Big Sister Survival Kit

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Becoming a big sister is kind of a big deal, don’t get caught empty-handed! Arm the new big sister with everything she needs with this big sister survival kit so she can enjoy the new addition as much as everyone else!


Big Sister Survival Kit


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Becoming a big sister is an exciting time in a little girl’s life, but for some, it can be a little scary or nerve-racking.

When Talie became a big sister she was so excited, but I was nervous that a little bit of jealousy would sneak in just because she was so used to being the center of all of our worlds, so that is when I decided to make her a big sister kit so that she would have everything she would need to really enjoy the big day and her new baby brother!

If you have a daughter that is about to be promoted to a big sister, here are some great ideas of items to make the transition easier and more fun in this big sister survival kit!



What is a big sister survival kit?

A big sister survival kit is a group of special gifts for a girl who is preparing to be the best big sister!

These gifts should be things that remind her of how special becoming a big sister is. Being a big sister is an important new job and your little helper may need some encouragement to get started.

If a girl is especially nervous about this new adventure, a big sister survival kit will be the perfect fix!


Big Sister Book

Children love learning through stories, and a big sister book is a good way to teach your daughter what being a big sister will look like.

These books are geared towards younger children (under 8) to help them learn all the ins and outs of becoming a big sister.

To this day, my daughter still loves reading what it is like to be a big sister just like her!


Baby doll

The perfect addition to a big sister survival kit is a baby doll.

Providing the new big sister with a baby doll allows her to be actively involved in all the fun of having a new baby because she now has a new baby too!

As you change diapers on the new baby, she can also change her baby’s diaper!

She can also learn other new fun skills with her baby such as feeding, napping, and playing with her baby!

As an added bonus giving her a baby teaches her empathy and how to be gentle and kind with the new baby.


Big Sister Coupon Book



A big sister coupon book is a great way to show that there’s still plenty of love to go around for the new big sister!

Having a new baby in the house can get busy, but this big sister coupon book can be the perfect reminder to spend some much needed time with her.

It also gives her something special to look forward to when the baby needs a little extra attention!

This big sister coupon book could have simple things like a huge hug, movie night, or snuggle time, or some more exciting options like going to the park or museum, playing a game, doing an art project, or going out to eat. Rather than make your own big sister coupon book you can grab our big sister coupon book!

The important thing is making sure that you and your daughter can have some special time together despite busy schedules. The big sister coupon book is the perfect reminder.


Big Sister Shirt

Make your daughter feel extra special by getting her a “big sister” shirt that she can wear with pride.

A fun new shirt will remind her that being a sister is an awesome and exciting thing and a special job.

There are so many varieties to choose from, and you will likely be filled with your own excitement seeing your new big sister in her new shirt!


Kid-Friendly Camera

There are some great inexpensive digital cameras for children out there!

Let your daughter be a part of the baby experience by letting her take her own special pictures. After she’s taken some you can even help her pick some out to print and put in her room.

Being involved in the process will ensure that she doesn’t feel left out, and will increase her excitement about the cute new little addition to your family. Thank goodness for digital cameras these days instead of rolls of film, right?!


Matching Outfits

Hopefully, your daughter and her new sibling will end up being the best of friends. Cute matching outfits are the perfect beginning of that friendship.

Get an outfit that your daughter will love wearing as she matches your cute new bundle of joy! Make sure to get lots of pictures because these will be outfits to remember!

It would be especially helpful to let your daughter choose the outfit and what she thinks will look extra cute on her and baby.


A Onesie to Decorate Herself!

An art project and a gift all in one. Grab a white onesie and some fabric pens for an easy project.

Let your daughter use the fabric pens to decorate the onesie however she wants (with your supervision of course), and make sure to point out when the new baby wears her custom-designed onesie!

This specially made gift from a big sister to their sibling will be well-loved. Giving gifts is a great skill that can help teach empathy and gratitude.


Picture of Her As a Baby

One of my daughters’ favorite things, when she became a big sister, was when we gave her a picture of her as a baby!

She loved to carry it around and show other people “How cute” she was as a baby!

I would say this is a must in all big sister survival kits!


Growth Chart

Understanding how we grow is an important part of being a big sister. A growth chart will track your daughters’ growth as she gets bigger and bigger.

Make sure to put the chart where she can see it, and remind her how little she used to be and how much she has grown!

Not only will this help her feel like a big kid, but it will also help her to understand how her sibling will also grow just like she is.


Rocking Chair

Another great way to make your daughter feel like she is up to the challenge of being a big sister is getting her her own rocking chair.

Not only is it a special new gift that feels mature, but she could even rock the new sibling or read stories to them in her new chair.

There are lots of options for small rocking chairs that could be a great addition to your daughter’s room or playroom. Perhaps the new chair could go into the nursery for a special baby and big sister’s time.


There you have it! 10 must-have big sister items to put in a big sister survival kit! What would you add? Share in the comments!


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