The Ultimate Family Game Buying Guide

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Are you looking for the perfect family gift? We made the ultimate family game buying guide just for you! It has the most fun games for families!

The ultimate Game buying guide

The Ultimate Family Game Buying Guide

~This post contains affiliate links.

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The Christmas season is quickly approaching.  To help make the season “merry and bright”, we’ve compiled a list of fun-filled, family games to help simplify your Christmas shopping.  Some are new and some are old – but all are worthy of claiming a spot in your family game closet.



Settlers of Catan

3-4 players (number of players); age 8+ (recommended age); 1 hour+ (estimated playing time)

In Settlers of Catan, players compete to build the best settlement in the land through resource management and strategy, as well as luck.  The modular board and dice directed play makes each game ever-changing which is bound to keep you and your family coming back for more.




2-4 players; for all ages; quick

Tenzi is a fast, fun, and engaging dice game that’ll heighten the fun at any social gathering!




The Farming Game

2-6 players; age 10+; 1 hour+

This unique game was invented on the seat of a tractor.  Kinda cool, huh? The Farming Game engages players in the concept of farming and helps them understand the risk and reward associated.



Cover Your Assets

2-6 players; age 8+; 30 minutes

Whooping, hollering, and contagious laughter are side effects of this competitive and fun card game.  This game is easy to learn and a hit for gamers and non-gamers alike.




1-8 players; age 8+; 30 minutes

Quiddler helps keep your brain sharp as you arrange your letter cards into short words. This game is fun for rookies as well as avid Scrabble players.



Bounce Off

2-4 players; age 7+; 15 minutes

This light-hearted game involves bouncing ping pong balls onto a grid in an effort to create different patterns.  Bounce Off requires movement which proves to be a fun change of pace during a family board game night.



Logo Party

4 players; age 8+; 1 hour

FedEx, M&M, Six Flags… how well do you know the brands and logos that surround you?  Logo Party is an interactive game where players guess brands based on different types of clues.  Draw it! Describe it! Do it! Reveal it!



Cash N’ Guns

4-8 players; age 10+; 30 minutes

Relive scenes from your favorite gangster movies with Cash N’ Guns.  The richest surviving gangster wins this “easy to learn” game.  



In A Pickle

2-6 players; age 10+; 20 minutes

In A Pickle will test your creativity and bring to life some outrageous scenarios.  This game is quick, simple, and fun for all.




1-8 players; age 7+; 15 minutes

Bananagrams is a quick word game that will stretch your brain as you race to put your letter tiles into a word grid.  




2-4 players; age 5+; 20 minutes

Blokus is an abstract strategy game with Tetris-shaped pieces that players take turns putting on the board.  The only caveat is that the pieces cannot be adjacent to your other pieces… however, they must be touching at least a corner of one of your pieces.  



Dice Forge

2-4 players; age 10+; 40 minutes

The dice in this game have removable faces and are one of many means to help you defeat your rivals and claim a seat among the gods.  




2-6 players; age 6+; 30 minutes

Triominoes could be described as a jazzed up version of Dominoes and falls in the category of abstract strategy.   



Cranium Zooreka

2-4 players; age 8+; 40 minutes

In Zooreka, you’ll race to build the ultimate zoo.  You’ll create unique habitat combinations by collecting and trading food, animals, and shelters.  This is a simple, but thrilling children’s game that the whole family will enjoy.




2-20 players; age 6+; 30 minutes

This card game keeps you on your toes as you race to find the most pattern sets.  Set is bound to stretch your brain a bit as you’re first learning, but once it “clicks”, you’ll be hooked!  



Ticket to Ride

2-5 players; age 8+; 30-60 minutes

Ticket to Ride can be learned quickly, but will keep you engaged for quite some time!  Players collect cards with train cars on them that are used to claim railway routes throughout North America.  




4-8 players; age 12+; 30 minutes

Remember the game “Telephone”?  Telestrations is similar to this, but throws drawing into the mix.  This game is bound to make your family laugh.



The Great Dalmuti

4-8 players; age 8+; 60 minutes

Players compete for hierarchy in this engaging card game.  This game requires strategic and wise hand management as you navigate your given cards.



Escape Room in a Box: The Werewolf Experiment

2-8 players; age 13+; 30-90 minutes

Escape Rooms have become wildly popular in recent years.  This game has all the excitement of an Escape Room, in just one box!  You’ll work together to find clues, solve puzzles, and crack codes. With just one hour to “escape” your fate of turning into a werewolf, you’ve got to move quick!  



Monopoly Deal

2-5 players; age 15+; 15 minutes

I love a good ol’ game of Monopoly, however, I don’t often find the lengthy time required to play it.  The card game, Monopoly Deal is a manageable and incredibly fun alternative.



Mad Gab

2-12 players; age 10+; 45 minutes

Say the following out loud: “These If Hill Wore”.  Your team has just 30 seconds to sound out 3 of these puzzles.  Say it again: “These If Hill Wore”. Did you figure it out? The Civil War.



Catch Phrase

4-99 players; age 8+; 20 minutes

“Word-guessing hot-potato” sums up this interactive, fast-paced, and simple game!




2-6 players; age 12+; 30 minutes

Roll the letter die, start the timer, and begin filling out a category list with answers that begin with the letter rolled.  Scattergories has been entertaining families for decades and will surely be an asset to your game collection if it’s not already part of it.



Code Names

2-9 players; age 14+; 15 minutes

Memory, partnership, and luck will help you navigate this secret agent/spy game!  




3-8 players; age 12+; 30 minutes

Get to know your family and friends through this humorous roll and move game.  Here’s a fun example of questions asked: Imaginiff (Imagine if)… were an animal.  What would he/she be?

  • A Sheep Dog
  • A Chimpanzee
  • A Koala Bear
  • A Bull
  • A Panther
  • A Toad



5 Second Rule

3-6 players; age 10+; 30 minutes

It seems easy to name 3 cereal brands, right?  However, when time isn’t in your favor and you’re feeling pressure from other players, it may prove to be a bit harder than it seems!



Spoons Card Game

3-6 players; age 7+; quick

Act quick!  This is the Game of Card Grabbin’ and Spoon Snaggin’.  



Wits and Wagers (Family Edition)

3-10 players; age 8+; 20 minutes

Wits and Wagers is a fun-filled family game that will test your knowledge of random trivia as well as your wagering skills.



The New Touch: A Game of Sensory Perception & Memory

1 or more players; age 5+; 30-60 minutes

This multiple award-winning, educational game helps build tactile awareness and visualization skills, challenges memory, and brings together family and friends.  



Say Anything (Family Edition)

3-6 players; age 8+; 30 minutes

What hilarious things will your family say?  This game has 360 questions on topics that kids can handle as easily as adults.  




2-6 players; age 12+; 60 minutes

How well can you fake it?  Balderdash has several cards with real words that are unheard of.  It’s up to you to come up with a convincing definition.

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