Baby Medicine Starter Kit

 What medications are safe for your newborn? This baby medicine starter kit has all the essentials to keep your newborn healthy and happy!


Baby Medicine Starter Kit

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When I first had a baby, I was constantly wondering what medications were safe, and which ones to avoid. Having a baby medicine starter kit will help you survive those first few weeks of motherhood and stay sane! These medications and essentials are perfectly safe for both mom and baby.

Please note: If you aren’t sure if a certain medication is safe for you or your newborn, it is best to consult with your pediatrician. And always consult your medical provider for dosages as well!

Newborn Medications After Birth

Infants Tylenol– When baby gets a fever, is teething, or otherwise, in pain, this Tylenol will save the day. Make sure to give your baby the correct dosage and to only give it every few hours as directed. This is a must-have in your baby medicine starter kit!

Gas Relief Drops– If your baby is colicky or seems to have an upset stomach, these gas relief drops will help your baby immensely! They are perfectly safe for newborns and will have you and your baby feeling much better. A happy baby makes for a happy momma!

Constipation Ease– This herbal supplement is safe for babies and works well to relieve constipation in baby. It has a gentle formula that will gently work on baby’s tummy until they are finally able to go potty.

Newborn Essentials

Digital Thermometer– To improve accuracy, place the digital thermometer in your baby’s rectum. I know this can be painful for mom and baby, but it is the best way to take baby’s temperature to know for sure whether or not they have a fever. Buy disposable covers to use each time you check baby’s temperature to ensure the thermometer stays sanitary. If your baby has fever that is over 100.4 degrees fahrenheit, call your pediatrician immediately.  

NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator– Babies are notorious for getting lots of stuffy or runny noses. This nasal aspirator will help you “suck out” your baby’s nose in a way that is painless for them, and you. This was used every single day in my house just after my baby was born. It helps baby sleep so much better and alleviates some of their congestion.

Baby Washcloths– These washcloths are incredibly soft, making them perfect for gently scrubbing goop out of baby’s eyes and cleaning them in the bath. Make sure to clean baby’s face first, then use the washcloth to clean the genitals and wash it straight away!

Boogie Wipes– It seems like I was constantly covered in boogers after my baby was born! These boogie wipes have a natural saline solution that helps to break down boogers and easily clean them up. Definitely a must!

Butt Paste– When baby gets a rash, you are going to want to have plenty of butt paste! This butt paste is a favorite at our house. It smells so good, and it helps eliminate rashes almost as soon as they come. Note- if you notice your baby is breaking out due to this butt paste, try a different brand.

Baby Nail Clippers– If you don’t want your baby to scratch your face and theirs, then buy baby nail clippers! I swear that babies are born with claws and are out for blood! Ok, not really, But, they have such sharp fingernails that they are a danger to themselves and others.

Medicine for Momma

Ibuprofen– Ibuprofen truly is the wonder drug! It helps with just about anything. If you have a fever, headache, body aches, or are otherwise hurting, this is a great way to relieve your pain. Ibuprofen is perfectly safe for breastfeeding moms.

Colace– I know firsthand just how awful those first few days after giving birth can be if you don’t have stool softener. Colace is safe for nursing mothers and will help you get things moving in your bowels. You don’t have to give birth to two babies unless you are having twins!

Sinus Rinse Kit– This kit has been a lifesaver for cold and flu-like symptoms. If you are feeling congested, have a constantly stuffy or runny nose, or are otherwise in pain in your sinuses, please use a sinus rinse! It will change your life. I know it seems like an unpleasant thing to do, it brings immediate relief and doesn’t require taking any medications!

Nipple Cream– One final item to stock away in your medicine cabinet is nipple cream. Trust me, you are going to want some of this. If you have dry, cracked, or bleeding nipples, use a generous amount of this cream. Your boobs will thank you!

If you have all of these items in your baby medicine starter kit, you will be ready for anything life throws at you!

These are also great items to put in a gift basket for a new mom!

What’s in your baby medicine starter kit? Tell us in the comments.



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As a new mom, you may be worried about what medications are safe for your newborn. This baby medicine starter kit has all of the essentials to keep your newborn healthy and happy!

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