10 Best Sensory Toys for Babies

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Sensory toys for babies are a great way to give your baby a jump on their development! With lots of options out there, we are sharing the 10 best sensory toys for babies that your little one will love. 

Sensory toys for infants

Baby’s brains are like sponges! They soak up everything that they see, taste, touch, hear, and smell. Every sensory experience is an important learning opportunity, so you’ll want to stock up on some of the best sensory toys for babies!

You don’t have to be a DIY master to have sensory toys in your home. There are some great options you can buy and some super easy projects to make for your little ones!

Are sensory toys good for babies?

Sensory toys are so good for babies! Through sensory toys, babies really start to develop their five senses. Sensory toys are not only fun for babies to play with, but they help with learning and growth.

10 best sensory toys for babies

Sensory boards

Sensory boards are a great way to go for a sensory experience! They are made to get your baby engaged and curious. 

The Sensory4u Owl Sensory Activity Board is a great option for your little ones! Its cute owl design is small enough to carry along with you but big enough to have lots of fun activities on it. This sensory board will definitely keep your baby busy!

The fun thing about sensory boards is that they usually have a lot of grown-up skills that your baby can practice! They can practice ties, zippers, switches and other skills along with strengthening their senses. 

Crinkle books

Did you know that crinkle books are some of the best sensory toys for infants? It’s true! My babies loved crinkles books! The sound, feel, and of course, sometimes taste was always a special treat. Not only are they a great option as far as sensory toys go, but they also encourage reading which is always a plus! 

This set of Teytoy Crinkle Books comes with 6 adorable books that your baby will love! The bright colors and unique sound will make them a favorite toy. 

And don’t worry if your baby wants to eat them, they are completely baby safe! 

Plush toys

Stuffed animals are always a fun toy for your little ones, but some plush toys are also great sensory toys for infants! 

The Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Plush is a perfect plush toy. It has things to touch, bite, and see with so many different colors and textures. This plush also comes in quite a few options so you can pick the cute animal that you like best!

The great thing about a plush like this is that it’s small and can easily be thrown into your diaper bag or purse. It also comes with a ring to easily attach to toys, strollers, etc.

Activity centers

Did you know activity mats and bouncers can be great sensory experiences for infants? The Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick and Playmat comes with so many things to do and see!

This specific mat is great because it has toys hanging from above. Since a young baby’s eyesight is still developing, these toys are going to be at the perfect distance where they can focus and learn from them!

If you’d rather have a bounce with fun textures, shapes, colors, and sounds, This Fisher-Price bouncer is a great option as well. 


Mirrors are a unique and fun sensory experience for babies. Not only can they look at themselves and see their reflection, but they can also learn a lot about how their movement affects their surroundings!

A great mirror for your baby is the Bright Starts Sit and See Floor Mirror. It sits nicely on the floor so that young babies don’t have to worry about holding it up. It’s got a nice wide mirror that your baby will be able to use to see a huge new reflection. 

It’s also got a really cute design! It’s fun and colorful for your little one, but not too distracting from the reflection. 

Textured balls

This fun Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set are another great collection of sensory toys for babies! This set is full of unique colors and textures. They are even different sizes to keep a good variety.

Even the largest balls in the set are small enough that a baby could easily handle the balls with their little hands. 

These could definitely stick around in your toy room for many years, which is a huge bonus. I love it when baby toys can last beyond the baby years! 


Okay, stay with me, guys! I promise giving your baby crayons isn’t as scary as you think. Honey Sticks Crayons are made for little hands so they are completely safe to eat and a great size to hold. They are made primarily of beeswax and have no fillers! 

Don’t be nervous about this one. Being able to see the transfer of color from one object to another will be a sensory explosion for your baby’s growing brain. They’ll also be working on fine motor skills and how to navigate and manipulate objects!

Put your baby in a high chair or other safe place and let them experiment with these baby-safe crayons!

Mobiles & hanging toys

Mobiles are awesome for sensory toys! The simple hanging toys that a baby can watch are both hypnotizing and fascinating. 

This Musical Crib Mobile is especially wonderful! It comes with a remote control that can control the mobile from a distance or another room. This is great for you to be able to control the mobile without disturbing your little one. 

It features lights, music, a projector of images, and movement. This is not your basic mobile, that’s for sure! It has so much that your baby will be able to see and hear.  


Finger paints are a classic sensory activity to try with your baby! Squishing the paint between their fingers and spreading the colors around is going to be such a fun activity for them. 

If you are nervous about giving paint to your little ones, try the Veggi Baby Finger Paints! They are made from vegetables and are completely safe to eat! 

You can feel free to let your baby make a mess and not be worried about their fingers inevitably making it to their mouths. If you want to avoid the mess completely you can seal some paint inside a bag with some paper and let them squish away!


Rattles are a classic baby sensory toy! The fun sound when a rattle is shaken is a fun activity for your baby in a small simple package!

I can’t even tell you how much I love these Blige Foot Rattles. My kids loved to kick their legs as young babies and the sound of these rattles shaking making the kicking extra fun!

It may seem simple to you, but a baby being able to realize that their movement is causing a sound is a big development step for them! There’s a reason that rattles have been around for so long!

Other great sensory toys worth checking out~

There you have it! The 10 best sensory toys for babies! What would you add to the list? Share in the comments!

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