Field Trip Fail

Things can get a little crazy around our house. Keeping track of field trips and other activities can be a bit complicated. I had a major mom fail!

Field Trip Fail

Life UnEdited #20

I’m usually a pretty organized person. I really have to be because I don’t have the best memory. My brain cells have pretty much been fried from having four children, I’m convinced. Anyway, I have a family calendar that I literally write everything on. Being a visual person with learning, this is really the only way I have found in keeping my household running somewhat smoothly with school activities like field trips and performances and such.

Field Trip Preparation

Rewind to a couple of weeks back. My daughter comes home from school with a form that I need to fill out letting her teacher know if Olivia needs to have a school sack lunch or if I’m going to be sending one from home for the field trip they were going to be taking to the library.

Side Note: My kids are really weird and love it when I pack their lunch. I’m not really sure why, but it’s like a special treat to them. Maybe because they eat hot school lunch almost every day at school?

I filled out the form and checked the box for sending a lunch. Somehow, I must have gotten distracted or something because I didn’t write it on my calendar. You know…the one that basically keeps everything in my brain straight.

So Tuesday morning I get a message from Olivia’s teacher asking if she needs to grab an extra sack lunch from the lunch ladies.

OH, MY GOODNESS! I totally spaced it and had a #momfail moment!

Thankfully she messaged me early enough to where I could get myself and my boys put together enough to meet her class at the park they were going to eat and play at.

Also, because I was rushing around I picked up a Happy Meal from McDonald’s and hadn’t been to the grocery store in well over a week. Does that count as a sack lunch from home? Cut me a little slack here!


Hopefully, I’m not the only mom this has happened to. I’m not, right?!

Either way, Olivia had food. She was happy she got to see me and show her little brothers off to her little kindergarten friends. And everything worked out!



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  • Blended Hope

    Sounds like a cool treat! A Happy Meal?!! Score for the mom fail!! My kiddo would be thrilled with that🤣

    July 5, 2018 at 11:33 pm Reply
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