10+ Family Activities That Will Make You Laugh So Hard

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Laughter really is the best medicine! These family activities will surely make you laugh so hard it hurts! Not only that it will help you bond as a family!

Fun Family Activities

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Family Activities to Strengthen Relationships

Family is truly wonderful. They are the ones we go to that can truly help us feel connected and anchored in our lives. They help us feel true love and bonding. And being with family is where we learn how to communicate and build strong relationships with other humans. 

Sure, there are many times when we need to be serious, but there are many times when we need to have fun together! Fun times really help a family bond! But have you ever really had so much fun that you spend the whole night laughing and snorting?

And guess what? It doesn’t have to cost any money at all. We love to do these fun weekend ideas as often as possible.

It’s really the simple things kids remember doing with their family members, right? Reading books, watching a movie, and playing card games are also favorites, but there are so many other great things you can do with your family as well!

Check out these great ideas to do with your family that will cause your stomach to hurt from laughing so hard! 


Fun and Easy Family Activities


Go to an Aquarium

My kids LOVE going to aquariums! There is so much to learn and see. We spend hours just looking around, reading, and talking as a family when we go to the aquarium.


Go to a Museum

Museums often sound boring, but there are tons of fun children’s museums where kids can actually interact and play.


Cook Together

Our most favorite thing to do as a family is to get in the kitchen and cook together. It can be for a family meal like homemade pepperoni pizza, or a fun dessert like funfetti cake mix cookies!


Go on a Picnic

Getting out and going to a park to run around while eating deviled eggs and simple sandwiches is so much fun! My family even enjoys helping me pack for the picnic. Don’t forget to pack a baseball and football to throw around while you are out. 


Read or Listen to a Book Out Loud

My kids really enjoy being told stories, so we read out lout a lot! Sometimes we pick picture books, and other times we dive into Harry Potter for the umpteenth time. 

Another fun idea is to listen to an audio book or podcast. 


Go for a Drive

It’s always good to just get out and about and create opportunities to talk and get to know one another. If you live in an area where you grew up, drive your kids to some fun places that you have fond memories of.


Start a YouTube Channel

This one is so much fun to do because you can do it all together with all different ages and skill levels. You can make a video about how to play a board game or just doing a funny dance together. 



Planning out a garden is a lot of work, but is so much fun! Figuring out garden beds or potted plants can be a great learning experience and you can literally have the opportunity to see the fruits of your labors in the coming months. There are lots of great free resources you can find online to help you get started. 


Learn a New Skill

We all have something new we want to learn, right? Try learning a new language as a family or juggling! There are lots of free ways to go about learning these skills.

Try Duolingo or try searching YouTube for some great videos. You can even try and learn how to draw or hand-letter. The possibilities are endless. 


Make a Scrapbook

The hardest part about starting a scrapbook is organizing all the pictures, am I right? But it’s totally doable! You just need to find where they all are, whether they are digital or printed and get started!

Digital scrapbooks are great because you don’t have to go out and buy tons of new materials to get started. The best part of doing scrapbooking is reminiscing about all the fun memories!


Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are very popular these days. When your family goes to an escape room you are trying to solve a puzzle within a certain amount of time.

While there you try to offer solutions on how to solve the problem at hand.  Some of these solutions that family members will come up with will make you laugh!

As you try to figure out the complex riddle or puzzle and implement the solution you are bound to be left laughing with one another.

There are several different types of escape rooms. Even scary escape room options such as horror houses or zombie farms are organized with fun and excitement in mind. In this type of situation, it is easy to have fun and laugh with one another!


Comedy Marathons

While comedy shows may not be the place for small children, mature families can enjoy them together.

As you sit in the theatre with each other you can laugh at the great lineup of comic relief! You can sit back and enjoy a soda and share in all kinds of laughs.

If you are worried about the content of the show, you can often find clean comedy acts that are suitable for your family. There is something about watching comedy live with a family that makes it even funnier! 


A New Sport

One of our favorite things to do as a family is to play sports together. We often play wiffle ball together or even Foursquare. It is also fun to find new sports together.

As you develop new skills together you are bound to have a few laughs with one another. And who knows, these new sports can turn into passions the whole family can enjoy together!  

Some new sports to try include: learning how to surf, playing tennis or badminton, or something else!

Regardless of what you try, it can lead to some really hilarious moments. Which you can laugh about for many years to come! Not enough people try new sports with their families which is a shame. So, start a new tradition of trying out sports as a family and create some fun memories in the process!


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Laughter really is the best medicine! With these family activities, it will surely make you laugh so hard it hurts! Not only that it will help you bond as a family!


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