7 Easy Things You Can Do To Survive a Difficult Pregnancy

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Are you finding yourself smack dab in the middle of a difficult Pregnancy? Here are 7 essential things to help you cope with a difficult pregnancy better. 

Coping and Surviving a Difficult Pregnancy

When I found out we were pregnant with baby number 5 we were ecstatic. We knew that this baby would complete our family just how we had envisioned when Ty and I got married, a few years before. Little did we know that this pregnancy would be the most difficult pregnancy I would ever go through.

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When I first found out I was pregnant I was moderately sick with the typical barf while brushing my teeth, but my morning sickness was manageable.

But then it hit… The worst sickness and pain I have ever felt in my entire life.

I found myself in bed non-functioning. The cramping and pain were so bad that I was convinced I was on the verge of a miscarriage. All this was happening while I was barfing no less than 10 times a day.
For weeks I was in bed sick, too sick to get up and function.
These 7 Things Helped me manage my difficult pregnancy even on the toughest days!

7 Easy Things You Can Do to Survive a Difficult Pregnancy

Ask for help

My first and most important thing you can do to survive a difficult pregnancy is to ask for help!

I would have never survived those months and months in bed. I asked my husband to help more around the house and with the kids.

I asked the older kids to do more kid-appropriate chores to lighten my responsibilities around the house.

I also asked friends and neighbors to help watch kids, give rides, and things that allowed me to rest in bed.

I am not one that typically asks for help, but this is essential to surivinve your pregnancy.

Take it easy

I know you might think taking it easy is easier said than done, I felt the same thing, but it is necessary to help you get through your pregnancy.

If you have other kids taking it easy is even more difficult.

Some things you can do is try:

  • grocery pick up
  • Pick up and clean the house when you are feeling good
  • Try to do as much as you can from bed
  • Try a meal planning service to spend less time cooking.

Accept it

One of the hardest things to do during a difficult pregnancy is to accept the fact that you are sick or that your pregnancy is abnormal.

So many times I thought to myself, “Why me?” or “This is not fair.”

Once I accepted the fact that I was so sick and going through this I was able to focus on other things to help me.

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Practice positive affirmations

Positive affirmations for pregnancy helped me with those especially hard days. As I repeated these positive affirmations I was able to focus and have a plan to get through this difficult period in my life.

Find a support / Talk about it

At the time I didn’t want to talk about my pregnancy… I just wanted to endure the pain and misery by myself, but one day a friend asked me, “How are you really?”

She was someone I trusted and I opened up to her just how difficult this pregnancy was. She became my support, the one I cried to, the one that would come and visit and hold my hair while I barfed while she was there. She was my support.

Find a friend, your spouse, or even a support group to help you get through your difficult pregnancy.

Practice self-care

There were many days where I didn’t even want to get out of bed, and when I did it was me crawling to the bathroom to barf only to crawl back to bed. I didn’t want to shower or paint my nails, or do anything because I was so miserable.

Taking a shower was hard and exhausting because it took everything out of me, but practicing this daily self care checklist for moms helped me feel a little bit better. I highly encourage you to do as much self care as you can.


Prayer is the last thing that really got me through my difficult pregnancy. I found myself pleading most days for relief and for the pain to be taken away.

At the time I didn’t feel like it made much difference, but as I look back I realize that God was there and he was helping me in small and simple ways.

Rely on prayer on your most difficult days to help you get through hard times.

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