Top 8 Best Toddler Toothbrush Options That Kids Love!

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With this top 8 list of best toddler toothbrushes, you can easily find the best toddler toothbrush to take care of your toddlers teeth and keep them healthy!

Not all toddler toothbrushes are created equal! Finding the best toddler toothbrush to take care of their teeth properly can be difficult. Even more difficult to get your toddler to brush their teeth. It can feel like a never ending uphill battle. But once you find the best toddler toothbrush, life will get a lot easier!

We are here to help you stress less with this list of the best toddler toothbrushes. No matter how many teeth your little one has, I am confident that the right toothbrush for your toddler is on this list! 

Best Toddler Toothbrush

When it comes to the best toddler toothbrush, there are two different age groups to look at. There are toothbrushes for babies 0-18 months and for toddlers 18-36 months. Since these age groups have different needs, its important to look at both and see what fits your child best.

For Babies 0-18 Months

Dr. Brown’s Finger Toothbrush

Dr. Brown’s Finger Toothbrush is the best toddler toothbrush to use before or as your baby’s teeth are coming in. It easily fits on your finger so you can clean and massage your baby’s sensitive gums. It has super soft bristles that they will love having in their mouth. 

This toothbrush is even better because you can teach hygiene at a really young age! Starting early means good hygiene habits later on too!

Why we love it!

  • Fits on your finger so you can help your little one
  • Comes with a travel case to keep it clean
  • You can use it with or without teeth
  • Teaches hygiene at an early age

Brushies Toothbrush & Storybook

Make brushing fun with this toothbrush and storybook set! It’s the best toddler toothbrush to use early on because the toothbrushes are finger puppets! The Brushies toothbrushes can even be used as early as 4 weeks old.

The Brushies book brings each of the characters to life and includes brushing tips. It’s easy to introduce brushing when you integrate it with storytelling! The characters – Willa, MoMo, Pinky, and Chomps – team up to fight sugar bugs. The story is sure to keep your little one interested in brushing their teeth.

Why we love it!

  • Makes brushing easy and fun
  • Includes a story to keep your toddler interested
  • There are 4 brushes to choose from with their own characters
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can be used starting at 4 weeks up until 4 years

NUK Grins & Giggles Three-Sided Fingerbrush

The three-sided finger brush is the best toddler toothbrush to use as you transition to “real” toothbrushing. It easily fits on your index finger so you can brush your toddler’s teeth. It has a unique channel of nubby bristles so you can clean the front, back, and top of the tooth at the same time. 

It even comes with a tube of fluoride-free toothpaste so you can use a small dab each time. It is the perfect set to use to get your little one ready for brushing on their own!

Why we love it!

  • You can clean the whole tooth simultaneously
  • Comes with tooth and gum cleanser
  • Helps transition to brushing on their own

Jordan Step 1 Baby Toothbrush

Babies put everything in their mouths so this Jordan Step 1 toothbrush is the best toddler toothbrush to use when teeth first start to surface. It has a place for your baby to chew on to stimulate their gums.

It has extra soft bristles so the first time your baby brushes, it’ll be a pleasant experience. It comes with an extra wide handle so young toddlers can easily grip it. With 4 color options, your little one is sure to love it!

Why we love it!

  • An extra wide handle to hold.
  • Soft bristles
  • Teething Option

For Toddlers Months 18+ 

Papablic 2-Stage Electric Toothbrush

Make brushing fun with this electric toothbrush! It is the best toddler toothbrush that can grow with your child. With different replacement heads, you can start young and continue through toddlerhood!

Its extra soft bristles and sonic vibration will gently clean their mouth. It’s lightweight and with an auto-shutoff design, your little one can brush all by themselves! 

This electric toothbrush has so many amazing features that make it the best toddler toothbrush. It has an LED light and gentle vibration that will keep your child interested in brushing. It has a 2 minute timer built into the brush so they know how long to brush for. It even has 30 second pulse reminders to tell your child when to move on to the next section of their mouth.

If you are looking for a toothbrush that has all the features, then this is the best toddler toothbrush for you!

Why we love it!

  • Built in timer and reminders
  • Teaches autonomy so they can brush by themselves
  • LED light to make it more fun
  • Interchangeable heads so it grows with your child

SmileFrida Toddler Toothbrush

The SmileFrida toddler toothbrush is a great toddler toothbrush with a triple-brush head. Toddlers need a little help cleaning thoroughly, but this toothbrush makes it easy! Its perfect for toddlers that have a hard time getting every corner of their mouth.

With soft, rounded bristles, its a toothbrush that will be gentle on your toddlers teeth and gums. The angled style of the brush makes it so your toddler can brush quicker and easier.

It has a soft handle that is easy for your little one to hold on their own. It even has a suction cup at the bottom to keep it from falling on the floor! One less thing you have to worry about!

Why we love it!

  • It has a triple-brush head
  • Soft and easy to hold handle
  • Easy to get the corners of their mouth

RADIUS Toddler Toothbrush

The RADIUS toothbrush is perfect for children with sensitive teeth. Is specifically designed to be delicate on teeth and gums. Its brush head is small sized and smooth so your toddler wont cause any harm to their teeth or gums.

It comes in various pack sizes so you can get as many as you need in one package. If you want an extra sensitive toothbrush then this is the best toddler toothbrush to get!

Why we love it!

  • Assorted colors
  • Soft on gums and sensitive teeth
  • Varying pack sizes of 1,3, or 6 brushes

Brusheez Electric Toothbrush

The Brusheez electric toothbrush is a great option difficult toddlers. If your 3 year old toddler has a hard time brushing, this toothbrush will make it more enjoyable. With 4 animal options, they will love using their new toothbrush.

It comes with all the accessories you could wish for! It has an animal themed brush cover, a stand to hold accessories, a rinse cup, a sand timer, and a brushing chart. The sand timer encourages them to brush long enough. With a versatile stand you can place it on the countertop, or mount it to the wall. Plus it’ll keep things clean on the countertop!

Why we love it!

  • Fun and colorful animal options.
  • Comes with accessories like a rinse cup, timer, and brushing chart.
  • Has a stand to store the accessories.

Now that you have the top 8 toddler toothbrushes, you can confidently shop for the best toddler toothbrush for your little one. 

Which toddler toothbrush is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!

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