15 Best Underwear For After Birth in 2021

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If you are a first time mom, you might not know what postpartum underwear are, but these are one of those things that you will want to know all about so that you can be comfortable and prepared after giving birth to your beautiful new baby! We are going to help you navigate finding the best underwear for after birth, trust me, you will thank us later!

Best Underwear for After Birth

Why Postpartum Underwear?

First of all, it is important to know why you will want to put postpartum underwear in your hospital bag

After you give birth, vaginally or c-section, you will have discharge that is called Lochia. This is bloody discharge is usually a little smelly and can last up to 6 weeks. During this, it is normal to have some blood clotting as long as it is smaller than a plum. Right after giving birth, this is a dark red and over time it lightens to pink, then brownish, and then becomes a creamy color. 

So much fun to look forward to huh? Thankfully over the years, they have created some amazing postpartum underwear that are not only comfortable as you are healing but helps you not feel self-conscious about your discharge leaking everywhere. These underwear can be disposable (totally recommend these right after birth) ones that you can wash as well. They normally mesh, are higher-waisted, and normally a boy short fit. 

Many people wonder does the hospital give you postpartum disposable underwear? 

The short answer it depends. Some do. If they do provide them they are not great and are really skimpy with how many they give you. I recommend bringing your own to the hospital for sure! 

What to Consider When Buying Postpartum Underwear

  • Size. When buying your underwear for after giving birth you are going to need a larger size than you do prior to being pregnant. I recommend getting at least one size bigger. This gives you some extra room for your post-pregnant body (because you will not be back into your clothes right away) and room for a pad as well. The last thing you will want after giving birth, especially after a c-section are tight and uncomfortable underwear. 
  • Fabric. Your body is going through a lot right now! You just gave birth and your emotions are all over the place! Your body temperature will fluctuate and you are going to be sweaty! Yes, even down there! Be sure you buy breathable underwear that are made of soft materials. Cotton is great for this. If you want to feel like things are sucked in be sure you only get a light compression, especially at first. 
  • Special Features. Are you having a c-section? If so you might want to consider some with extra features just for c-sections. There is a Great list below! 

What underwear should I wear after giving birth?

When it comes to underwear right after giving birth you will want to opt for what works the best and sacrifice on the cute factor! There are three different things I highly recommend. 

  • First, start off with disposable underwear. We give all kinds of great recommendations below! You want to use these because they are easy, you can throw them away if you leak, and they have tons of give! 
  • When you are a few days postpartum period panties are another great alternative. These tend to be thicker and can really absorb a lot. You don’t want to wear these on their own, you will still want to pair them with a pad. 
  • Light compression underwear

Things to think about when choosing the right postpartum underwear for you.

  • What fit do I want? Low rise, high rise, gentle compression, brief panties, postpartum girdle, something else?
  • What type of material am I looking for? Breathable cotton, soft cotton, soft fabric, stretchy fabric, spandex blend?
  • Will I be having a vaginal delivery or a c-section? If I have a c-section, will I have sensitive areas that I need to beware of like my c-section scar?
  • How much do I want to spend? I want to find a pair of underwear at an affordable price to make it through postpartum life or I am looking for my new favorite lingerie item that offers maximum comfort to add to my hospital bag.

By thinking about these options you will find the best choice for you that are not granny panties!

Best Post Partum Underwear of 2021

Here are the best postpartum panties for you to consider!

New moms love Kindred Bravely High Waist Postpartum Underwear. These come in a 3 pack and give you all the protection you need while giving you some of the style you love. These are ultra soft and are designed with you in mind giving you the perfect fit. These sit above you c-section incision and cover your postpartum belly without you feeling restricted in them. These will hold your pad in place nicely without feeling like you borrowed your grandma’s underwear. If you want some different color options you can grab different colored postpartum underwear here. 

UMMISS Women’s underwear provides full coverage while being really soft, stretchy, and comfortable. We love the wide waistband so that it doesn’t roll or shift. These are snug, but do not offer compression making them great for those days after delivery. These also sit above your c-section incision if you are receiving from that as well!  

Meet Innersy Women’s Underwear. We think these are by far the most budget-friendly on the list. But don’t worry you won’t be sacrificing comfort or breathability when you buy these. We love the high-waisted design making these great for a vaginal or c-section delivery. Not only that, but they have a satisfaction guarantee. 

If you are looking for tummy control panties after birth then turn to ilovesia Women’s High waisted underwear. These underwear come in a three-pack and are machine washable perfect for postpartum recovery. 

If you are wanting to grab some period underwear to use during postpartum then you will want to grab these Thinx Hi-Waist Menstrual Underwear. These are made to wear without a pad which makes them super convenient, although for the first couple of weeks you will definitely want to double up with all the discharge you will have at first. These are not bulky, are high-waisted, and are a great alternative to the others. As a bonus, you can wear these after your postpartum days are over when your period returns. 

We love these Intimate Portal Women Under the Bump undies because they are pregnancy panties that can start wearing them now and then continue wearing them throughout the next 6 weeks as well. These come in a variety of colors and are soft stretchy and breathable! 

Another budget friendly pair are these Hane’s Comfort Flex. Yes, these are regular underwear, but they work great for postpartum undies as well. They are lightweight, won’t roll down and stretchy. If you want to grab something that gets the job done that is made of microfiber material, then these are the ones for you. 

These maternity underwear from motherhood Maternity are a great option for your post-baby body recovery and the best maternity underwear (so grab some if you are searching still!). These are made of cotton and are a great option that changes with you throughout your recovery offering you coverage in all the right places. We love how soft the fabric is one these. 

Best Postpartum disposable underwear

Always Discreet Disposable Undies offer maximum protection for the heavy leaker. You will love these discreet underwear and the protection that these incontinence underwear offers for your postpartum bleeding. These are made of rapid-dry material. These fit comfortably and do not sag, nor are they bulky under your clothes. With these, you do not have to double up with a thick pad which is a nice win. When you are ready to change them, you just toss them which makes motherhood a little bit easier. These are a great first week option.

If you are looking for mesh undies, these are the best option. We love these Frida High Waist-Disposable Postpartum Underwear. They are perfectly designed with your postpartum needs in mind. We love that these are high waisted making them great after a c-section or a vaginal birth. They are really stretchy and breathable, and hey they are not made of mesh like the hospital ones. Unlike the other ones on the list so far you will need to double up with a pad, so the benefit of these is that you can wear one pair a day rather than swapping them as often as the other ones. 

If you are looking for a heavier duty disposable pair of mesh underwear we really love thesemesh underwear. They are really stretchy, totally breathable, and lightweight. Becauasse of the stretch these have plenty of room for your post-maternity pads You can wash these if you choose or you just toss them and grab a new pair. You will need to wear a pad with these, but these will hold it in place without it shifting like the ones you get at the hospital. We love that these are a boy shorts fit.

Postpartum underwear for C Section

If you are looking for one of the best pairs of postpartum underwear for c-section, then you will want to turn to these Cauniss Women’s High Waist Cotton Underwear. These are made of cotton and are so are so breathable and comfortable. We love that these stay in place and will not roll down your stomach while you are wearing them. These will sit way above your c-section incision making them a win all around!

Our favorite c-section postpartum underwear are these from Upsring Baby. You will love the silicone panel that sites over your scar to help with irritation and much more. You will also love how high they sit and the spandex stretch to help hold your body where you want it to be while you recover. These do come at a more expensive price, but well worth the money you spend. 

Belly Bandit has you covered when it comes to underwear for recovering from a c-section. These were a very close second when we were comparing them! These are high-waisted and protect your incision nicely while offering you moderate compression to help reduce the swelling. These also have silver-fibers to help with healing. These are also breathable and made of moisture wicking fabric. 

What are your favorite postpartum underwear? Share in the comments so we can add them to the list! 

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