How You Can Detox from Smartphone Addiction in Just One Week

Are you staring at your phone screen too often? We have the best way to detox from smartphone addiction in just one week!

Are you staring at your phone screen too often? We have the best way to detox from smartphone addiction in just one week!

How You Can Detox from Phone Addiction in Just One Week

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Have you ever had a person, maybe even your child, try to talk to you while you were looking at something on your phone? I can’t even count the number of times that happens to me in one day.


My response is usually an annoyed, “WHAT?!”

This is not what I want my children to remember about me when they grow up. I don’t want them to say, “Yeah, I tried to get my mom’s attention when I wanted to talk to her about my friends at school, but she was too busy scrolling on her phone.”

No! No! No!

A few weeks ago, I was at a Back to School night for my kids and the teacher mentioned how difficult it is for children to want to read when it isn’t modeled at home or in positive situations. This made me think. If we are wanting our children to have other desires that don’t have to do with technology or some kind of screen, we need to exemplify that behavior.

Instead of chatting with my kids when they got home from school I was choosing to do something on my phone. 

I chose to scroll on Facebook instead of getting outside on the trampoline while dinner cooked in the Instant Pot.

I sit in bed FaceTiming my sister while my husband lays next to me begging for me to cuddle with him.

My choices need to change.

So I chose to do a smartphone addiction detox. This will only be successful by Setting limits and focusing on what matters at the moment.

The Addiction to the Screen

Are you staring at your phone screen too often? We have the best way to detox from smartphone addiction in just one week!

Where did our addiction come from? We literally use our phones for everything! Making phone calls, texting, navigating to a new place, connecting on social media, and so much more!

When we get a new notification for something, our brain jumps for joy! Woohoo! A new message from someone that wants to communicate with me. Yay! An email asking me for advice. New friend requests, new comments on our pictures that we just posted, and just any kind of response or entertainment give us satisfaction.

We feel like we NEED that small screen with us at all times to feel complete. Have you ever forgotten your phone at home when running an errand? What’s your first response? You want to run home and grab it really quick, right? Because what if something happens? What if someone calls you? Really, the scenarios can go on and on.


The addiction to our smartphones didn’t just happen. We chose it. It may have started out innocently with wanting to read books on your library application or needing to have more convenient access to your work email.

But those little things start eating up your time on your phone. 5 minutes of checking your email turn into 20 minutes scrolling on Instagram.

For me, I was constantly checking my phone to make sure the school nurse didn’t call. I was really paranoid about my kids at school. And then when I didn’t see a missed call, I would get on Pinterest and start pinning recipes I would never get around to making. Does this happen to you? I think we could easily say that things can spiral quickly.

Breaking the Smartphone Addiction

You may be asking yourself what you could possibly do to detox from your smartphone addiction. And I have the answer.

First, you need to decide right now that it is going to happen. Know that it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

Choose to succeed.

This 7 Day Plan is the BEST way to kick that Smartphone Addiction. That’s just one week!

Just think…you could be a more present parent and friend by taking these little baby steps day-by-day.

So…Let’s Detox from that Smartphone Addiction starting right now! I have decided to start on Monday, but you can really start on any day of the week. Don’t keep putting it off just because you want to a specific starting day. Procrastinating on this choice will not make it any easier!

7 Day Smartphone Addiction Detox

Day 1 – Monday

Social Media

Decide if you want to keep social media on your phone at all. I know that when I don’t have any platforms to scroll, I pick my phone up less. I’m not saying you have to, but I do not think that having social media applications on your phone is required.

If you do decide to keep social media, unfollow people that aren’t really friends or that you don’t even talk to. Do we really care or need to know about Jenny’s kids going to McDonald’s for a playdate? Nope! Unsubscribe from pages and groups that you aren’t engaging with.

Clean Up Your Apps

Are there apps on your phone that you don’t use? Delete them! They are probably slowing your phone down anyway. Do you have games that tend to take up a ton of time? Trash them! Are shopping apps that you repeatedly check for deals on really necessary? Nah! Just think, deleting those will save you a chunk of change too. Total WIN!


Go through your email. Unsubscribe from pointless recipients that you just brush over and never even open. Who needs that extra clutter? I downloaded an app that helped me easily unsubscribe from emails that I didn’t want to receive any more. Try and find a system that works for you. 

Day 2 – Tuesday

Turn Notifications off

Turn your notifications off! I know it’s hard! We really like that immediate surge of happiness when our phone dings, but it’s distracting. You can check your phone periodically instead of every time it goes off.


Put your phone in a place where you don’t have access to it all the time, somewhere you don’t go consistently. Keep it in this location for the rest of the Detox Week. I keep mine on my nightstand next to my room. It’s a room that I don’t go in all the time, but often enough to check and see if my husband has called. Set your phone to vibrate so you don’t hear it and get tempted to go and check it.

Day 3 – Wednesday

Don’t Pick it Up

Most of us immediately pick our phones up right as we wake up in the morning. Resist! Don’t pick your phone up until you get through your entire morning routine. Are you looking for a successful morning routine? Check this one out! Once you are done, set a timer and check for the phone for ONLY 5 minutes. Prioritize. Get through the important stuff and leave the unneeded garbage behind.

Car Ride

Leave your phone out of sight when you are in the car. Don’t immediately call someone. Enjoy the company you have in your presence. Sing a nursery rhyme with your kids. Ask them fun questions about their favorite colors or what kind of dream they had the night before. Car time is great bonding time! If you are alone, enjoy the quiet! It might feel weird at first, but it really is a fantastic time to reflect on things and think clearly.

Day 4 – Thursday

Charging Location

Find a new place to charge your phone. It needs to be in a place that is NOT in your bedroom. We have a charging station on our hall table. Set some rules. Phones and tablets need to be plugged in and put away by 8:30. I always exempted myself from this rule that I made for my kids, but I decided that I needed to do it as well. My rule is just a bit more flexible. My phone goes on the charger one hour before my head hits the pillow. It helps me get my nightly routine done quicker!

It also helps with being able to fall asleep right when I go to bed instead of checking one more thing. There are studies that say that the blue light from electronics inhibits sleep. I believe it! I know that it makes a difference in my sleeping patterns when I choose to eliminate screens an hour before bedtime. Hopefully, this is true for you too!

Day 5 – Friday

Don’t Pick it Up

Okay, I’m going to challenge you again, just for a longer period of time. Go 2 hours in the morning after you wake up without checking your phone. Do the same at night. Don’t pick up your phone for 2 hours before you go to bed.

When you hit the 2-hour mark in the morning, check your phone to see if anyone has called or texted and then put it right back in your safe place! Only respond to people that have contacted you. Don’t try and cheat or tempt yourself by texting or calling someone that didn’t reach out to you.

This can be difficult! It may give you anxiety. Overcome it! Your brain will try to keep telling you that you need the smartphone if you give in.

Leave it Alone

Instead of relying on your phone as company, go out to dinner with your family and leave your phone in your pocket or your purse the ENTIRE time. Don’t even pull it out to check the time. Plan ahead and wear a watch. Just simply enjoy dinner without any technology distractions.

Day 6 – Saturday

Take a Break

Take the day off from ALL social media and ALL games. You don’t need them!

Day 7 – Sunday

Don’t Use It

Leave your phone in your safe charging place and don’t use it ALL DAY!

Now What?

Now that you have gotten through the entire Smartphone Addiction Detox, you (hopefully) won’t be addicted anymore! Stay consistent! Continue to keep it mostly on vibrate during the day and in your safe charging place. Plug it in an hour before you go to bed. Choose to limit your screen time. There are apps that can assist you with this!

You will find that you have so much more time in your day to be productive! Accomplishing things is way better than scrolling!

Are you ready to take on the Detox from Smartphone Addiction Program? Let’s conquer it together! Leave your comments below so we can support one another!

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