Hey All! I just wanted to check in with you and let you know we are alive! I know I usually post on Mondays and didn’t… It seems as though little TJ is growing and needs to eat 24/7 making it hard to do things like blog! I truly feel like a milking cow these days, but everyone keeps reminding me that I will miss this stage! But just so you know we will be back in full swing tomorrow bringing you Wandering Wednesday! So stop by and add your post! See you then!


There is Sunshine in My Soul #4

There is sunshine in my soul

Octobers are so busy for us here and they always seem to fly by. This October is no different! With Colby’s 13th birthday yesterday and Chase turning 11 next week it is crazy here! Throw in football games and baseball and I am running around with my head cut off.. It makes me think of Trace Adkins song, “You’re Gonna Miss This”

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Heaven help Me! Not Another Home Improvement Project!

heaven help me

Two months before my husband and I got married we bought a fixer upper in the perfect neighborhood in the city we were living in. We knew he had two months to fix it up and get it to our standard of liveable before we combined households and moved in.

This house was disgusting when we bought it; it needed a whole new paint job because of booger stained walls, it needed new carpet because of fecal matter from pets, it smelt like a zoo had been living their for years, the tile floors needed to be stripped down because the previous owners tried a DIY project that obviously went bad, the cabinets were caked with 3 inches of grease, the countertops had lost its grout because of poor maintenance, and the backyard was unfinished. Sadly, this house was only 5 years old and had sustained this much damage and abuse. They always say buy the worst house in the best neighborhood, well we did!

We were so ill prepared for what we were going to take on as a “happily engaged” couple. We had set a budget and had an idea of what we needed to do, but that was about it. We had never worked on a project together before, never really talked about decorating, or desires so you could say that we were going in blindly to the project.

I recall our first “discussion” about the house when I realized that renovating a house with anyone, especially my fiance might have been the worst thing I ever decided to do!  One night, we were talking about paint colors and painting when I suggested that we paint the house a few different colors (not all in the same room) to give the house some character. I also suggested we paint the house a nice warm color that was not tan, because at that time everyone’s house was tan. The look that was shot across the room for suggesting something other than tan was priceless! He then followed it up  with, “What do you mean a different color, we are painting it tan.”

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Humbled Once Again

I was so humbled last week when I found out that I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award! Over the past three weeks I have dedicated every ounce of free time to developing my blog and making it just right for you, my amazing readers! Getting this award makes all those nights when I averaged 5 hours of broken up sleep worth it knowing that people are enjoying what they are seeing! I promise to try and continue to dedicate my time to bringing you what you want!

First of all, I want to thank Amanda at Legally Mommy for nominating me. I was so honored that such a great blog thought mine was worthy of this award. I hope that my blog can one day be like hers!

Click here to see her acceptance of the award and to visit her blog!

What is the Blogger Recognition Award?

The Blogger Recognition Award is an opportunity for bloggers to connect and recognize one another for their contributions. As part of the nomination, each nominee has to nominate an additional 15 bloggers for the award as well.

Why I started blogging

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Oh My Goodness! The Liebster Award!

Last week I was happily surprised when I was nominated for the LIEBSTER AWARD by Anna Krawczyk at The Runaway Blog! This award is given by bloggers to other bloggers. Its purpose to recognize new blogs and give them a chance to grow their audience. It also allows us to share some personal information with our readers so they can get to know us a little better!

Here is the list of the official rules for 2017.

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11 steps to a getting more done by 8am

I recall the days I used to dread waking up in the morning feeling as though I was behind before I even got started, but then I decided to make my mornings more productive and by doing this all of a sudden my whole day became more productive and I no longer dreaded getting out of bed. Today I am sharing my 11 tips on what you can do before 8am to be well on your way to a more productive day!

This is the order that I do it in because it works for me, but you can do any order that works for you!

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Staying Involved When You’re 1800 Miles Away

Staying Involved When You're 1800 Miles AwayEver since my ex husband and I had gotten divorced we always lived less than a mile apart. It was such a blessing for the kids. After school if they felt like coming over to get help from me with homework they would just ride their bike or walk. If they felt like seeing if their dad was home to play baseball with them they would do the same. It allowed us to be at all their school events, sports, and equally involved in their school life. When a family vacation came up, we would both make arrangements to the schedule so they could always attend and bond with their family. This all changed 2 ½ years ago when my husband got transferred 1800 miles away.
After much discussion we decided that the boys would move with me to Texas and visit their Dad on all their breaks from school. With this being said it was a huge change for the kids, but we have discovered great ways to still be involved in the boy’s lives when they are away from us!

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