot rub.

Make an obstacle course 

Use whatever you have in the house – chairs, couches, etc. – to create the most elaborate obstacle course that you can. Set the timer and see who can finish first!

Play the newlywed game 

Play the newlywed game. This one is always a classic for couples, no matter how long they’ve been together!

Have a soda-tasting night 

Have a soda tasting night. Get a variety of sodas in a variety of different brands. Taste and compare them to find the best ones!

Learn magic tricks 

Create a magic show for each other and compete to see who is the true magician.

Have a finger-food night 

Make all of your favorite finger foods. For a little extra romance (or silliness) feed each other!

Play “truth or dare”

Truth or dare can be a fun activity for couples. There are sure to be a lot of laughs and you may learn a thing or two about your partner, especially with these truth or dare for couples questions!

Make a matching game together 

Make a matching game together. Print out pictures of whatever you want – your wedding, your kids, your pets, your favorite vacation spots – and make a matching game with them. It is sure to bring up amazing memories and give you hours of entertainment.

Design your dream home together 

Design your dream house together on your next date night at home. Design every detail possible. The inside and the outside. What kind of furniture would you have in the house? How many bedrooms? Design it all in as much detail as you can!

Watch a sports game together

Whether you are watching to cheer on your favorite team or to watch your least favorite team lose, watching sports together can be an exciting and fulfilling activity for couples.

Have a YouTube night

Find hilarious YouTube videos and watch them together all evening. Here is one night when it is okay to go down the YouTube rabbit hole!

Make a movie together 

Make a movie together. Come up with a catchy title and write a script. It can be funny or serious (although more likely than not, it will end up being funny). After you’re finished recording, edit the video and then watch the magic. Or, if you prefer, watch the unedited material and marvel at your acting skills!

Give each other makeovers

Makeovers anyone? Even husbands can enjoy this process. See who has the best makeup skills.

Have a bubblegum bubble-blowing contest 

Pick out your favorite flavor of bubblegum and have a bubble blowing contest. . Practice blowing bubbles and see who can blow the biggest one. What about a bubble inside of a bubble?

Have a blind-folded tasting competition 

Set up a variety of foods and feed them to your blindfolded partner. See if they can guess all the foods you are serving them!

Have a paper airplane contest 

Have a paper airplane contest. You can even raise the stakes a bit – loser has to make dinner the next day!

Turn your stairs into a slide

Who says you can’t have fun as adults? Turn your stairs into a slide. Grab a cardboard box and get sliding. Hop on a mattress and slide on down! Nothing will get you feeling like a kid again quite like this extreme activity.

What at home date ideas would you add to this list? Share in the comments! 

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