Balancing Games for Kids

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Balancing Games for kids have a plethora of benefits. Come over and get some fun and easy ideas for balancing games your kids can be playing.

Balancing Games for Kids

Balancing Games for Kids

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As a dad, I’m always on the lookout for fun activities to do and new things to try. I am especially on the lookout for new games that are great for my daughter’s development. At the moment the fun thing to do in our family is challenging ourselves with balancing games.

I am the father of an energetic, adventurous and spirited 2-year-old. It often feels like she only has two modes… full-speed and asleep. So if we get stuck indoors for a day it can be quite a challenge we’re always on the lookout for fun things to do.

We’re exploring balancing games and I thought I’d share what we have found! At 2 years of age, my daughter is very active, she is climbing, running and constantly challenging herself. Along with that, she is also teaching me a lot and filling my days with fun.

Balancing games are fantastic as they help improve a child gross motor skills and proprioception. Gross motor skills are foundational for a child as they develop strength, mastery, and coordination. Proprioception, in turn, helps a child sense where their body parts are in space around them. Both skills are fantastic for a child’s development and are foundational aspects for healthy growth.

Here are our favorite balancing games for kids.

Balancing Games for Kids

1. Balance Beam

It’s an obvious one but also a favorite. We had some wood lying around the yard and I decided to build a basic balance beam. The wood was actually a bit warped which funnily enough added an extra challenge to parts of the beam. It was a pleasure watching her walk up and back along the beam, sometimes smiling and at other times concentrating really hard. At the moment she can’t follow the whole path on her own but she is trying, and each week I get to see her make clear improvements.

Balancing Games for Kids

2. Backpacks

This one is not so obvious. I think she was probably 12 months old when she was given a toddler backpack as a gift but it is a great tool/toy for challenging balance. When she first started to wear it the pack had to be completely empty but as she got older she was able to add a few toys to increase the load. She always enjoyed putting it on and adjusting her stance to balance the weight of the pack. It’s a fun game and we highly recommend trying it.

3. Trampoline

This is the current favorite at our place and I think it will be for some time. For her second birthday, we got her a trampoline and she is loving it. As she is only young she is not bouncing too high but you can just see the joy on her face as she runs and bounds around on it… I can see this being a bit hit for some time. A great feature of our trampoline is the safety nets and spring-free bed, which allow her to be more adventurous without the worry of injury.

4. Carrying Heavy Objects

It’s a bit of a left-field one, my daughter loves to carry heavy objects (heavy for her anyway), I don’t know if it’s the challenge or she just wants to copy us but this is definitely a little favorite. We often go shopping together and she will make sure she has something to carry in every time. It may be something small or big it doesn’t matter, she just loves the challenge of being able to walk along while being useful. This is more of a situational exercise rather than a game but nonetheless, it’s still worthwhile.

5. Egg and Spoon Race

While it’s no race, balancing one item on another just like an egg and spoon race is loads of fun and great for challenging balance. We often play this game with a wooden spoon or spatula but anything will do really. It’s more about can you walk around with while balancing one thing on top of another. Kids just love it when things topple over and crash to the ground and when you add that with the challenge of balancing it makes for a pretty fun game.

6. Climbing Frame

This might not be achievable for everyone but if you have space and finances I highly recommend a climbing frame. We keep ours on the deck but sometimes even move it into the playroom and it’s a winner. From as soon as we got the frame our little girl has been climbing all over it, she challenges herself constantly on the frame and is fantastic for her balance.

If you don’t have a climbing frame though it’s no problem, there are a lot of objects for kids to climb in the backyard and at local playgrounds.

Balancing Games for Kids

7. Kinder Board

Last but certainly not least is a kinder board. While I actually don’t have a board it’s on our agenda to get one. Not only does it look like a great balance game it also looks like a lot of fun.

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Does your child have a balance board or enjoy Balance Games? If so, We would love to hear how they go and if your kids like using it!

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Balancing Games for Kids

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