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Christmas Crafts with the Kids

Welcome to Blogmas 2017! I am so excited to have Monica here from sharing craft ideas we can do with the kids with us! I always need new craft ideas to do with the kids! Will definitely beaming these this year because they are so cute! Visit her at her blog and say, “hi!”

Christmas time has always been my one of my favorite times of the year. Snow, pine tree scent, and Christmas cookies will always make me feel like a child again. But since I’ve become a parent it has only gotten better!

For me, one of my all-time favorite parts of being a parent is seeing the excitement and joy the holidays bring to my children. Birthdays are magical, Easter’s exciting and Christmas it’s just amazing. The only thing that compares to seeing your child’s face as you explain that Santa is Coming to Town. Is watching a sleepy version of that face see their presents for the first time early Christmas morning. Each year as the children grow older it gets more and more exciting and all around more fun.

Each year I try and do something to get the kids in the Christmas spirit (although that isn’t very hard these days!) This year I decided to spread the holiday spirit by doing a couple crafts that the kids and I could do together. We chose two popsicle stick ornaments. Mostly because we saw the cutest popsicle stick Christmas trees on Pinterest and thought it looked fun!

I have to say, I am so glad that we chose the popsicle sticks as our materials. It ended up making the whole crafting project a lot easier. The sticks were very sturdy and held up against my little ones getting a little rough. If you have young children you probably know but they are not always the gentlest of creatures. But even my one-and-a-half-year-old was able to help decorate and we all had a great time.

So we decided to do both Christmas trees and snowflakes for our crafts. We saw a few different popsicle stick trees on Pinterest when we went looking for ideas but we decided you are completely different, and I think they all turned out great. The snowflakes were super easy and turned out to be my daughter’s favorite. Another plus side of doing two popsicle crafts is that we end up needing fewer supplies.

Christmas Trees

What you need:

3 Popsicle Sticks

Green Marker


2 Pipe Cleaners

Snowflake Gems

Hot Glue Gun


The first thing we did was color the popsicle sticks green. We then put a dot of hot glue on the end of the sticks and put them together into a triangle.

Next, we measured out the pipe cleaners and cut them so they would fit across the triangle. Each time getting a little smaller so that it would fit all the way to the top of the triangle.

Once we had all the pieces cut that we needed I put hot glue on either side of the tree and then let my daughter place the pipe cleaner onto the glue. -This part could be a little tricky if your child is young. But my four-year-old was able to just use the end of a pencil to push the pipe cleaner into the glue so that her finger wasn’t touching glue itself-.

Once you have all the pipe cleaners attached you can then add the decorations. We chose the little red and green pom poms, the little snowflake ornaments and a ribbon for the top of the tree. I also added a little piece of string to the back of it with a little hot glue so that we could hang it on the tree when we were finished.


What you need:

3 Popsicle Sticks

1 Pipe Cleaner

Snowflake Gem

Glitter Glue

Hot Glue Gun


Next up is our Snowflake. This one was even easier than the first and just happens to be my favorite. To start we glued the three sticks together in the middle so that they made a snowflake shape.

Next we cut the pipe cleaner into 2 inch pieces and then folded them so that they were in a V shape.

We then glued those V’s near the end of each of the sticks.

From there we placed a few drops of glitter glue and the little snowflake gem for decoration and that was it.

Again I added a little piece of string to the back of it so that we can hang it up on the tree when we were finished.

Both of these crafts her so fun I’m easy! I was a little surprised that they both worked out as well as they did because crafting with kids means anything can go wrong. But all in all, they turned out great and we will be hanging them as soon as our tree is up. If you are looking for a fun easy (and cheap) Christmas craft to do with your children, I would highly recommend one of these!

Thanks for reading!- Monica


My name is Monica and I am the blogger behind Monica In Mommyland. I have two small children that keep me on my toes! I work from home as a blogger and freelance writer and I love what I do. My blog is a place for busy moms to find fun and creative ideas to help make motherhood a little easier.

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