The Benefits of Taking a Family Vacation

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There are so many benefits of taking a family vacation. Read on to find out why you need to plan a vacation for your family now!

There are so many benefits of taking a family vacation. Read on to find out why you need to plan a vacation for your family now!


The Benefits of Taking a Family Vacation

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How Vacation Strengthens Families


Summer is here, which means for most people it is time to go on vacation. Vacation is a time to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and sit back and enjoy your family! For most families, summertime is the perfect time to go on vacation, but you don’t have to travel only during the summer!


Our family is a little different. With the boys gone all summer, it makes it difficult to plan vacations for the whole family. But guess what? We still go on vacation! You know why? Because there are so many benefits of taking a family vacation. Going on vacation strengthens family bonds!


This last spring we took all the kids to the beautiful island of Maui. It was so much fun! Yes, it was ridiculously expensive to get there, but the memories that were made there were worth it!


The kids bonded over boogie boards and sandwiches on the beach.


We go on family vacations because the benefits outweigh the cost


Family Vacations don’t have to be elaborate and they don’t have to break the bank either! It can be trips to the lake to go boating or to the mountains to go camping. Perhaps a fishing trip everyone enjoys? Family Vacations can even consist of an awesome staycation! The most important thing is that you are together as a family and here’s why!


The Benefits of Taking a Family Vacation


Connect With Each Other


Vacations are a great time for families to connect with each other. There is usually lots of time to talk and hang out while on your trip. It allows families to cultivate bonds with one another without the usual distractions they have at home. A vacation provides quality time to spend together as a family.

We Connect as a family on vacation


A Break from Stress and Routine


Vacations provide a break from the stress and routine of everyday life. They allow families to relax, unwind and participate in activities that they wouldn’t normally do. Moms and Dads don’t have to worry about the stresses of work while they are gone. They are able to focus on the kids and having fun.


While traveling, don’t overbook your time so you can just relax and enjoy each other’s company. At home, there is always something that needs to be done. Find time to just be a family. Maybe it’s the whole family sitting around the hotel room playing a game or enjoying the hotel’s pool. Break free from the normal stresses of life and the demanding routines!


Kids Learn Problem Solving Skills


Parents model problem-solving skills while on vacations. When there are hiccups in the plans, such as delayed flights, sick kids, or bad weather, kids learn from how adults act. Therefore be sure to react in a  positive creative way. This way kids learn how to adjust when curveballs are thrown their way.


Disconnect from Technology


Vacations can be a time to disconnect from technology and create more time as a family. Decide what your family’s technology policy will be while you are gone. You may decide not to use any technology except for a camera or just limit technology use. There is no right or wrong decision. Stepping away from things like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allow you to be more present with your family and enjoy the moments you will share.


While gone have fun without technology. Send postcards to loved ones back home. Have your kids write a few messages to grandparents or friends about your vacation and mail them. Invest in journals for everyone to write in every night about their day. Maybe have them leave space to print pictures and add them when you get home! Or better yet invest in a Polaroid camera and print the pictures as you go!


Create Memories


The Benefits of Taking a Family Vacation-3


One of the biggest benefits of taking a family vacation is creating memories. These memories become years of conversations. My family still talks about the road trips to Disneyland when we were a kid! The memories you create will bring happiness to you and your family for many more years.


While on vacation, take lots of pictures, Take enough pictures that as a family you can look back at the time you had and relive the memories. Then when you get home, create an album to display all the pictures for everyone to look at!


Vacation strengthens families and creates memories that last a lifetime! So, where is your family headed on your next adventure because there are so many benefits of taking a family Vacation?!


The benefits of taking a family vacation

The benefits of family vacation
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There are so Many benefits of taking a family vacation. Read on to find out why you need to plan a vacation for your family now!



9 thoughts on “The Benefits of Taking a Family Vacation”

  1. I love this! I think it is so important to take ourselves out of our elements to re-connect with family! We take a vacation to Myrtle Beach every May and another one to Michigan in November so we can go to a football game and I can visit family! I look forward to these every year and am already counting down the days until November!

    • I also think having traditions like that are what our children really remember. Being able to visit family and reconnect with cousins and aunts and uncles is so wonderful. Taking a family vacation is a great way to really get to know family members on a different level.

  2. So true! Although it takes us some months to plan – and save, for our summer vacation, the kids look forward to it all year long! I would trade the hassle and packing and all for anything – so worth it! People think we’re a little nuts to go on vacation with all our little ones. But, if not now, when?! 😊🙏🏽

    • It really is so worth it! There really is no better time than the present to start making traditions and memories with your children. You are awesome for not letting the craziness of little ones deter you from the great benefits of taking a family vacation. 🙂


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