Grandma Betty’s Secret Potato Salad Recipe

As #1 would say life over here has been cray cray with school starting, early morning football practices, late night football practices and games, baseball practices, and trying to squeeze in family time in the middle of all that! Throw in midnight feedings twice a night and I am running on a prayer and Diet Coke!


I wanted to bring you one last summer favorite that my family loves for your last BBQ before the weather changes and it becomes fall/ winter. Growing up Grandma Betty was known for a few things: her apple pie, her caramel corn, and her potato salad! We loved when she would bring it down and we could all enjoy it! Well… After years of practicing I am happy to report I have finally mastered it and I am sharing the recipe with you today!


Grandma Betty’s Secret Potato Salad RecipeSlide1

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Chicken Corn Chowder

We are coming into my favorite season: kid’s football games, cooler weather, cute shirts with cardigans, and warm dishes for dinner, which means it is soup season! Chicken Corn Chowder is one of my families favorite recipes and we are sharing it with all of you today!

Chicken Corn Chowder

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: around 40 minutes

This makes enough soup for my family of 2 adult, and 4 kids with leftovers

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Chocolate Raspberry Layer Cake

Today was my husband’a birthday and he really wanted this Chocolate Raspberry Layer cake from Bon Apetit.  It frightens me to even think about making something from there! BUT. It was his birthday so in true fashion I made him the dessert of his dreams. Here are pictures each step of the way! It was so moist and tasty and worth the time and effort! I have one happy husband! For the recipe click here and visit their website! Here are some of the steps through pictures 🙂

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