The Best Baby Led Weaning Utensils

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Are you looking for the best Baby led weaning utensils to help your baby be successful with BLW? Look no further because we are sharing the best weaning cutlery.

When starting baby led weaning you want your baby to be as successful as possible as you both embark on this new journey of food introduction! You have read up on what is baby led weaning, the benefits of BLW, as well as gathered all the best baby led weaning tips, now you are thinking now what?

Well, one of the things you want to consider is what kind of utensils should you use for baby led weaning? Did you know that there are utensils specifically designed for BLW? So today we are going to share with you the best BLW utensils to help you decide what is right for your baby!

Are you looking for the best Baby led weaning utensils to help your baby be successful with BLW? Look no further because we are sharing the best weaning cutlery.


The Best Baby Led Weaning Utensils:

Baby led weaning includes a lot of finger foods, so baby’s fingers are one of the best baby led weaning utensils! However, it is still important for them to be encouraged to learn how to use utensils.

Most baby infant utensils are designed for adults to feed their baby with so when purchasing your baby’s first infant utensils you want to look for baby led weaning cutlery which is specifically designed to help your baby feed themselves!

Shorter BLW utensils mean that they’re less likely to stick the utensil down their throat and choke or gag themself. Most Baby Led Weaning utensils are made to prevent choking. So what are the best baby led weaning utensils?


The Best Baby Led Weaning Cutlery

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ChooMe FlexiDip Starter Spoon

This Baby Led Weaning spoon is perfect for BLW because it grips onto purees perfectly. It allows your little one to be able to dip his BLW spoon in a puree or yogurt and have something to eat by the time it gets to his mouth. It is made with food-grade silicone, allowing your baby to chew on it as well- which is great for teething.

Another feature that we love about the ChooMe FlexiDip Starter spoon BLW utensil is that it easily bends to any bowl shape to help them even when they don’t quite have all the motor skills down yet required to get a successful spoonful.


GRABEASE First Self Feed Baby Utensils

These BLW utensils are awesome because they are so easy for your baby to hold onto.

Instead of being long and skinny, they’re short and chunky- making it easy for your baby to grip.

Something unique about these BLW utensils, is the choking protection barrier that they’ve added, making it impossible for your baby to gag themselves with it. A genius feature. Another plus with the GRABEASE First Self Feed Baby Utensils is that this baby led weaning cutlery is BPA free and safe for your baby.


Boon Pulp Silicone Feeder

This Boon Pulp Silicone Feeder is a BLW utensil that is great for fresh foods. You put the food inside and pop the cap on, which has tiny holes to let a safe amount of food come out as your baby sucks away. It has a short handle that makes it easier for your baby to hold.

You can also put frozen food inside to help your teething baby. Another great thing about this BLW utensil is that it’s super affordable, you usually can pick one up for under $5.00!


NUK Gerber Learner Spoons

The great thing about the NUK Gerber Learner Spoons baby led weaning spoon is that they are made with a deep pocket that helps prevent the food from falling off the spoon. This also makes it much easier for your baby to scoop it on her own. The tip of these baby led weaning spoons are soft and gentle on your baby’s gums and teeth.


Tommee Tippee Feeding Spoons

These Tommee Tippee Feeding Spoons make the perfect BLW utensils because they have a lip around the bowl of the spoon so the food won’t fall right off. These baby led weaning spoons are recommended more as a set-up spoon, so that your baby can pick up a preloaded spoon of food and put it right in their mouth.


Olababy Training Spoon

This Olababy Training Spoon baby led weaning spoon is adorable and functional. It has a nice, deep bowl- which we know is an important feature so food doesn’t spill out as easily before it gets to your baby’s mouth.

It also has a thick, flat end so you can stand the baby led weaning spoon up when your baby isn’t using it. It also doubles as a teether with its thick, silicone material.


Playtex 2 Piece Baby Curve Early Self-Feeding Spoons

This BLW utensil curves to face your baby so they have more control. The handles on these Playtex 2 Piece Baby Curve Early Self-Feeding Spoons are also designed so that your baby can easily hold on to the baby led weaning spoon.


Silicone Baby Spoons for Baby Led Weaning 4-Pack

These silicone baby spoons for baby led weaning, have grooves on the handle that can act as a teether. They also help your baby grip the spoon with their little hands. These are made of silicone that is nontoxic and safe for your little one! I love that these BLW spoons come in a 4 pack because that means I have time to run them through the dishwasher rather than hand washing for the next BLW feeding.


Spuni Spoons

The amazing thing about theSpuni Spoons is that it is designed to promote the latching instinct that your baby used as they learned to breast/bottle feed which is a great feature in my opinion. This feature allows your baby to use more of a sucking motion, which is awesome for you because it actually means less spills!


Baby Led Weaning Mats

Ezpz Mini Mat

We are loving this Ezpz Mini Mat baby led weaning mat because it is a placemat and plate all in one.

What makes it so cool is that it suctions to your surface/high chair. BLW can definitely be messy, but with this baby led weaning mat, your baby won’t be able to push or tip the bowl onto the floor. So everyone wins… your baby is happy and your floors stay clean! (mostly)


TLHOME Baby Placement

This TLHOME baby placemat is a really awesome baby led weaning mat because it has a groove towards the end of the mat that will catch some of the spills before they make it onto your floor! This makes clean up a little bit easier, and keeps your baby a little bit cleaner, just don’t forget a good baby led weaning bib.


Leather Splat Mat

Baby led weaning is definitely going to get messy, so it would be a good idea to invest in this Leather Splat Mat. When you have a lot of spills, it’s nice to have a baby led weaning mat to be able to catch all that food and make cleanup a breeze.

This baby led weaning mat is waterproof, wipeable and can easily fold up.


We hope that you and your family enjoy these fun Baby Led Weaning Cutlery ideas!


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