The Best Baby Led Weaning Products

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If you are looking for the best baby led weaning products, we are breaking down your must-have BLW products and the ones we love!


Baby Led Weaning Products- What you Really Need

When it comes to baby led weaning there are a million places out there telling you need a bunch of fancy gadgets and that, but do you really need them in order to do baby led weaning? Today we are breaking down our must-have baby led weaning products to help simplify your life and take the stress and worry out of what to buy!


Of course, we do have a variety of BLW posts that go more in-depth with different baby led weaning high chairs, baby led weaning cutlery, different options for baby led weaning bibs, and more, that you definitely want to check out if you want some different options!

And if you are new to baby led weaning we have some great BLW tips and ideas on how to start baby led weaning that might be really helpful!



Now on to the best baby led weaning products that we love!


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Top baby led weaning products

The great thing about baby led weaning is that you don’t need much to get you started, but there are some items that can really help you and your baby out! Kick-start your BLW with these amazing tools.


Mesh Feeder

A mesh or silicone feeder is an amazing blw product when it comes to baby led weaning. The mesh feeder allows your baby to be in control and try some new foods that may have been difficult otherwise.

Just place the food inside the feeder and as baby chews small manageable portions will be released for your baby to enjoy. My babies always loved pieces of apple in their mesh feeder.

Bonus! These make great teethers when your little one starts feeling some teething pain. Put some frozen fruit in the feeder and let the coolness on their gums comfort them.


Silicone Suction Mat

A must-have baby led weaning product is a silicone suction mat. These mats are an absolute life-saver! Silicone mats are not only easy to clean but suctioning them to a high chair or table means no more bowls and plates thrown on the floor!

There are so many options of silicone mats, but going for one with a built-in plate and bowl is especially helpful so that you can place food directly on the mat.

If your baby is in a highchair that doesn’t have space for a mat, they also make suction plates and bowls with a similar effect. When you’re giving baby control, sticking those plates down will limit the mess!


Pocket Bib

Instead of traditional bibs, try a baby led weaning bib that has a built-in pocket at the bottom.

When your baby is testing out their finger skills and especially utensil skills, lots of food is going to get dropped. Make it easy on yourself and get a bib with a pocket that will catch most of those spills!

Many baby led weaning bibs are silicone which is even easier cleanup with a quick wipe. If you want to check out some other BLW bibs, head on over to the best baby led weaning bibs post to find the one that is right for you and your baby, there really are some great options out there!


Munchkin 360 Cup

If you aren’t one of the moms or dads that already swear by these non-traditional Munchkin 360 Trainer Cup, you need to try them. Of course, there are some other great baby weaning cups, but this is our favorite!

The Muchkin 360 cup allows your baby to drink from any side of the cup and are known for limiting messes and spills. This cup helps teach your baby the proper drink which is a huge bonus!

To make it better, these cups come fully apart so every part can be thrown into the dishwasher for a full cleaning and sanitation between uses, making this one of our favorite baby led weaning products.


Sit-Me-Up Chair

A lot of parents say that Sit-Me-Up chairs are a little easier on the hips than the tradition Bumbo seat but still come with a tray that is great for BLW snacks and small meals.

This chair can be folded up easily and taken with you just about anywhere. It would be great for travel or bringing to a friend or family member’s house for a meal.

As long as baby is comfortable in a sitting up position, this chair is a must-have BLW product!

If you are looking for a more traditional baby led weaning high chair we rounded up some great options for those as well!


DIY Pouch Maker

Some people don’t like to mix BLW with pouches, but I actually loved making my own pouches with a DIY pouch maker. It made it so convenient if we were out and about and needed a quick snack. To follow the BLW plan, I would allow my baby to still feed themselves. I know what you are thinking, but what if they squeeze it!!!

The pouch control valves help so that does not happen. If you are going to use pouches of any kind these control valves are a must-buy!

A DIY pouch maker system comes in either disposable or reusable options and are surprisingly simple to use. It won’t take long for the cost of the system to pay for itself with the savings of avoiding pre-made pouches.

For a BLW baby that is learning control and hand-to-mouth movements, these pouches would be a great on-the-go snack.


BLW Books

If you are still looking for information after checking out all our Baby led weaning posts, then maybe you want to pick up a good BLW book!

Baby Led Weaning can be simple, but a little bit daunting at first. Grab a book on BLW to make yourself feel more comfortable and prepared. Don’t forget our Baby Led weaning planner you can get on Amazon too! 

These books often cover safety as well, and may even give ideas for recipes or meal ideas.



The next BLW product is one you already have around your home, I am sure, but baby led weaning can get messy fast. Make sure you always have wipes on hand.

Keep some wipes in your purse or diaper bag for on the go, and avoid the stress of the mess while you are out.

You could even keep a container of wipes in your dining area for a quick clean up solution.

To make sure I never run out of wipes, I actually use Amazon Subscribe and Save so they always get delivered right to my door!


Splat Mat

Splat Mats are large mats for your dining area or kitchen that go under the high chair or seat that the baby is in.

If you are sick of constantly wiping up your floor, give splat mat a try for an easy cleanup solution.

The mat is washable, waterproof, and portable for easy usage every day!


Reusable Straws or Straw/Lid Combos

Reusable straws aren’t only eco-friendly, but also a wonderful baby led weaning product.

Taking a cup everywhere is a hassle, but with a small collapsible portable straw, and possible a lid to go with it, drinking on the go for your little one will be easy and help make baby led weaning successfully.

I suggest to stick with the basic straw or even for the younger babies who are still getting used to drinking from something other than a bottle I would suggest a silicone lid that can stretch to just about any cup size to help with spills and help cut down on messes.


Spill-Proof Snack Holder

As a busy mom on the go, you know as well as I do that snacks can get a bit messy. Since your baby is now getting the hang of feeding and you have been doing baby led weaning for a few you will notice how interested in snacks they have become, however being on-the-go and eating can be messy. I love this Munchkin Snack Catcher as a solution to a mess free snack.

Most snacks will fit into these bowls with a lid and will allow little hands to grab snacks without spilling on the floor. I also love that this baby led weaning product gives my baby an extra dose of independence without the mess!

The bonus to these spill-proof cups is that it even entertains your baby longer while you take long walks around Target… Oh is that just me?


Temperature-Detecting Plates

Take away the worry of handing over food that is too hot. With this amazing BLW product. This Temperature-Detecting Plates made by Munchkin will turn white if the food is still too hot for the baby.

Grab one today and take the worry out of wondering if the food is too hot for your baby to eat?


There you have it the best BLW products that are must have items for baby led weaning! What Baby led weaning products would you add to the list? Share in the comments!


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