Dating Your Spouse: 10 Reasons Why It’s Important Now!

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Dating your spouse is one of the most important things you can do after you are married! There are 10 reasons why you should be dating your spouse even more than when you were dating. Learn about the importance of dating your spouse


The Importance of Dating Your Spouse

There is something to be said about the importance of dating your spouse. There are so many benefits that we see in marriage as couples make a point to actively go on dates with one another. 

The Importance of Dating your Spouse

10 Reasons why dating your spouse is Important

1. Increases Communication

Dating your spouse helps you communicate. It takes you away from your day to day monotony and allows you to focus just on your spouse. As you date your spouse you are able to talk about you hopes, dreams, and plan for the future together.

Going on dates allows you to better understand your spouse in a nonstressful environment. 

2. Put 100% Focus on Each Other

When you are on a date with your spouse you are giving them 100% of your focus. There are no kids interrupting asking you a million questions, there are no work calls or emails. It is just you and your spouse on a date together. 

Dating your spouse reminds each other of how important you are to one another. 

3. Strengthens your relationship

As you and your spouse go on dates it strengthens your relationship not only on a mental level, but a physical level. 

You are able to connect, hold hands, look at each other while you talk and connect. 

4. Increases intimacy

I don’t know about you, but when we go on dates our intimacy increases and we have a desire to go home and spice up the bedroom

There is something about getting dressed up and going on a date with your spouse that increases your intimacy ten fold… maybe it is because I am no longer in my comfy sweats and baggy t-shirts?! 

5. Cheaper than Counseling

It’s no secret that going on dates with your spouse is cheaper than counseling. And going on dates is like counseling, just cheaper. You are investing in one another and in your marriage. 

6. It’s Fun

Dating your spouse is just fun. You get to go out to dinner, you don’t have to cook or take care of the kids. You literally get to go on a new adventure every single date! There are some great cheap date ideas for married couples that you can try! 

7. Sends a positive message

Dating your spouse sends a positive message not only to each other, but to others.

It shows friends, family, and especially your kids that your spouse is important. 

Your kids see you leave holding hands and come back smiling and laughing. When they see this, they will then look for this when they start dating and looking for a companion. 

8. Strengthens commitment

Dating strengthens your commitment to one another. It tells each other that you are important. 

It shows each other that you are 100% in this marriage focused on building a great relationship with one another.  

9. Helps you fall in love over and over again

As you date your spouse you fall in love over and over again. You talk about memories, first dates, important events in your life, memories you have shared both bad and good. You are able to reflect on the things you have been through together and by doing this it helps you love your spouse even more. 

10. It’s a future investment

It might not seem like it now, but one day all your kids will grow up and get married. 

You hear stories about couples that focus 100% on their kids while they are at home and then all their kids move out and they find themselves looking at each other without really even knowing one another because they failed to invest in their marriage. Making your marriage a priority with kids is so important and you do this through weekly date night. 

There you have it! The importance of dating your spouse! Now that we know the importance of dating your spouse let’s chat about how to date your spouse! (because that’s the fun part!)

How to Date Your Spouse: 7 Steps to the Perfect Date Night

I love planning a good date night with my spouse. There is something about the prep of the date that is fun. 

It is not hard to do and it get you both excited for the date night and the after date if you know what I mean **wink** **wink**

1. Plan an Affordable Date

The first thing you will want to do is come up with an affordable date idea that doesn’t break the bank. This could be as simple as grabbing some burgers and going to the park to have a picnic. 

2. Schedule

Scheduling your date is most important. We have a weekly date night and every Sunday we plan which day we will go. We look at our schedules to see the available days we both have then we coordinate with the babysitter what works for them. 

Last-minute date nights don’t work for us because our lives are crazy with 5 kids! 

3. Send Texts

On the day of the date I love to send flirty texts to my husband, even more than that I love to send sexy texts to my husband to get him (and me) excited about date night! 

This puts him in an awesome mood for date night while he is still stuck at work. 

4. Get Ready for Date Night

To be honest, I wish there were days that I could go out with no makeup and my sweats, but date night is about doing things that your spouse likes. Maybe try some sexy things to do for your husband, I am sure he will like them! 

5. Go on Date

Next is the fun part! It is when you go on the date, have fun and fall in love all over again with each other.

6. Flatter Him

Remember when dating your spouse flatter him! Tell him he looks good, that you like his hair, his persnality, his big muscles, or his butt! Whatever it is that you love tell him! 

7. Enjoy the After Date!

Once you get home, it is time for the after date, you know the intimate part of the date where you spice up the bedroom! Don’t skip this part! It is an important part of your relationship! 

You will be glad that you did! 

There you have it! 7 steps to the perfect date night with your spouse! Dating your spouse is fun it gets you out of the house recommitting yourself to each other! 

What do you love most about dating your spouse? Share in the comments!

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Dating your spouse is one of the most important things you can do after you are married! There are 10 reasons why you should date your spouse even more than when you were dating. Learn about the importance of dating your spouse. 

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