Spark Imagination with Discovery Magnetic Blocks and Tiles

Do you feel like you feel like you want to ignite imagination in your child? Well with Discovery Magnetic blocks and Discovery Magnetic Tiles You Can!

Do you feel like you feel like you want to ignite imagination in your child? Well with Discovery Magnetic blocks and Discovery Magnetic Tiles You Can!

How to Spark Imagination in Kids

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A week ago I had had enough! It was 5 minutes to 9 and the only time I had seen my kids since after school was when they rushed downstairs for dinner. While there they quickly scarfed down their food and ran back upstairs. To do what you ask? Well, of course, it was to play those stupid video games that I loathe so much!

Let’s be honest I have had it with those stupid video games! Who invited them anyways? So, at that moment I did something drastic! I shut off the internet!

Oh, you think I am joking, but I totally did… The boys were coming down wailing about what happened to the internet. I smiled at them and said, “Oh, I turned it off and it’s going to stay off until you decide that there is more to life than those stupid video games…”

The boys sat down to sulk on the couch for a bit, but then Chase quickly remembered something, he said, “Mom, didn’t I see some really cool new toys the other day?”

I pulled out two boxes and…

Guess What happened at that point?!

The boys literally ripped open the boxes at that point and started playing with them! Luckily it was not a school night because the boys were enthralled with these toys. In fact, all the kids were from ages 1 all the way to 14! They sat in the living room and played for Hours with these magnetic blocks!

Spark Imagination with Discovery Blocks and Tile Sets

When Does That Ever Happen?

The next day I was curious as to what would happen… Were they going to run upstairs in the morning or play with the magnetic blocks?


What Do You Think They Did?

Very early in the morning, we are talking 6 am I hear this crash in the living room. I rush out of my room and I have Magnetic Blocks Everywhere and I see my kids playing with them! I finally won! They Chose something over video games!

So what exactly did the kids pick over video games?

Discovery Magnetic Tile Sets and Discovery Magnetic Blocks

Discovery Magnetic Blocks and Magnetic Tiles


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Discovery Magnetic Tile Sets

Discovery Magnetic Tile Sets


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Discovery Magnetic Tile Sets come in a 50 piece set, which I love! In the past, we have bought tile sets that only have 24 pieces and it just really limits what you can build! So, I am grateful they are starting to make bigger sets now! Discovery Magnetic Tile Sets allow you to create 3D models and are STEM Toys that promote science, mechanics, and exploration. In this set, it comes with 25 squares and 25 triangles which is a great amount to actually build some pretty cool structures!

Discovery Magnetic Tile Sets

The Discovery Magnetic Tiles are recommended for ages 4 and up. But with that being said, my little kids love to play with these as well! The pieces are easy to hold on to for their small hands. So, if you decide to buy these for smaller children just be careful because they can be considered a choking hazard.  

How is the Magnetic Pull of the Discovery Magnetic Tile Set?

Do you feel like you feel like you want to ignite imagination in your child? Well with Discovery Magnetic blocks and Discovery Magnetic Tiles You Can!

Have you bought magnetic tiles in the past and been disappointed with the strength of the magnets? Well, I can honestly say that the magnetic strength of the Discovery magnetic tile set is great! You can feel the pull of the magnet when you are holding them in your hand! Which as a mom makes me very happy because that means the magnets are strong enough to hold up structures my kids are trying to make.


Overall Impression of the Discovery Magnetic Tile Set

My overall impression of the Discovery Magnetic Tile Set is I really love them! First and foremost it entertained my kids! It got us all on the floor playing together! We had contests like who could build the tallest tower, who could build the most creative structure, and other fun things. It got us laughing and having fun and bonding as a family!

We have owned a lot of different types of magnetic tile sets and every time I buy some I am extremely disappointed, until now. The quality that DIscovery Kids put into this product is amazing. It is high quality and has a great magnetic pull to be able to build all different kinds of structures. I love that! The pieces are sturdy and are built to withstand a lot of playing, unlike other flimsy magnetic tiles you can buy! If you are in the market for Magnetic Tile Sets or to get your kids off video games definitely pick up the 50 piece Magnetic Tile Set and let your kids’ imagination soar!


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Like I said, we pulled out Two Boxes! So What Was In the Other Box?

101 Piece Set Discovery Magnetic Blocks

Spark Imagination and creativity with these magnetic block sets

Discovery Magnetic Block Sets come in a 101 piece set. I personally had not seen these before a few days ago, but really wanted to give them a try! They are also part of the STEM toys that allow your child to build 3D structures and that promote imaginative play, exploration, and science. This set comes with 36 Magnetic Ball Connectors (this is how you connect the pieces) 16 long bar connectors (8 orange and 8 green) and 48 short bar connectors (16 blue, 16 yellow, and 16 red). It also comes with a handy storage bag as well as some ideas of structures to build to get your brain thinking. But really the sky’s the limit when it comes to building with the Discovery Magnetic Block Sets.

Discovery Magnetic Blocks

The Discovery Magnetic Block Sets are recommended for ages 5 and up. But like I said with the Magnetic Tiles my younger kids loved playing with these as well! In fact, I caught our 1-year-old getting into the bag and taking out pieces this morning! He grabbed a few connectors and some balls and wandered around connecting them together! So, if you decide to get them for smaller children just watch them because they may be a choking hazard.

How is the Magnetic Pull of the Discovery Magnetic Tile Set?

The magnetic pull of the Discovery Magnetic Block Sets is great! You can actually see the magnetic pull of the Tiles when they are still in the package! As you hold them you can feel a strong magnetic force. In fact, it is so strong that there were some connector balls that rolled under the couch so I reached under the couch with a long bar connector and it grabbed it!

Discovery Magnetic Blocks

Overall Impression of the Discovery Magnetic Tile Set

Our family loves the Discovery Magnetic Block Sets! This is one of my favorite toys to date for older kids especially! Overall it is a great quality product that sparks imagination and creativity. These would make great gifts for kids of all ages, even kids like mine that love video games! I would definitely buy these again!

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Thes toys got my kids off video games! They got them using their imagination and playing together! So, if you are trying to spark imagination and growth look into buying the Discovery Magnetic Block Sets or the Discovery Magnetic Tiles Sets both are high-quality products your kids will love and you won’t be disappointed with! You buy them here and here!

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Do you feel like you feel like you want to ignite imagination in your child? Well with Discovery Magnetic blocks and Discovery Magnetic Tiles You Can!

Are Discovery Magnetic Tile Sets Worth the Money


Are Discovery Magnetic Tile Sets Worth the Money-2



  • Jessica

    I’ve always wanted to try these toys! I’m looking to add some more fun things to our homeschool games and such. Thanks for the review!

    September 13, 2018 at 3:38 pm Reply
    • Michele

      We love these magnet tiles and magnet blocks. Since we have gotten them our kids have played with them daily! I highly recommend these over other ones we have tried.

      September 13, 2018 at 3:44 pm Reply

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