Baby Things To Buy Used To Save Massive Amounts Of Money

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Are you getting ready to welcome a new addition to your family? We have the best guide for baby things to buy used to save massive amounts of money! Check out how we can help you save a ton of money on used baby stuff.


Baby Things To Buy Used To Save Massive Amounts Of Money

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Babies can be super expensive. And if you get lost in the world of Pinterest and social media, you might end up with a house full of baby stuff before baby even gets here! Many baby items are only used a couple of times or for a couple of months.


Are you getting ready to welcome a new addition to your family? We have the best guide for baby things to buy used to save massive amounts of money! Check out how we can help you save a ton of money on used baby stuff.


This means you can find quality used items in like new condition but for a tiny fraction of the price. If you’re wondering what babies actually need for the first 3 months of life, check this list out.


Below is a list of things I bought used or secondhand for my babies. These things saved our family a ton of money:


Cloth diapers – I was lucky enough through word of mouth to find cloth diapers that were hardly used. Someone who thought they were going to cloth diaper ended up not liking the process. They only used a couple of the cloth diapers a time or two. This is how I scored a huge lot of practically new cloth diapers. They added up to the cost of just three new diapers.


Disposable diapers – Almost every week I see someone selling disposable diapers on Facebook because their baby outgrew them faster than expected.

Diapers will probably be one of your largest expenses, so buying an opened box of unused disposable diapers could save you a bunch of money.  I’ve also seen people just give away those unused disposable diapers.  If you start using disposable diapers and decide you don’t need them, try donating to a local diaper bank.  These diaper banks provide free disposable diapers to mothers in need. Are you a mom in need? Find a local diaper bank in your area and they can get you the disposable diapers you need.  


Swing – Swings were key for soothing both of my kids, but I was not willing to buy one new. I found a gently used one on Facebook instead. The best part was as I turned around and sold the swing for the exact same price I bought it for, so I didn’t lose a dime. You can’t do that when you buy a swing new.


Pack and playThis is another one of those items that many parents and even grandparents have but it rarely wears out. I see pack and plays for sale quite a bit online or at rummage sales for much cheaper than full price.  A used pack and play would be a great find for a new grandparent when baby comes to visit.  


Bassinet – I received the bassinet I wanted for my baby shower, but then I sold it through a Facebook buy and sell group. You can often find bassinets for $20 or less if you look secondhand. (Look for one with removable bedding or padding so you can wash it). There are some pack and plays that have a bassinet included.  You may also want to determine if you will really need a bassinet?  I borrowed a bassinet with one of my babies and hardly used it.


Playmat Playmats like these are used quite a bit before baby learns how to crawl. And although these are $40-$75 new, I bought one like this in excellent condition for $15 from a rummage sale and two babies later sold it in fair condition for $5.


Clothes, clothes, clothes – New baby clothes are sooooo expensive. If you’re in Facebook groups online, many moms will sell clothes brand new with tags on it for super cheap.

This happens especially in the NB-9 month sizes when babies grow ridiculously fast. You can find bodysuits, sleepers, pants, and anything else you want for much cheaper secondhand.


Consignment Sales – Many communities have a consignment sale for all things baby through elementary age children.  You take your gently used items in and put them on consignment. If your item sells, the consignment shop gets a portion and you get the rest.  I bought so many of my baby items here. These large consignment sales have more than just baby clothes. What I like about consignment sales is that all items are inspected before they are accepted for consignment, so most items are in good condition.  


Shoes – Let me be real with you: Babies do not need shoes. When they’re crawling around and starting to walk outside, maybe they need some flexible moccasins or some booties, but those Air Jordans and UGG boots? Not necessary for your baby or your wallet.

Shoes are a great item to get second hand since most baby shoes look brand new.  You wouldn’t believe how many like new shoes there are at consignment sales!  

Buy the bigger sizes used once you need them, including rain boots, sandals, and snow boots to save yourself lots of money.


Blankets – Chances are if you’re having a baby shower, you will receive several blankets. My registry only had one baby blanket and I definitely I got that one. I also received one from the hospital, plus one from a grandma, plus one from a neighbor, plus one from an aunt, followed by some hand-me-downs later… Needless to say, I have way more blankets than I have children.

If for some reason you don’t get enough blankets as gifts or for your baby shower, you can definitely find baby blankets at rummage sales, thrift stores, or online.


Hats – If you’re in an area with cold winters, you’ll want a hat to keep baby’s head warm. And for summer, a sun hat with a brim will help keep the sun out of baby’s eyes too. Hats are one of those things that really don’t wear out. So, buying used ones at rummage sales or consignment sales has worked well for me.

You may also want to try end of season sales to look for hats for the next year.  You can save a ton of money at end of season sales!

Are you getting ready to welcome a new addition to your family? We have the best guide for baby things to buy used to save massive amounts of money!


Baby Bullet – Using some sort of food processor like a baby bullet can make DIY babyfood much easier, healthier, and cheaper than buying from the store. By giving your baby pureed vegetables from the early on, you can help ensure you don’t later end up with a 3-year-old toddler who won’t eat vegetables.

You can also freeze pureed vegetables in individual servings for future use! I have even used ice cube trays to store small portions of pureed vegetables and fruits.  Pureed vegetables are a great way to add veggies and fruits to cereal and other foods your baby is eating.  


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Nursery Decor – Finally, most of us moms want a nursery that looks straight out of Pinterest. But the price tag to do that? Woah!

Instead of buying new nursery decor from high-end baby boutiques, shop around at consignment stores and websites for high-quality second-hand baby gear for nursery decor.

Parents will often change nursery decor once baby is a toddler. They develop their own interests in movie characters, colors, or hobbies. This is the time to score adorable nursery decor for a low price.


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Where To Find Used Baby Stuff


Where can you get used baby stuff? Here are some of my favorite places:

Baby Things To Buy Used To Save Massive Amounts Of Money

  • Rummage sales – citywide or churches often have large rummage sales with baby gear
  • Facebook buy and sell groups – Ask around and do your own searches for more groups to join. You can often get a deal for buying an entire group of clothes versus individual items.
  • ThredUP – a website and app for high-quality secondhand clothing
  • OfferUp – another app with a baby and kids gear section that’s full of clothes, toys, shoes, strollers, and more near you
  • Facebook friends – Don’t be afraid to put your stuff out there and to message friends if they offering baby gear and clothes
  • Thrift stores
  • Family and friends (word of mouth) – Let people know you’re open to secondhand clothes
  • Consignment sales – Google your area + consignment to see what you can find. Unlike rummage sales, these often have a higher standard for the condition the gear is expected to be in.


Tips For Saving Money Buying New Baby Stuff


Of course, there are going to be some things that you’ll have to buy new. When this happens, use the following tips to keep more money in your wallet:


Use Ebates

You can create an account and use the super simple and free cash back app Ebates to save money on virtually all your online shopping. If you haven’t signed up for Ebates yet, you’re leaving money on the table. Check out my complete Ebates review to see how you can quickly get $200 of real cash back for the shopping you’re already doing.


Shop The Clearance Racks

After winter is over, you’d be amazed at how cheap a winter coat is on the clearance rack. The same goes for swimsuits at the end of summer. If you can plan ahead to buy for the next year or season, you’ll save a lot of money.  Buying items on clearance rather than at the start of a season is smart shopping.

If you happen to be a Target shopper, here is a complete guide to Target’s clearance shopping with more tips and tricks.


Look For Promo Codes


Anytime you are buying something online, search for a promo code first. I’ve been able to save hundreds of dollars online shopping using promo codes. I do this just by getting 10% off here, free shipping there, or signing up for an email list to get $10 off my first order. Look for those promo codes! Promo codes can save you money, and that money you save you can put towards something else.

Try using free extensions like Honey or Wikibuy. They are so easy to use and can easily save you tons of money!

Those strategies really add up over the years! Babies and kids grow fast and constantly need new things.


Make It Known What You Need


One thing that has pleasantly surprised to find is the support and generosity of family, friends, and even neighbors. When I finally got over the discomfort of asking for help, I started checking to see if anyone no longer wanted something that I needed. Ask for what you need! I found tons of support from those around me.


I’ve gotten things for cheap – dirt cheap, and free for my kids. This happens just by checking with people first or putting out a simple ISO (in search of) post on Facebook like “ISO baby moccasins.”

 Ask for what you need, someone might just have what you are looking for.  


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I hope these tips help you find what you need for your baby while keeping as much money as you can in your wallet.




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