Family Game Night with Wild Dash

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We are always looking for new games for a family game night! When we ran across Wild Dash by Roosterfin we knew we needed to try it!

Family Game Night with Wild Dash


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Growing up we always played games! I remember every Friday night we would sit in the living room and play all kinds of great games! Since then, we have continued this tradition in our home! On Friday nights you normally will find us sitting on the floor in the living room or around the table playing games. Last night we got to try out a new game, Wild Dash by Roosterfin!

Wild Dash is a card game that uses a little bit of strategy and some luck to race against the other players. Wild Dash is a family game perfect for 2 to 6 players ages 8 and up. Honestly, with a little bit of help, I think a child around 6 could also play.


The Object of the Game

The object of the game is to race your creature amongst everyone else’s creature using boosts to see who goes the fastest. If you have the fastest creature that round you win the first place token! The person who wins first place three times wins the game!

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How Each Round Works

Each round you place a creature face down on the table. Each creature has a different point value. So you pick carefully out of your hand. Now, this is where a little luck comes in because they involve three dice. These dice determine different things you are required to do. For instance, if you drop a red cube out of the cube roller, then you need to discard your face down creature. If a yellow dice comes out, you will need to return your creature to your hand and have to pick another racer. But when the green dice pops out of the shaker then it is time to race!

Everyone flips over their card to see who has the highest point creature. At that point, the highest point creature is in the lead! Next, each player can boost their hand with boosters starting with the person with the second highest racer. Each player gets a turn to boost. After everyone has gone then the player with the highest total (creature + booster) wins! The first place token is awarded to the winner. All cards are then discarded and you play again until someone wins three rounds!

What Does the Game Come With?

Wild Dash comes with everything you need to play the game.

– 72 Racer Cards

– 24 Booster Cards

– 3 Cubes, red, yellow, and green

– 9 coins

– 1 Cube Roller

Wild Dash for the Win!

Wild Dash overall is a great game! Our whole family had a great time playing. There was laughing and lots of fun happening! It requires strategy, skill and a little bit of luck. As an added bonus this game is educational (which the kids didn’t figure out, win for us moms right?) because you need to use math skills to add up who wins!

Wild Dash is made by Roosterfin, a family-owned business. Joe, the creator of Roosterfin left the classroom over a decade to start making great family games that incorporated skills kids were learning in the classroom. His vision was to create #FamilyFun games that were simple to learn and play as well as create memories as a family. In addition to that, he wanted to develop games that help kids practice skills they learn in school. Roosterfin captures this vision with Wild Dash!  

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