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Date Night in December

Welcome to Blogmas 2017! We are so excited to have Trendy2Teens with us today! Giving us tips on Great Dates this December! Check out their website

Date Night in December

(For you & your spouse)


Ladies & Gents, welcome to your date guide for the 12 days of Christmas, how excited are you that Christmas is almost here? The best part is when you get to spend it with your lover. This is my favorite time of the year so, I’m ready to deck the halls and start sleighing all the way 😉 Being happy this holiday season is a must so here are your 12 days of Christmas Date Ideas. Be prepared to read the word Christmas a lot!

Christmas Movies!!!

  • You and your lover can get matching PJ’s, socks and cozy uptogether for a night on the couch, while eating Christmas cookies and drinking hot chocolate! Obviously the best because it’s Christmas! How awesome is it to have this perfect moment while watching a movie?? If you don’t know what movies to watch, check out my favorites here:

Light Show!!!

Find a local light show/tree lighting around town, get in the car and go! The best way to have fun is to pack some Christmas cookies and play some Christmas music! While going through the track of lights, just to spice it up, every time you see Santa Claus… KISS!

Make Christmas Cards

The best time to be creative and know who the real crafty one is 😉 and to be even more romantic go give your cards to the local homeless shelter! All different colored cards with glitter, glue, and fun items will make them have more meaning!

Create Gingerbread Houses!!!

Contest? Who can make the best one? Couple vs couple? Go buy the box with the house & get extra decorations and icing so yours can be the best! Bonding time=the best time.

Go Ice-Skating!!!

The one who falls first has to kiss the other 🙂 This is a fun experience and a funny experience all in one!

Go see a Christmas show!!!

There are so many churches, dance studios, and even theaters that are doing shows that revolve around Christmas. Support your community and go see one!

Play in the snow!!!

No matter how old you are, the snow is AMAZING. 13, 23, 33, 43, or even 53. Go outside with your spouse and throw a snowball at them! Have some sparkle, jolly, twinkle fun! When you find out who wins the snowball fight, build a snowman! After your hands are frozen, go for a walk and then go cozy up by the fireplace and drink some hot chocolate!

Have a Christmas photo shoot!!!

It could be in front of the tree or under the mistletoe! Snap a few photos of each other and together.

Go Holiday Shopping!!!

Did you get that last minute gift for your sibling? Your mom? Grandma? Your spouse could probably help you out! Bring them along and pick it out together. Then, later on, wrap the presents together!

Bake Christmas Cookies!!!

Santa isn’t the only one that loves cookies! Turn up the Christmas tunes & dance around the kitchen while making cookies. This could even turn into a dance off or a food fight (those are the best).

Attend a Holiday Party!!!

Get dressed up and go out on the town. With you two looking spiffy, Santa is bound to bring you two gifts 🙂 you two can go celebrate being a couple!

Have a game night!!!

Pull out those board games and turn on some Christmas music. (Christmas music is a must for all of these) and see who can win the game!

Thank you guys for reading, hope this helped and come let us know how your 12 days of Christmas went!


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Date Night in December



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