Must-Have Diaper Bag Essentials that You Actually Need!

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Making sure you have all your diaper bag essentials can be overwhelming but with this packing list, you can have it all ready tomorrow!

Motherhood is such an exciting time! But it can also be stressful as you try to remember everything you need for your sweet little one when venturing out. Having the right diaper bag essentials can help put you at ease when you are out of the house!

With babies, surprises will happen but your diaper bag essentials will save you! 

As a mother of a lot of kids, I know that packing a diaper bag feels like you are packing the whole house sometimes! What should I pack in my diaper bag? What can I leave behind? 

It can be hard to decide what to bring so you feel prepared without it being too bulky. Check out my tried and true tips and an experienced mom and use my comprehensive diaper bag packing list to make packing easy.

What to pack in your diaper bag

When I first thought about what to pack in my diaper bag, a list of baby items came to mind. As mothers, we tend to think of our children first and then ourselves second. Or we forget the second part altogether!

When packing diaper bag essentials, it is so important to make sure both you and baby are covered. That is why I’ve broken it down into two different sections, one for mom and one for your baby!

Now both of you will be ready to hit the town and leave the house prepared!

How to choose a diaper bag

The first thing I look for in a diaper bag is space! Does it have a lot of pockets? Can it easily store and organize all of my diaper bag essentials? I like to have accessible pockets on the outside for smaller items like my lip balm, phone, and keys.

As you can see from our list, being prepared means you need to pack a lot of items! Not having to worry about lack of space will give you peace of mind.

I always make sure that my diaper bag is durable! Since I use it every day, I want it to hold up over time. My favorite material to look for is leather because I know it will last for years!

I also want to make sure it is stylish! Who wants a boring diaper bag right? Having a stylish diaper bag will make you feel more put together as you leave the house! My favorite diaper bag brand, Lily Jade, combines all of these items into a variety of stylish options.

Diaper bag essentials for baby


I suggest packing several so you don’t have to worry about restocking right away. I’ve had my fair share of blowouts while on the go and I can tell you that I have never complained about having too many diapers on hand! Trust me.

How many diapers do I need in a diaper bag?

You want to ensure that you always have enough diapers with you for the amount of time you will be out and about plus a few extras. A common theory is a newborn goes through about 10 diapers a day. So if you are going to be gone all day I would pack 13-15 so you have a few “just in case diapers”.  

Changing Pad

Most diaper bags come with one. If yours doesn’t, find a wipeable and foldable one to keep in your bag. This will be a lifesaver as you change diapers on the go!

Wet Wipes

Keep a package in your bag at all times! They are great for cleaning up any type of mess. You aren’t a mom if you don’t grab a baby wipe to clean everything up.

Hand Sanitizer

This is great for keeping your baby safe from germs. Also comes in handy when you have an especially messy diaper!

Extra Outfits

I always make sure to have one or two extra outfits. If your baby leaks on the one they are wearing, no problem because you have an extra or two!

Grocery Bag or Wet bag

A necessary addition to your diaper bag essentials is a grocery bag or wet bag! It’s the perfect place to store soiled clothing so it doesn’t ruin anything else.


Keep your little one nice and cozy! Having a blanket is always helpful during winter or at the doctor’s office. 

Burp Cloth

Spit up and drool are inevitable. A burp cloth will help keep you and your baby clean!

Bottles and Formula

If you aren’t breastfeeding, don’t forget these diaper bag essentials! The last thing you want is a starving baby with no way to feed them! I love this formula dispenser so I am not constantly toting around the can.


Pacifiers are always getting dropped on the ground! That is why I always put at least two in my bag so that I have a clean one ready to give my baby!

Extra ones also come in handy while driving. If they drop, throw, or you simply can’t find the pacifier you can quickly give them another. Of course, make sure to always do this safely. 

Diaper Rash Cream

Not only does the cream help soothe rashes but it also prevents them. Super handy to have with you for that diaper rash that pops up out of nowhere

Books or a Small Toy

Having books that your baby can chew on and small toys are a must. This will help entertain your baby while you are out and about. 

Don’t feel like you need a lot of books and toys. When your baby is young I usually have 2-3 total to give them a variety to choose from.

Diaper bag essentials for mom

An Extra Shirt

Accidents happen! It is so nice to have an extra shirt so that you can quickly change and get rid of any messes.


If you are like me, I get HANGRY. Having a snack that I can eat while on the go is completely necessary! When people ask me what to pack in your diaper bag, this is one of my first items!

Lip Balm

Perfect to keep you feeling fresh! Keep it in one of the small pockets so it doesn’t get swallowed up in your bag.


Okay, so I always have deodorant in my diaper bag. It is a must. You are tired, you have been up all night and you might just forget to apply it in the morning. As a mom, it’s also an Olympic sport to take care of a baby out and about, so it doesn’t hurt to have some backup.

If this is the case, no problem. Just pull it out, apply it and you are ready to go. The travel size deodorant works great for this! 

Breastfeeding Essentials

This includes a couple of nursing pads and nipple cream. You can look for a travel size bottle of cream so it doesn’t take up much space. You never know when you will need to replace leaky breast pads.

Water Bottle

Never leave home without your water bottle. I opt for a reusable one so that I can fill it up wherever I am and always have my water ready to go. 

Wallet, Keys, Phone

There is no need to carry a purse when you have a diaper bag. Be sure you have your wallet, keys, and phone ready to go in your diaper bag. 

Now you won’t have to worry about what to pack in your diaper bag! You and your baby are now ready to head out with all the diaper bag essentials!

What are some of your diaper bag essentials? Share in the comments!

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