Educational Activities for Preschoolers

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Looking for educational activities for preschoolers? We have the best educational games for preschoolers that they will have fun doing while learning!

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Educational Activities for Preschoolers

We have all been there. Where we know we should be teaching our preschoolers so much, but at times it feels like we are pulling out our hair just to get them to pay attention.

In these times I love turning to educational games for preschoolers because #1 preschoolers love games and #2 it is teaching them lifelong skills like reading, cooperation, about the world, and a host of other things.

So today we are sharing our favorite educational games for preschoolers that will help motivate your kids to learn because they will have fun doing it all at the same time.

Swat a Sight Word

Sight words are those challenging words for preschoolers to learn. The ones that don’t follow a single rule!

To play swat a sight word, grab some flashcards, write a sight word on each card and give your child a fly swatter. If you don’t have a fly swatter they can use their hand and slap the card. Then, say a word on the card, and have your child slap the card with the word.

This game is so helpful for word recognition and learning those tricky sight words.

Just Smarty ABC Interactive Tablet

Looking for educational activities for preschoolers? We have the best educational games for preschoolers that they will have fun doing while learning!

The Just Smarty ABC Interactive Tablet uses fun colors and characters that your kids will love learning with. The ABC Interactive Table helps kids learn how to spell through songs, letter recognition, and spelling quizzes. This tablet sings praises to your little ones when they answer a question correctly

Looking for educational activities for preschoolers? We have the best educational games for preschoolers that they will have fun doing while learning!

This Interactive tablet is the perfect on the go toy with its adjustable volume.

I love the fact that through music my preschoolers are learning sounds that the letters make and learning while they have fun.

Looking for educational activities for preschoolers? We have the best educational games for preschoolers that they will have fun doing while learning!

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts for kids are great to get kids learning. They help teach problem-solving skills, cooperation skills with others and just general exploring in the world.

Scavenger hunts not only do all these things, but it helps them learn creativity as well.

Connect The Dots using Letters

Connect the dots letters is another great educational activity for preschoolers. This not only helps with letter recognition, but it also helps your child discover the order of the alphabet as they form pictures.

It is easy to create your own connect the dot activity or find free ones with a quick google search.

Rhyming Game

Talie loves to play the rhyming game!

The rhyming game is when we start with a word like “cat” and then we take turns finding words that rhyme with it.

This is a great game to play in the car or when you have a few minutes to play together.

Word Family Sticks

Word families help beginner readers learn to read.

As your preschooler starts to recognize patterns with common sounds they pick up on reading so much faster.

Word families consist of short simple words with a short vowel in the middle. Examples of these would be “at” family words like Hat, Cat, Bat, Fat, Sat, Mat, Pat, etc.

What you will want to do to make word family sticks is to write letters on the top of each popsicle stick. (1 per stick)

Once you have done this, put the “a” and the “t” stick together. Help your child recognize this says, “at”. Then start adding the beginning sounds of the word like the “c” stick. Help your child discover the sounds that each stick makes to form the word in this case “cat”.

After they discover the word, then take away the c stick, remind them that “a” and “t” makes at “at” and add another letter stick. Help them sound out the new word.

Do this for all the word families. Your child will love building new words and sounding them out!

If you don’t have popsicle sticks you can always use strips of paper.

Letters in Shaving Cream

If you are looking for a great sensory learning activity, letters in shaving cream is so much fun!

Drawing letters in shaving cream is an easy educational activity to do with your preschooler. It allows them to use fine motor skills to write letters and shapes in the shaving cream.

If you want to give them a challenge you can give them a few pictured flashcards with the word at the bottom and have them practice writing words by following the flashcard.

This educational activity for preschoolers can be a bit messy so I like to dress my child in a trash bag so that I can easily clean them up so I just have to worry about the table.

Reading to Your Preschooler / Beginner Readers

Don’t underestimate the value of reading to your preschooler. Most preschoolers love to climb up in your lap and listen to stories.

As you read the stories talk about what is happening and what they think will happen next. This helps keep them engaged and thinking about sequencing which are both valuable reading skills.

Once your preschooler begins to recognize words allow them to help you read beginner reader books when they will have the chance to use their blending skills as well as the sight words they have learned to help read the story.

By doing this your preschoolers will want to shine even more by using these skills more often.

Just Smarty Dinosaur Interactive Learning Poster and Dino Toys

Just Smarty Dinosaur Interactive Learning Poster and Dino toys helps your preschooler discover dinosaur sounds and fun facts about dinosaurs.

This poster is perfect to hang on the wall so your child can learn dinosaur facts throughout the day. It comes with 4 dinosaurs so that your child can then use the facts they learn to tell others about Dinosaurs and act out their sounds.

This interactive poster is graphically pleasing and is inviting to your preschoolers of all ages as they discover dinosaurs in a whole new way!

As soon as we opened this interactive Dinosaur poster my kids were instantly playing with the dinosaurs trying to make the right sounds that each one makes!

What educational activities for preschoolers do your kids like doing? Share in the comments!

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Best Educational Activities for Preschoolers

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